Did you Pick a Democrat Magnet yet? Hold on to your Wallet!

obm-mgntWe could go in a lot of different directions here. Opposites attract, same poles repel. But the Democrats have a great PR program on the internet. They will send you an email for just about any reason. I get emails from Lady Michelle, BO and even the Biden. And they are always looking for money or to sign somebody’s birthday card or whatever. 

Most of it is garbage but I get a kick out of the magnets and bumper stickers. The gimmick is to pick your favorite and when you are not looking try to get you to part with some of your money. That always cracks me up. The Democrats would raise taxes through the roof if they could, yet they are always asking for handouts in the form of contributions. 

They even said I was the last person in my neighborhood who didn’t send some money. I didn’t do my part. And thanks to the internet they even name my neighborhood, Holy Shazam, they know where I live. I better send some money! 

But it comes down to 2 magnet designs. And they don’t plan to make many magnets. One has a picture of Obama with the expression I am still in. He has a goofy look. The question is what is he in? His approval rating is in the toilet. What is he standing in! 

The other magnet is stop the GOP. Wonder how many folks know what GOP stands for. I am sure I would want that magnet on my refrigerator if I was a long time Democrat. 

The point is they really don’t care to make any magnets and it is just a ploy to get the recipient to get in the habit of clicking something. Hopefully you will click the correct box and make a donation. They settled on a Big D for $10 dollars this week. 

A while back they played the same game with bumper stickers. They were a lot funnier.

One had a picture of Obama with the expression like a boss. Maybe like a dictator would be more appropriate. BO signs any executive order even if the democracy does not want it. Spends money traveling around while many people are out of work. Plays golf after a typical beheading. Maybe like a “dumb” boss would work better. 

Take back the House. The Democrats have never lost the power of the house. as long as the Democrats have the Senate, and Obama signing executive orders, it doesn’t matter who has the house at this point in time. It is more of a side show. 

Another one is Thanks, ObamaCare. Now that must be a biggy. Less coverage, higher premiums, and people just can’t afford the premiums. But Obama was able to help pay for the feds healthcare, why not the citizens? Especially for the ones that voted for the boss. 

Last but not least put Democrats in charge of congress. Well folks they have been in charge of congress for a long time. They have stood by and did nothing while Obama makes the United States look foolish. They stood in the way of President Bush solving national and global problems. Obama pictures himself as the global emperor of the future but all those fabulous red lines appear more like jokes than a threat from the most powerful nation on the planet. 

Krauthammer calls Obama delusional. Obama just lives in a dream world and someday maybe all of us will be part of it.   

The latest gimmick is to make a donation and be in the running to see Bo. Lady O, Hillary and the Biden. It doesn’t say a meet and greet. It doesn’t say having a beer or a dinner. They will fly you there so you can see them. Hell you can see them on TV or the Net anytime you want. Do you really want to spend your hard earned dollars to win a raffle to see them! 

The Democrats live in their own liberal progressive world. If you keep voting for them or keep sending them your money, you will be forced to live in their loser of a world as well. Maybe someday there will be a bumper sticker with Obama the Boss of the World. My mom would say the Boss of the bathroom. 

If you want to hope for change… You might want to vote those losers out of office!

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