Does the Controversy Over Ted Cruz’s Eligibility for President Matter?

crz-flgNow that Ted Cruz is polling second in the Republican presidential race behind Donald Trump, Trump has begun asserting that Cruz is not eligible to be president due to how he became a U.S. citizen. However, Cruz got Trump to admit during last week’s GOP primary debate in South Carolina that he didn’t have a problem with Cruz’s eligibility when Cruz was lower in the polls.

This attack from Trump isn’t much of a surprise, considering how zealously Trump questioned Barack Obama’s citizenship and eligibility for president. The issue of Obama’s eligibility arose in 2008 during the Democratic Party primary. Hillary Clinton’s campaign was faltering, so her supporters sent anonymous emails raising the question.

Since the circumstances surrounding Obama’s actual birthplace – his father was allegedly from Kenya and there were accusations his mother lost her U.S. citizenship living overseas – raised considerable red flags, yet he still became president, there is little chance a similar challenge would be successful against Cruz.

However, where it does matter is it could peel away support from Cruz. Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. Trump warned that if Cruz wins the GOP nomination, the Democrats will file a lawsuit against Cruz over eligibility. Despite the fact the courts have not been sympathetic to this argument, he knows people are fearful of the judiciary, which is mainly controlled the left. He is using fear to scare people out of supporting Cruz.

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