Does Anybody Care?

The President basically is not a great communicator without his teleprompter, but he’s excellent in blowing his own horn, while using most non-ethical tools at his disposal when describing his regal sense of whimsy capabilities. He’s truly a legend in his own mind. 

The acting awards will once again come twice this year, once at its regularly scheduled time and the other, here in Washington D.C. at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Set to win without any competition is our President Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One” nominated to receive the best actor award as a legendary sarcastic, arrogant, self loving narcissist, who dominates through his twisted mind of confused grandeur, with strong arm tactics and forced compliance, gifted in extreme exaggerations, unscrupulous motives, deceits, sellouts, manipulations and divisions.


Mr. Obama’s well orchestrated script of false assurance relating to our Country’s future created an unsurpassed talented theater like performance of distorting the facts are beyond any Shakespearian role. His elaborate script of rhetoric relating to his constantly puzzling and changeable behavior towards most policies adversely affects not only his constituents but almost every aspect of governmental functions.  He has an artistic flair of portraying a magician’s illusionary smoke in mirrors trick of not cutting the deficit, while justifying raising taxes, to benefit his entitlement programs and payback patronage. He cleverly places his thumb on the willing populous, undermining their pride and dignity, to manufacture an addiction to government dependency.


The President basically is not a great communicator, without his teleprompter but he’s excellent in blowing his own horn, while using most non-ethical tools at his disposal when describing his regal sense of whimsy capabilities. He’s truly a legend in his own mind. He continually reminds us that without his leadership, we would be far worse off than we are today.


This broken record of non-sense together with his ego has put a stake into our hearts, relating not only to our failing going bankrupt, freedom robbing, Constitutional degradation of endorsed unchained Governmental control, but he also diminishes any successful indications of an improved quality of life. Instead of building our confidences, with the American dream of unlimited personal advancements, he literally broke down our will to expect the best. American lives, at home and abroad are freely sacrificed at his alter, used solely, to advance his sick agenda of diminishing the United State’s leadership and respect throughout the world while denying our right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  


Isn’t it so distressing that in the year of 2013 of the 21st Century that more and more individuals are following President Obama’s lead of not taking any responsibilities for their own actions? There are always excuses?


A murderer, a thief, a bully, a violent offender, a pedophile, a dropout, a dope addict, an alcoholic or any despicable individual, who takes pleasure out of the misery of others have a justified explanation or an alibi. There’s always a sad story or incident that forced them into their predicament, but never free will. They’ll never admit to any accountability for their own sick behavior, it’s always something or someone else’s faults that made them do it?


Mistakes are always made, after all we’re only human, but is the blame game possibly being used as a convenient crutch for our elected and appointed leaders to hide their true devious motives?


Unfortunately America is in bad shape, under the Obama Administration and it seems as though nobody cares. We are being milked by the Obama system of greed and nobody cares. Our freedoms and liberties are constantly being attacked, and compromised but nobody cares.


Our services are down and our taxes are up, but nobody cares? The sellout of our military and drones attacking and killing our citizens, without a trial or investigation, but nobody cares? More and more individuals are unemployed, forecloses are still rising, our home values are decreasing, homeless families walking and living on streets and nobody cares? Promises are broken, and nobody cares?


Our money is worthless, inflation is skyrocketing, our education system is atrocious and full of lies, our boarders are vulnerable, illegal aliens are multiplying, our history is rewritten to be politically correct, our heroes are made into criminals, our forefathers are mocked but nobody cares? Gas and fuel prices are horrendous; the will of the people is ignored and broken, any protest labels you a racist, but nobody cares. They tell us what to eat, drink, speak and how to live, but nobody cares?


Certain religions are accepted and practiced freely while others are scorned and humiliated but nobody cares. Human fetuses are treated as garbage, while animals have more rights than children, but nobody cares?


Businesses are going under, undeserving entitlements and fraud are skyrocketing, our medical care has been abused by all, no one can throw the first stone, but nobody cares? Taxes are climbing, we are barely holding our heads above water, and nobody cares? We’re trillions in debt and nobody cares? Socialism is becoming stronger, but nobody cares? Our main stream media has bought and sold. Freedom of the press has been enslaved, but nobody cares?


Unqualified individuals appointed to Cabinet posts and Czars, all with unlimited unanswerable powers given high priced salaries, loyal only to the President and not the American people, but nobody cares? Runaway Federal Departments wasting our money on useless programs and themselves, but nobody cares? American lives are constantly at risk while remaining unprotected throughout the world and nobody cares.


When despicable Vallerie Jarrett, Obama’s Top Senior Advisor and other Obama kool aide supporters can openly threaten, Congress and the American people, and nobody cares? We live in fear of our government, but nobody cares? Our embassies are being attacked with murder of our citizens, bur nobody cares?


The proof that nobody cares was the re-election of our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. Voter apathy proved to play an important role in his victory? They selfishly kept their “bat and ball” at home instead of hitting a home run for America. They were willing to sell out their Nation and their own dignity by protecting an inept leadership, regressing as wards of the State, with no minds, will, or determination; they’re the least respected, shame on them all?


So now we have more of the same, a lame duck, statue quo Government, captained by a self proclaimed Dictator that thinks he is above the law and our precious Constitution. A Republican Party that seems to be hopeless in stopping his self made conceited superiority. A nation of individuals with no backbone to say enough is enough, but deciding to live in a land of tyranny, genuflecting to a controlled Government of misfits. This could have been stopped peacefully by the power of the vote. Our forefathers gave us peaceful powers to combat a runaway Government at our disposal; we must use them all to the fullest extent of the law, before it too late.


We knew what we had, and it was a failure, so we what did we do, we kept the failure. There’s an old saying which states. “A Nation deserves the government that its citizens elect, or allow willingly to rise to power” Lets hope and pray that this repeated failure doesn’t prove to be our downfall as a free Country of, by and for the People.

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