Does This Odd, Anonymous Twitter Account Have Ties to the Trump Campaign?

Concerned CrierLast week, it was revealed that Donald Trump may have called a reporter for People in 1991, pretending to be his own spokesman. Trump denied the accusation on Friday, but the reporter said that Trump called her back two weeks after the 1991 interview and admitted it was really him. She said he apologized and said it was a joke, and People ran a story about his apology. The alleged Trump behavior lends credence to something I’ve wondered about for a while now.

An anonymous Twitter account, Concerned Citizen @NationalCrier, has been promoting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and attacking his opponents and enemies. The anonymous account is easily overlooked, having only eight followers at the time of this writing, but it tweets notably precise, up-to-date information about the Trump campaign, and some of the tweets might be damaging if openly connected to Trump. One, for instance, asks which “fictional story we believe in most?

Is Trump’s social media director, Dan Scavino, behind it? Maybe even Trump himself? Just someone who likes to sound like the Trump campaign? Let’s do a bit of sleuthing, weighing the pros and cons and possibilities.

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