Double Down 2012: Republicans had a Chance until Shot in Foot. Part Two.

Double DownHalperin and Co. wrote a book about Obama’s bid for re-election. The Book:  Double Down  Game Change 2012 doesn’t quite make sense and then it also makes a great deal of sense. Parts of the book are written as though the authors were sitting in on all sorts of meetings. But we know that is not true. So the quotes etc. come from interviews with Obama and his staff. Unless we are looking at transcripts of the meetings, most should find it hard to believe that the staff has the ability to regurgitate word for word what was said at the meetings.

This book is quite lengthy so I will try to break it up.  And we will assume that the writing is true but more likely then not, if it comes from Obama and his staff it is nothing but propaganda. But the book is very interesting to say the least. 

Part Two is quite revealing. The middle part of the book is mainly about the Republicans and how they pretty much set up the election so they could shoot each other in the foot. When George the younger was running the debates were more about what the Republicans stood for and President Bush pretty much had to get his name correct and the election was his to win. 

In 2012, first off no one wanted to run. And others who wanted to run had too much turd in the closets to run. They didn’t think Romney could win so they searched high and low for a suitable candidate and there was none to be found. 

And it seems the super PACs may be the downfall of the Republicans in 2012. Something brought to us by McCain and Feingold. The Republicans, mainly Romney were shot up pretty badly by the time the nomination dance was over thus it was tough for Obama to lose. But if Romney was a bit more spirited and more aggressive in the end,  we wouldn’t have to put up with Obama for another 4 years. But on the bright side anything that goes wrong from 2008 to 2014 is all Obama’s fault. And the youngsters hurt by the liberal polices  signed into law by Obama will teach the youngsters that most liberals aren’t worth a bucket of  warm spit and most of what they promise doesn’t help the middle class. And in the end you pay more for less. How’s that free birth control working for you! 

The super PACs are the real problem. Romney had one called Restore and you have to think a little about what is the purpose of the super PACs. And it really doesn’t matter who the candidate is. The super PAC is like a third party that is not supposed to be associated with any candidate. It is funded to the hilt with money from all size donors and the candidates indirectly. And the sole purpose for the Republicans was to knock the crap out of each other. 

To all my fans the first thing I said about this election was to sit down and find one candidate everyone can get behind. Just like President George Bush. Then go out there for 2 years and beat the crap out of Obama and his liberal socialistic policies. All Obama had to do was sit back and collect money for the election, while the Republicans attacked each other at nauseam and wasted a great deal of money. 

First off Romney was attacked by a bunch. If you can recall, in the beginning they had a different leader for a week or so. When they showed up for the debate everyone attacked the leader. And most of it was personal. You might recall Cain, Bachman and Perry fell by the way side. Huntsman ended up being an embarrassment. It is tough to become a Republican nominee without being a conservative or at least center right. 

So Huntsman attacked Romney for a while. Newt attacked Romney and Santo also known as Santorum attacked Romney. And in all fairness Romney did his fair share of counter-attacking. So after many months of attacking, all the wacko Republicans accomplished was to make them all look like a bunch of losers. And no one left standing looked any good to the electorate. 

Obama who should have been easy to beat entered a race that was easy to win. By the time the summer was over, Romney was exhausted and had so many wounds to heal, that it was nothing for Obama to attack these weak spots. And Romney failed to get the message out that he was the candidate that could turn this country around. 

In hindsight by the time the primary was over, Romney had lost the support of the independents. So Romney won  all the battles so to speak, but he lost the war. 

Obama said he was running against the economy, Iran and energy prices. When you look back, Romney took his eye off the ball and his super PAC failed to inflict the kind of wounds on Obama as it had on all the Republican candidates combined. In some cases a guy like Newt was so angry and pissed he was going to keep attacking until the race was over. Normally Newt knew he had no chance, but after all whose money was he spending to keep the race going. So maybe when they blamed Christie and  hurricane Sandy that saved the election for Obama, we should be looking at the failed primary system. 

PACs are “independent” entities legally separate from the candidate. And these PACs get tons of money and who do you think they put in charge? They put marketing folks and ad folks in charge. So the more they spend the more they make. It really becomes a business not a strategy to win the election. If they spend millions on ads and consultants, they get a percentage of the take. Maybe they should start paying these folks for results rather than strategy BS. After the election everyone has an opinion, just like before and after an NFL game. But the purpose of the election is not to make marketing folks rich each and every election cycle, but to win the election and put the most capable people in charge. Can you name the manager of any of the political PACs? Just no name folks that spend money and ruin the results for this country.  We needed a leader, not a socialistic Obama. 

Obama has won the big ticket twice. Except for being black and having weak opponents, the results have been devastating for the country and the economy. 

In the book Double Down, as you walk through the election process for the primary, it becomes obvious that the process is flawed. All that money spent and no results. If you can’t beat a guy like Obama with the weakest economy we have ever seen, you can’t beat anybody! 

So the next time the Republicans might want to listen to my advice. Figure out who you want to win. Go through the debates without leaving blood and guts on the stage and podiums and use that time to explain and bring home the Republican platform and beat the hell out of the liberal agenda and failures. 

And for God’s Sake:  Don’t talk about social security, abandoning the poor, same sex marriage, and birth control. ObamaCare should be off limits as to taking it away. But talk more about fixing it so the premiums can be paid by the middle class without taking out a loan each and every year. Talk about the American Dream under the Republicans and failed Socialism under the Democrats.  It is ok to lie and be unfair. The Democrats do it all the time. It is in the book. 

Then save all that money you wasted on the PACs and let a guy like Obama really have it. He has lied for many years and has not produced one good policy. His economy and labor results are a joke. And the Republicans owe it to the country to get us on the right track. And attacking each other during a primary is not going to get it done. 

Let the Democrats attack each other and let’s sit back and enjoy it. But in the end you need to win the war if you are going to bring back the American Dream!

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