Don’t Be Intimidated

Some selfish individuals, organizations and political demigods, such as Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, the atheist, liberal buffoons and the A.C.L.U are beyond human American decency when it comes to the Christmas and Hanukkah season. 

The joyous seasons of Christmas and Hanukkah always seems to always bring out different forms of intimidation from the coo-coo birds on the left? Their empty words and threats are usually successful among the cowardice and the passive aggressive always willing to appease instead of defending their rights, morals, and ideals. These individuals are the most despicable because their allow themselves to portray a subservient role, used as a doormat for the minority of sadistic idiots with warped mentalities that have nothing to do buy wasting time picking their noses.


Some selfish individuals, organizations and political demigods, such as Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, the atheist, liberal buffoons and the A.C.L.U are beyond human American decency. They take much pleasure in destroying the simple traditions of religious celebrations and symbols, but they only attack certain established religions, beliefs, or philosophies, why?


Could it be that it is easier to use aggressive bullying tactics and bogus, self interpretations of the law and our U.S. Constitution to individuals that practice peace and non-aggression, than to those individuals promoting multiple acts of violence as retaliation? Careful your yellow streak is showing? Until their idiocies and self satisfied, egotistical righteousness are extended to all, without prejudice, then they must go back into their holes, and must not be taken seriously.


They are the dredges of our society, sewer rats that come out only at night, hiding behind the shield of darkness, waiting to devour the weak, going back into their holes at the first signs of strength or day light.


We, are Americans and don’t twist anyone’s arm, to participate or join, in any acts of merriment, or forced religious compliance but all are peacefully welcomed to participate, no one is compelled or submitted into acceptance..


We must keep the Government out of our lives; don’t sell your rights and freedoms, for a false sense of security or baseless, groundless, inexcusable, illogical political correctness. Don’t disappoint our brave gladiators, who are risking their lives and losing their limbs so your religious freedoms are protected, while preserving your life, liberty and your pursuit of happiness. Don’t let them down, exercise your freedom of speech, continue to question authority, and especially don’t trust the government.


Remember these immortal words of President Ronald Reagan when he said, “that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I’m from the government and I’m here to help”


This can not be said or stressed enough times; it must be constantly repeated so we never forget! Please remember our Troops, during this most Holy Time. Every branch of the United States Military, including all civilian personnel, and our loyal allies must always be acknowledged in our hearts and minds. Our total appreciation must also be extended, towards all these brave men and women, wherever they’re stationed, at home or abroad, for their generous dedication, valor and never be so slightly relinquished.


Please pray that they will have a blessed protected Christmas and Hanukkah Holidays and that they will return to their loving families, safe and sound from harms way. Words can not express our total admiration, for without them, our heroic veterans, and all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, freedom is just another word. Thank God for each and every one of them, please protect them and their families always.


I’m proud to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa. I will always, most definitely keep the Holy, Blessed Name of Christ in Christmas, while wishing everyone a very Happy, Healthy, Safe, Prosperous New Year, whether you like it or not. Those who object, tough, get over it.


So acquire a copy of the United States Constitution. Read every article, paragraph and amendment with sincere reverence and pride. When finished, give it a big kiss and “Thank the Good Lord” every day, with every precious breath, that you are blessed, with the privilege, of living in our beloved one free Nation, under God.

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