Do We Need a Woman President?

hlrydrnkngLet’s think about this for a minute. If I had a dime for every time I heard that from a woman, I would probably have a dollar. Like if we change to a woman that would make it better. If Barack Obama was a woman would his policies be any different?  Remember Obama was a liberal commie before the election and he is the same today. He has no backbone to stand up to Russia just like Truman decades ago. And the liberals love and adore communism. They overlook the scores of folks massacred for the sake of imagined freedom via communism. 

Obama could use the race card in the election. Even today if you attack Obama personally you are a racist. For a woman candidate it will be different. A black woman would not even be able to use the race card. After 8 years of Obama who in their right mind would ever vote for a liberal black person?

So let’s see what we have in the political world. We have women all over the place in every political office. In every administrative position. They are present in the Secret Service. They are every where except maybe on the football field for the NFL. Is politics any better today. Is it any different? A crook is a crook even in a skirt!

So let’s look at all the winners. Let’s start with Hillary. She has accomplished just about nothing in many years of public life. Just like Obama is there any legislation with her name on it. Just like Obama and Clinton (Billy Bob) the terrorists and the dictators seems to manifest strength under these precious leaders.  And they truly believe that if we become friends with our enemies, the enemies will become good, moral people. And these people who continue to think this are stupid and insane!  

Look at Pelosi she has been a politician for ages. Do you really trust her. She signs a healthcare bill that she probably hasn’t read yet. But how much money was placed in her coffers to allow this bill to pass?

Look at Feinstein.. These crazy people want to take your guns away, but their body guards and police are allowed to keep theirs.  And they lie about automatic weapons!

Remember that goof in Illinois. Her name was Carol Moseley Braun. She became their senator. People actually voted for her!   Because when you heard her speak she was a joke. Only lasted one term. Billy Bob then made her an ambassador. God Bless New Zealand!

The IRS Lerner woman just keeps taking the fifth. Is that a fifth of gin? Sebelius didn’t know the Obama website would implode! We keep trying out women in these positions and they seem to be nothing but a joke. But is that because they are Democrat women?

Remember the wacky woman Democrat governor of Louisiana who wouldn’t let anyone help New Orleans after Katrina hit!

So these are all women. In all fairness we could write about Schumer. Weiner, Edwards, Billy Bob Clinton,  and Harry Reid. These are all losers. But they were elected by the masses. Most of their voters were women!

Sarah Palin is a wonderful gal, but the media was allowed to destroy her. Why didn’t anyone try to destroy Johnny Edwards?  Where were the liberal women to protect her?

Michelle Bachman. A truly lovely person but she has a difficult time communicating.

I am sure that there are a dozen women out there that would make great presidents. But they will never see the light of day. 

As I have written before we need a promoter like Obama. Obama was a clueless, baseless racist but he knew how to promote empty useless ideas! 

Just today I received an email from Lindsay Siler. She wants me to send $5.00 to help support the communist Democrat party. She is a woman. Used to work for Planned Parenthood. Tell me again how a woman who supports the rights of women who want to assist in killing, executing about 500,000 future women a year. If they only aborted male babies/fetuses then why not. But female zygotes … Stop the world I want to get off. 

So let’s get back to Hillary. Would she be the leader that could promote an agenda that would fix all Obama’s follies? She stood by while Billy Bob sexually harassed a lot of women. She also assisted in helping to quiet any dissenters of her husband’s transgressions. But would women really vote for such a  person? I would hope not! There might be a few men. It won’t be long before polygamy will be accepted in this country. Why not have Hillary lead the way. Do you wonder how many women had  indirect contact with Hillary through the actions of Billy Bob. It brings to mind the SNL skit where the guy is seeing all the partners he has been with. I wonder what Hillary envisions. Was Hillary marked absent for Benghazi?

Hillary is not a good leader. She is not a good communicator. And she is not a good promoter. There are no females in the United States that can fill that role. Or is it that there are no smart females/mothers who would want to jump through all the hoops to get there. Look what they did to Palin! Would you want to go through that. They sent thousands to find dirt on Palin, would you and your family want to go through that?

And once in a while you see great communicators. People who can get the message out. You see this most in some preachers. But they have captive audiences to some extent. I caught Tammy Bruce at a University once. It happened to be aired on TV. She is a liberal feminist turned less liberal. And she put herself in the den of liberalism in front of a bunch of liberal students. I was impressed with the way she was able to keep the crowd in the room and allow them to listen. Most people have been turned off by Obama, so  they have stopped listening. 

So I don’t care who wins the election. I am an equal opportunity elector. But to win,  a non-liberal needs to stick to the economy. Be a promoter. Be positive. Most people know Obama and his policies have hurt the country. More people are unemployed or underemployed then ever in American history. And Obama can’t blame President Bush. He can only blame B H Obama. 

But America does not need to make the same mistakes. More people now understand why socialism is a failure. How crooked politicians get rich while the middle class and other classes become poorer. How the poor are trapped in the slavery of the never ending chains of entitlements of the social meddlers.

Bottom line is would you rather have a decent job or a handout? There was a time in America when the answer would be overwhelming. Today we all wonder… How many would rather have FREE handouts than a job? 

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