Is Donald Trump simply guilty of not letting the Democrats govern as they please?

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I listen and watch Mark Levin on a regular basis. He might hold a sudo-nihilistic worldview regarding the Democrats endgame and could very well be correct, but then again he is just parroting his idol and former boss the late great Ronald Reagan (POTUS #40) who warned about taking the steps into “a thousand years of darkness.” Of course what Reagan might be saying that after America falls, the empires that manage to be stable and steady more often than not will forbid the liberties and freedoms America had. Their may not be Kings and Queens but their will be heads of state that want absolute power for themselves who desire to become Gods. Coupled that with bureaucrats at all levels and the many arms of administration that try to keep the old government well oiled and functioning while the people that are under its rule more often than not are exploited.

Still Levin knows both the U.S. Constitution and American history cold and because of that knowledge, Levin and his shows on radio (including the podcast version of the respected show), his semi-nightly show on the BlazeTV streaming service (LevinTV) and his William F. Buckley’s Firing Line styled show on Fox News Channel (Life, Liberty, and Levin).

David Limbaugh (related to Rush) has written his latest book which got released on October 29, also made an appearance on Levin’s Fox News program which aired two days earlier. That book; Guilty By Reason of Insanity: Why The Democrats Must Not Win is like a fire alarm not only calling people to wake out of their slumber but call a nation to arms before the Democratic Party becomes another powerful Communist/Socialist Party in the world if not already. If they don’t declare themselves Communists, its only because they are lying (and enjoying it) to the America people about how they are FOR democracy…especially allowing the mob to think they are in control. Limbaugh made the case that the Democrats are stepping on the gas and embracing full blown socialism and believe that their are enough people that will embrace it…thanks to the progressives control of our news media, entertainment media, our educational institutions (especially K-12 public education), and above all our government.

Socialism has proven to be a failure on its promises to make people equal and comfortable. Limbaugh points out that time and again, socialism impoverishes and enslaves the masses while making its rulers not only powerful…but quite rich. The good news according to Limbaugh is that the millennials and Generation Z don’t quite grasp what socialism really is, and his book Guilty By Reason of Insanity spearheads a much needed harvest to conserve the American Dream and to promote why free market capitalism is successful.

The next night, Levin went live on his talk program and actually pointed something out. Maybe its obvious, but it should be pointed out anyway. Rather than point out what the Democrats would do if they took control, especially when it comes to over regulation; Levin flipped the script and actually pointed out certain groups in which the Democrats don’t regulate as much. That is something that should be looked at and it’s not just their loose support of immigration which hands down they don’t want to tightened up…for such tightening would stifle the vote harvesting. Some of the groups Levin listed that the Democrats will not regulate include trial lawyers (they love and have money and that very money goes to Democrat candidates), public colleges and universities and the goal and the promise to subsidize them to the tee (the college students are indeed part of the Democrat vote harvest), the overall welfare state (self explanatory), and the K-12 teachers (most of which are members of teachers unions who support and vote Democrat).

Oh and the by way David Limbaugh called in to Mark Levin’s radio talk show on the night of his book finally being released. Just a friendly reminder and a condensed version of the interview in case you were not able to catch Levin’s Fox News program for one reason or another.

The Democratic Party for the most part has built the swamp and the Republican Party are cowards and fear the consequences from the Democrats than they do from the people they are to serve. Any area of government that the Democrats will cut back on, is areas few that they can’t control such as our military. The areas they can control, will be funded and that funding will be increased over time as the Democrats take more and more power. Mark Levin says that the Democratic Party and big government are one in the same. I would strongly agree, and might I add that the Democratic Party wants to be just like the Communist Parties all over the world that took control of a nation (you name it; China, Cuba, Vietnam, even Venezuela etc.). Government for the people and by the people will be eventually dammed…even if the Democrats give lip service to the ideal.

Donald Trump is truly an enigma, but not enigma enough for what the Democrats want to do to him and why they want to impeach him very bad. He really is trying to drain the swamp which too many cowardly Republicans can’t if not won’t do. It seems that in certain areas the Democrats just can’t bribe President Trump especially when it comes to trying to curb illegal immigration. One can hope that the Democrats desperation will only expose their dark soul, but if the GOP continues to take coward’s way out…the Democrats distopia of another Communist Socialist Marxist experiment will finally come like a train wreck in America.

You have to give credit to President Trump for not allowing the Democrat Party to govern as they please (no thanks to the progressives who take the “can’t do no wrong” approach), and that is why they want to defeat him so badly than a Ford, Reagan, Bush 41 and 43 (hey two out of four ain’t bad Democrats). His manners are another thing, but anyway that’s another piece.

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