Does Obama Know what a Lame Duck is?

Does Obama Know what a Lame Duck is?


By Dr. Phil Taverna


My guess is that Obama doesn’t think he is a Lame Duck president. But don’t tell him that he is.


He has saddled this country with enormous debt. And the albatross best known as ObamaCare. And I laugh when I hafta hear the liberal pundits try to back Obama.


Just today if the Republicans don’t approve Obama’s nomination for SCOTUS then they are bias and doing it just because they are racists. And I think they may have played that card a hundred times too many.


The fact is that Obama can nominate all the supreme court judges he wants, but the Senate does not have to approve them. That is what is known as a democracy. Wasn’t that why Obama wanted Assad to step down so Syria could have a democracy! Don’t  we deserve a Democracy!


Obama has a terrible track record for nominating the Supremes. If they could get just one more liberal on the court, then partial birth abortion may not be a problem. Why not allow abortions months maybe years after the birth. Is there really a difference. But the commies will tell us the child can not survive out of the womb. We got some adults that can’t survive outside of the womb. Where do we draw the line. If it is an inconvenience it should be aborted. End of debate! It won’t be long,  if you don’t feel like living you can end your own life… with the help of a liberal judge.


Now Obama makes the argument that the constitution says he can nominate the Supreme. Maybe he can write a memo or an executive order to appoint a supreme court justice. But lets use the liberal argument. The people held a fair and honest election and they chose the Republicans to lead the Senate. Obama and the commies had everything for 2 years.  The first 2 years in office he had a super majority in the House and Senate. And keep in mind Obama never ran as a commie. If you read his books, you would know he would be a commie president  and a liar. But we can tweet, we just can’t read any more.


Let me see if I can explain this to Obama. The 111th congress both chambers were Democrat. The 112th Congress Senate 47 Democrats and House went to the Republicans. The 113th Congress  ending 2015 with a Democrat  Senate and Republican House. But the 114th Congress which began in 2016 has a Republican Senate and Republican House. Bringing the number of Republican Senators to a whopping 54. The people have spoken. They don’t like Obama’s policies and shenanigans… They want him stopped!


So Obama needs to understand that the supermajority he had in 2009 has disappeared. In the Democracy what this means is that the majority of the voting public came out and voted Republican, not because you were black. Remember you were Black in 2008. But because they did not like anything that you were doing. And I mean anything. Hell wouldn’t it be great if he gave Osama to the Saudi’s to hang. Then maybe Benghazi wouldn’t have happened.


So now it is up to the elected Republicans to fix the problem. And putting another blooming liberal on the Supreme Court will not make the voting public happy. If they wanted another abortion loving liberal on the Supreme Court, they would have kept the Democrat majority in the Senate. They chose not to, so Obama better nominate a strong conservative to the bench if he expects constitutional approval from the Senate.


My suggestion is to fix the court system. The Supreme Court is archaic and useless. Most judges are lazy and really don’t want to work much. All they have to do is copy and paste from the arguments they like and the way they go. And since they are so lazy, there are only a few cases they can see in a year. So if your case doesn’t receive Cert from the Supremes, it doesn’t mean that your case doesn’t have merit. It just means that the court can only see a handful of cases at a time and your case didn’t make the cut. It had nothing to do with justice!


If you are a pro se litigant in a civil case, you mind as well not file an appeal to the Supreme Court. They will never find the time for your case unless you happen to be a prestigious attorney representing yourself.  Keep in mind by the time you get this far in the system besides being broke, they don’t want to waste their time listening to a non-lawyer. So forgetaboutit. They are not going to revisit the facts, they will only look at the laws as they are applied. Without studying the evidence, it would seem impossible to overturn a bad judge’s ruling. Remember the appellate judges don’t want to do any work either. So at $300 to $500 dollars an hour plus court costs and litigious costs, a middle class person can just forget about it. There is no justice only for  some poor and the rich!


In other words one smart and crooked judge can never be overturned no matter how much the opposing party lies.


I like the Italian system of courts. If you don’t like the result, you get another trial. Hopefully a new judge. And maybe the parties can settle the issues before the second trial, but if you are dealing with bonafide corruption, it still may not work. But at least you can have the thrill of trying again.


So limiting the Supremes’ cases to a few, it would make sense to have a separate body of jurists who can act as an arbitration like panel. And allow them to sort through the garbage to find the facts and attempt to separate lies and perjury from truth and justice.

If the corruption or injustice reaches a certain level then a new trial would be automatic.

But the average judge hasn’t the time or patience to look at the meat of the case.


So Lame Duck Obama needs to understand that most of what he has done will be reversed 2 minutes after the new Republican president takes office. He should be like Clinton and just fly around the world on the taxpayer dime as a lame duck president. Promising millions and burning fossil fuel like there was no tomorrow. But after all there will be no tomorrow for lame duck Obama as president. He can make millions touring the world lying to the world with the Clintons. As the audiences will bark in unison. But at the end of the day (sorry O’Reilly) what has Obama accomplished in 8 years? The only real thing he accomplished is appointing hundreds of liberal judges and appointing 2 blooming liberals to the Supreme Court. The taxpayer will be paying for that for decades. But there is no reason to approve a Supreme Court Nominee from a Lame Duck President! If you don’t like liberals then write your Senator unless he is liberal, and tell him not to vote to approve another liberal Justice. Ask Justices Alito, and Thomas if they approve of the proposed Justice. Is the justice constitutional and conservative enough? Or are they blooming liberals  that rule on ideology and not the constitution? If they don’t approve, then there is no way that your Senator should approve the liberal nominee. If they do, then vote them out.


Maybe that is what they mean by getting all your ducks in a row or order. Lets make all the liberals lame ducks and march them out of office. If you want a true Democracy where the majority rules, then you need to defeat the liberals!




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