Do Not Trust Trump to Leverage the Second Amendment Against the Fifth and Fourteenth

Donald Trump Tweet on Newtown

I continually read Republican voters attack Sen. Ted Cruz for his failure to demonstrate total fealty to my former party’s presidential nominee Donald Trump. Most cannot bring themselves to describe one policy on which Hillary Clinton is not to the right of him now. Not even Mrs. Clinton calls for a universal health care system in which Mr. Trump and former socialist Clinton primary foe Bernie Sanders are in total symmetry. For that matter, Mr. Trump cannot even differentiate his platform from Sen. Sanders by his own unintended admission to both Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski while campaigning in New Hampshire.

This of course is but a microcosm of the Trump imperative and his intentional courting of disenchanted Sanders voters fretting of their jobs “moving overseas to Mexico” — all while for at least two months he has openly sought to purge the conservative majority from the GOP.

Let us be clear. Donald Trump is no conservative, nor is he in truth a Republican. He five times flipped party affiliation and was hostile in his opposition to Ronald Reagan just 30 years ago. As recently as 2013 Mr. Trump declared his “friend” Hillary Clinton to have been “above and beyond everyone else” to have ever served as Secretary of State while discounting the Benghazi investigation as immaterial in the eyes of voters when endorsing her for another run at the presidency. This position only strengthened after his 2008 interview with Wolf Blitzer.

It is well known too Trump openly supported his “big league” newly elected mayor Bill De Blasio in early 2014. But most striking was the questionable phone conversation between he and Bill Clinton prior to his announcing his candidacy last year. No credible publication failed at picking up on this, asking whether there was collusion behind the scenes between the Clintons and Trumps. Trump’s own children could not legally vote in the New York closed primary because they were registered Democrats. For that matter, Ivanka Trump could have passed for Bernie Sanders when promising free child care as well as the entire kit-and-kaboodle in Cleveland.

No one in the audience appeared to care. In fact, they supported her pledge as if she would make it happen herself. 

Laura Ingraham saluting Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention. Some remark her deliberate manner of doing so as similar to the Nazis before Adolf Hitler at Nuremberg.

Laura Ingraham saluting Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention. Some remark her deliberate manner of doing so as similar to the Nazis before Adolf Hitler at Nuremberg.

The biggest myth though seemingly grappling historically Republican voters by their ears involves the Second Amendment, which Mr. Trump initially pledged to leave untouched. That, too, has been compromised all while he claimed at first he would nominate only conservative justices before walking back the claim. What too few willingly acknowledge in their willingness to submit to the billionaire real estate mogul is how Mr. Trump is simply holding the party hostage at gunpoint (no pun intended) regarding the Second Amendment and the United States Supreme Court. We know already his intention of rejecting the pro-life platform as well as support Planned Parenthood.

The most glaring example of fear mongering among conservative voters in tying the demand for total fealty to Donald Trump to the Supreme Court is in the following meme that proves every bit as dystopian in its vision to the new party nominee’s keynote address.

Trump USSC Fear Mongering

Four names are discussed regarding the four candidates mentioned. Scalia died the day of the South Carolina primary. Ginsburg is 82 years old; a Clinton appointment in her slot would certainly bear a lateral move. Justice Kennedy at 79 years old is at best a moderate, so I shudder to debate whether or not he would be of any loss given his record on supporting liberal policies. Breyer is an arch liberal and would be a lateral move by a Clinton presidency.

As for Clarence Thomas? He is 67, with many years to come. His wife dispelled the media rumor he is considering retirement.

It is true that losing the Scalia chair would be a major blow to the Republican cause. The same is true should Thomas choose to retire or if he suddenly passed away. In the cases of Breyer, Kennedy and Ginsburg though, these would prove more or less lateral moves. And while Trump has no intention of opposing Roe v. Wade regarding abortion rights, he likely will gamble his entire campaign on tying the Second Amendment to the High Court, while supporting his ban on high-powered assault rifles and arbitrary revocation of the American people’s Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments through No Fly lists in declaring classified “terrorists” as ineligible to own guns.

Mr. Trump claims to be pro-NRA; all well and good. His son Donald Jr., is a big game hunter — whoopty-doo! But the problem now lies in his pledge to sue anyone he, again, arbitrarily deems guilty of libel against him for obscene sums in restitution.

In promising this action, reflect on how he threatened to sue Sen. Ted Cruz in South Carolina for simply filming campaign ads in opposition to him.

Mr. Trump has notoriously supported eminent domain laws to expropriate land for both public and private sector purposes. His very contentious interview with Bret Baier from October 2015 reveals far more to Mr. Trump’s ruthless, cold, calculating character.

This all ties into Trump’s selective willingness to employ the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to be “great stewards of this land”.

Why again is Mr. Trump such a threat aside his methods to destroy the Second Amendment, yet few Republican voters willingly acknowledge? Consider the impetus behind President Obama’s accelerated efforts to erode it via executive fiat in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings — and how Donald Trump was among his most enthusiastic supporters in claiming Obama “spoke for him and all Americans.”


Barack Obama lies about most things involving his presidency. The difference in why Trump is the bigger liar than the president on the Second Amendment is best summarized in the concluding tweet.

Republican voters have been duped. They will be the last to acknowledge it. If Donald Trump is the best alternative, win or lose, the GOP can provide, Republican voters have forfeited the moral right to complain when they surrender their coveted Second Amendment. And much more.

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