Don’t Believe David Brocks and Media Matters Lies

The past couple of weeks have made it possible to see things more clearly .The MSM has claimed that Trump attempted to usurp the First Amendment Rights of journalists by calling them fake news. The MSM turned his words of the media being the enemy of the people to calling all of the media an enemy. They immediately get into a lather because of the “unprecedented”  firing  and replacement of assistant U.S. Attorneys, but neglected to mention that Democratic President Clinton and attorney General fired  ALL 93 of them.

It has been quite a stretch if time where the mainstream media have been objective. The 1970’s show a marked turn to the left in the mainstream media. In todays Journalism schools there is not even a modicum of objectivity. It you talk to a wet behind the ears journalism major today they will tell you the objectivity is a myth and that they are here to change the world. Is it any wonder that only 21% claim they have at least some confidence in network news?

One network, CNN, leads they way with false and demeaning fake news on our President. And if they can’t do a story about Trump himself, they will do one on anything that might make him look bad. CNN’s Don Lemon  felt like a king as he declared “ I will ignore the news about Susan Rice” and his lying partner, Chris Cuomo took the Susan Rice scandal himself to inform the American People that the verified reports were wrong and it was a “fake scandal”. When can the little boys over at CNN ever understand that no one trusts them, and we can make up our own minds what is fake or not. And after a week of blaming the story of Susan Rice as being the perpetrator of the unmasking  Susan Rice stated  ”I did unmask Trump campaign official, but not for political purposes”. And of course, we can believe the liar of Benghazi because CNN tells us so. Now we find out she won’t testify, and CNN will be okay with the. But the same CNN will get their collective panties in a wad if General Flynn doesn’t testify. For days on end, 24 hours a day they will go on and on about how it is a breach of the peoples trust and Trump should be impeached.

Every little things leads to “Let’s impeach Trump” screeched from the harridans of the Progressive/socialist party, when they aren’t chanting F*** Trump as they did at the Calfornia Democrat convention. Stay classy guys it amuses those with real patriotism.

Then there is the Washington Post, the perfect size to fit the bottom of a bird cage and about all it is good for. The bottom dwellers of the progressive/socialist party treat it as gospel. The one thing no one can seem to explain is, why the printed the unmasked information about General Flynn knowing it was against the law. I would start with the owner and go down and throw them all in jail for treason and then see how quick they squeal. And the story about intelligence disclosures, based on anonymous sources who got it from “former U.S. Officials and other anonymous sources.”  We had a game I used to play when I was about 6 called “Telephone”. You got a group of kids together and whispered one thing to the next kid. By the time it got around everyone there was a totally different message. That reminds me of the Washington Post and New York Times. It is a little more serious with these democrat mouthpieces, because they are trying to convince the American people to take down a duly elected President. What they are practicing is not journalism but a joke trying to lie to the American people.

They continue to lies, as in the case of Comey requesting more money for the FBI investigation of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. No more than 3 days later Acting FBI director claimed under oath that it wasn’t true. CNN of course, never issued a correction, how do you correct a flat out lie? But someone in the political department should have know that the request for funds should be made to Congress and not the President. The question becomes, is CNN so intent on taking down Trump they that would lie to the American people, would ABC, NBC, CBS, the Washington Post,  the New York Times. It would appear so, and what is depressing is that in the ivory towers they live and work in they believe the American people will fall for the lies they tell.

A  memo, released by David Brock of Media Matters and George Soros fame has laid out coordination with the mainstream media and such Soros groups as Citizens for Responsibility, Media Matters, American Bridge, and the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) to develop a strategy and attack plan for the masses because they have the “moral responsibility to fight the right wing”.

These are the groups that have infiltrated the “fake news” divisions of Facebook and Google. Media matters is to fight the “disinformation” of right wing media no matter what shape or form. They will counter and attempt to shut down those who believe marriage is between one man and one woman, if you are against gun control, abortion or climate change they will use use what they call “Alt’right socialmedia harassment campaigns to shut you down.  They will attempt to shut down all conservative websites by calling the sites propaganda. Soros may even be able to get help from the UN to shut them down worldwide.

Media Matters by their own admission have stated that “we have put in place technology necessary to automatically mine “white nationalist” message boards and communities for our archive. This data along with what Google and Facebook has done to allow the monitoring and analyzing data by a socialist far left organization is ongoing and will soon control what we see and hear on social media sites. Media matters has already made a list of what they consider “fake’news” right wind sites and is working with Google to remove advertising for these sites, essentially shutting them down.

American Bridge is the Soros organization doing the opposition research, collecting information and storing it to the most opportune time. It was research from this company and these groups working through the mainstream media that helped to bring down Glenn Beck, got advertisers to leave Rush Limbaugh, and bullied Bill O’Reilly by bullying hs advertisers. They also claim Rudy Giuliani’s cabinet nomination did not go through because of the opposition research.

Shareblue, another Soros organization has an algorithm specifically to increase and amplify the negative content on Trump while growing the stories of positive messages for “The Resistance”. The goal of Shareblue is calling out the damage that the totalitarian Trump will do to the American socialist dream they hold. This organization is the one working collectively with the mainstream media to keep the Russian “Collusion” story on the front page. They hope to beat the drum until the midterms where they think that the citizenry will vote for Democrats after being brainwashed into believing the story. The next step before then is to convince all the Trump supporters that we are “subversives of the national interest”, which means the socialist interests and agenda that they have.One other step is to go after any journalist that attempts to “normalize” Trump, something that a reporters on CNN was asked just after the Saudi trip by another CNN reporters. Way to drink the kool aid, but I guess the extra money helps over at CNN.

These same groups have information on all of Donald Trumps holdings, location, and even pictures. They will and have use Trumps businesses as a target. Remember the story where a journalist voted to make the Trump Tower in Turkey as a prime target for ISIS?  Would it be a surprise to learn the story was planted by CREW or another Soros organization? The lawyers of Crew, who work pro’bono, but are probably being paid by Soros, are responsible for most of the fines through the FEC, and only right wing organizations are targeted.

This is the liberal mentalist on a grand scale. Thy are right, all who disagree are irrelevant. Being irrelevant we can lie about hem, take away any rights they may think they have, use any and all government agency against them. They don’t matter, we are morally superior. We can attack them with impunity when they try to speak, or try to gather, and they are evil. This is the soul of the modern Democrat Party. Classless, clueless and rude.  Something to build our childrens lives on isn’t it?

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