Don’t fall for the left’s siren song on Gun Control

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Every time a mass shooting of some kind happens, the left tries to play on the emotions of the people, especially those who got hurt in these situations. The New York Post just had a front page headline demanding to “Ban Weapons of War.” What does mean? Does that mean certain weapons? Does that mean bump-stocks? Or is that just across the board gun control? I repeat this is not the progressive leftist New York Times, this is the more right leaning New York Post that demands “Weapons of War” be banned.

This last weekend was different from the others. Their was not just one but two mass shootings. The first shooting took place in the light of day at a Walmart Supercenter in El Paso, Texas. The shooter himself was a hands down racist, and full of hate. Thirteen hours later, a shooting in the late/overnight hours takes place in Dayton, Ohio which only magnifies the emotions of the America people.

President Donald Trump actually brought up one solution I strongly agree with. Mental Health Reform. Thanks to the likes of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) coupled with our judicial courts, those who have mental health issues can’t not be restrained and locked up. People who are truly mentally disturbed and are a proven danger need to be locked up not just for the good of themselves, but for the greater society. We have seen this common pattern in many of these mass shootings and yet we don’t deal with this issue. It is truly a heart and mind problem.

We all can be angry and we all can be enraged. I don’t think everyone that has a mental disorder should be locked away and the keys thrown away, but some are truly a threat to others, and if those very people proven to be such beyond reasonable doubt, then they must be restrained. All of us are capable of doing great good, and great evil. We must make the choice to do what is right.

I think the one reason why so many progressives have been sympathetic towards mentally disturbed people is because so many of them, especially in our government are themselves mentally disturbed. Being elected officials and bureaucrats, they have been able to manage their mental illnesses if any. They can’t call for Mental Health Reform, cause such reform could put an end to their own government careers. They might deal with the issues of violence in movies, video games and TV shows but many people that work in those industries tend to vote for Democrats.

So the progressives’ default response is gun control. Disarm the common people and repeal the Second Amendment. Enact Red Flag Laws (which Trump did mention in his Monday morning address and I disagree) in which anonymous people can rat out their friends, ex’s, etc and they will feel the wrath of law enforcement and have their guns legally seized. Also because the Democratic Party is not in control of the White House at this time, coupled with their hatred of Trump, they will blame the President for what has transgressed.

Was it Bill Clinton’s fault for Columbine? Was it Barack Obama’s fault for the Aurora movie theater shootings, the Dallas police shootings, the events in San Bernardino and Fort Hood? Was it Jimmy Carter’s fault for the child murders in Atlanta? If the answer is No to the above questions, then why is Donald Trump’s to blame for El Paso and Dayton? Granted progressives can only turn to public policy for a resolution. Big centralized government is the only savior they have, for many (not all) have rejected the God of Abraham. They must turn to government and those who run it to make our communities closer to utopia. Also they are working hard to defeat Donald Trump in the next presidential election cycle next year.

Don’t fall for the siren song of gun control. Once you allow your government to take your liberties and freedoms away, the odds of getting those back are slim to none. Once the Second Amendment is repealed, the First Amendment will be the next Amendment to fall. The end game of Gun Control is not control of the weapons, it is control of the people, and the government’s desire to “be like God.”

P.S. The media still ignores the never ending gun violence in Chicago.

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