Doc Savage’s Civil War! Are you in or Are you Out!

Stop the Coming Civil War - SavageI enjoy reading the Savage books. He has written a bunch. It is a bit more concise than listening to his radio broadcasts. He writes about the coming civil war and how it can be avoided by voting for Republicans. The Stop The Coming Civil War by Michael Savage is contained in about 260 pages. It is concise and to the point. And there are some areas that need some expanding but you can do that by self-help means.

He starts out with the notion of treason. Which is the same way I started out my book. Basically if a politician like Hillary is hurting the nation, is that Treason? And most lawyers are free to be treasonous as long as they have other liberals to cover for them.

I do like the idea that a civil war can be avoided by winning elections. There are a lot of old timers that think this is going to end in a war. But the only people warring are the so called black people and liberals. And they for the most part don’t have legal weapons. And basically they would not want to lose their government handouts. The seniors get their free social security and free healthcare for about $ 300 a month. People seem to forget that the Lincoln’s Civil War was about not letting the south secede, and it was never about slavery initially. The hiring of Blacks to fight the war probably helped to bring the war to an end. It was one thing to have a Black as a slave, but to have them in uniform shooting at you was probably a morale buster.

Savage writes about many subjects. And any of the subjects can probably be taken up as a standard bearer for most people. The message to the people is that 50% of the people don’t vote. We need to get out there like Amway and Jehovah witnesses   and get the people to vote. Keep it simple. The number one priority should not be the social adventurers. Abortion kills a million babies a year and the federal government funds it. So get over it. Preach the economy and how are we going to win back the jobs that have been sent overseas to the countries that pay off our politicians via crooked lobbyists.

It is quite odd that none of the lobbyists have been thrown in prison or charged with anything. Yet they have the ears of all the politicians male and female on a daily basis. Money is exchanged. But no one seems to go to jail. Who do you think funded the Clinton Foundation?

I think the bottom line of most of the material Savage addresses is that all this free stuff is paid for with taxpayer dollars. For example do you want to send a billion dollars to Pakistan or build 1,000 factories in the United States annually? Hillary would rather send your money to Pakistan!

What the people of the United States must understand is that the liberals would rather help the poor in other lands than move the poor and middle class into prosperity in this country!

When an idiot like Cuomo says he wants to forgive 2 years of student loan payments! Is he paying the loans. No it is the middle class. When Obama wants to have free community college which is available to all poor already, who is going to pay for it? Will it be Obama and Lady Obama? Or is it really meant for the documented illegal immigrants!

It is odd when corrupt people take great pleasure and gain unheard of rewards for spending other citizens’ money!

Savage pokes a great deal of fun at our great education system. He claims if you went through the system by the mid to late 1980’s you were exposed to the best education in the world. People went to college who could read and write. And actually could do math without a calculator.

I went to a college that was about $35 dollars a credit on Staten Island. By the time I graduated in three years the cost per credit was almost reaching $100 dollars per credit. Since the average student takes 16-18 credits per semester, that was a cost of about $1800 dollars a semester. I can guarantee you today, the education is about the same, if not worse and now colleges are demanding thanks to taxpayer financial aid about $30,000 a year if not more. So we are now paying 10 times more for education and it is no better than it was 40 years ago! This was brought to you by politicians giving away free financial aid. Colleges were free to raise tuition with no risk at all. And the taxpayers and students were left holding the bag.

My wife listens to one of those financial radio shows. A wife of a dental student wanted some info. By the time he graduated dental school they would be in debt for student loans over $250,000. The commentator couldn’t help. He was sick! How does the government give out $250,000 in student loans knowing there is no way they can ever be paid back. Now that is slavery!

So it seems ever since the department of Education was created by Carter, education has been in a downward spiral. What the folks need to understand is that higher education is not meant for everyone.   Some idiots actually think it is a right and fill our schools with “students” that are not qualified to take up space in college. Do you ever wonder how many student loans are for students who never graduated? Good luck paying them back!

It is time to make the colleges lower their outrageous tuitions or lose all financial aid!

My dad died worth almost a million dollars, and I don’t think he went to high school. Like Savage’s dad, they worked hard and made it work for their families. They didn’t waste their time going to college and driving up the debt for a useless degree or non- degree.

Savage indicates that the University of Minnesota has 353 people who make over $200,000 dollars a year. Now you know where all that taxpayer donated financial aid is really going!

He also pointed out that many colleges have segregated housing. So for the rest of the world needs not to be segregated, but it is ok for the liberal colleges. Maybe the government should pay Lady Obama’s friends at Princeton a billion dollars to study that one!

I guess the bottom line is that if it worked in the 1980’s and was successful for the people who could excel… Why would you change it? And no matter who writes it… Ted Kennedy, or what it is called… Common Core, it has always been a failure since the 1980’s. And it has become way too expensive. Savage mentions there is one school district that spends $30,000 per student. Again you can throw millions at the lower 50% (IQ) of the students, and they ain’t going to make it through college.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend money on the folks that can excel and teach the others a useful trade?

By the end of the book you will find that Obama is an absolute jerk. And unless you start waking up and voting the liberals out, the country will always be in trouble.

I think we need to make a distinction. Arlen Specter was considered a Republican but for the most part he was a liberal that bought us ObamaCare. So besides voting for Republicans, you need to hold their feet to the fire and make sure they are not liberals in Republican clothing. Most of the politicians are not very bright and the most important thing they have is their power. If they understand they will lose that power by voting with the liberals… usually after a financial deal has been struck… they will not vote with the liberals.

So read Savage’s book. Teach and discuss these issues with friends and relatives. Don’t waste your time getting liberals to change their spots. If they like Obama and what he is doing… they too are idiots. Get to the 50% who don’t vote and get them to vote. This Savage Civil War can be won without firing a single shot!

There can not be a better time. Even the liberal voter can’t figure out with all this money spent on useless programs, how comes the country isn’t getting better for me!

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