Double Down: Obama May Be In It … up to his Neck. Part One

Double DownHalperin and Co. wrote a book about Obama’s bid for re-election. The Book Double Down  Game Change 2012 doesn’t quite make sense and then it also makes a great deal of sense. Parts of the book are written as though the authors were sitting in on all sorts of meetings. But we know that is not true. So the quotes etc. come from interviews with Obama and his staff. Unless we are looking at transcripts of the meetings, most should find it hard to believe that the staff has the ability to regurgitate what was said at the meetings.

This book is quite lengthy so I will try to break it up.  And we will assume that the writing is true but more likely then not, if it comes from Obama and his staff it is nothing but propaganda. But the book is very interesting to say the least. 

As Obama was reflecting on how little he accomplished in his first term,  he made a comment about climate change.  

“Obama talked about energy and climate change. He understood why cap and trade had failed, why they hadn’t sought to further elevate the debate. But the issue remained vital, and they would need to return to it. “We’re never gonna outdrill the other guys… We gotta take some risks.” 

This alleged quote jumped off the page for me. I think it is safe to assume that Obama has no clue as to what he is talking about. It is difficult to link energy and climate change. I understand that the loons want to link pollution only from the burning of fossil fuels as the only cause for climate change. And of course climate change has no validity. For my entire life the climate has never been constant on a day to day basis. Not even an hour to hour basis. But these clowns want us to believe that the climate is changing and it is only due to the burning of fossil fuels. Something that man has done since the day fire was invented. Mother nature and God have been doing it from the beginning of time. Climate changes and man pollutes even when they burn simple old wood. 

But the problem is the outdrilling the other guy. This clown doesn’t know that we have more gas and oil than we know what to do with. We have so much we are selling it to other countries, while the middle class in America pays more for the gasoline and heating oil. More for natural gas as well. Imagine if we could pay a dollar a gallon? What would that do to the economy?  They argue about a silly thing like minimum wage. How about a cap on the price of gasoline?  But as long as the lobbyist give tons of money to our greedy politicians you will never see that day happen. And the middle class actually subsidizes the utility bills of the lower class. Millions received payment for alltheir utilities. No wonder no one cares how much the cost of utilities go up. Have you checked your sewer bill lately? 

The point is that we are outdrilling these guys with one or both hands tied behind our backs. Imagine if the wackos like Obama would get out of the way. But the point is, how come the smartest president we ever had: Doesn’t know we are outdrilling the other guy right now!  That should worry you. But maybe it is Obama’s right side of his brain fantasizing how the middle class needs to pay more for energy so we can send our money to other countries to support their regimes so they can support terrorism.  But this is the same guy who said if the tires are inflated properly, we won’t need as much oil??????? 

And then “we gotta take some risks”. Translated: He is fine with  you  taking the risks and paying for them over and over again. 

There was a section on same sex marriage. That was hilarious. In 1996, 2008 and 2012 Obama had different opinions about same sex marriage. Like Billy Bob Clinton, it appears that they wanted to say what the focus groups wanted to hear. But being a good liberal, Obama could never have been against same sex marriage. So he lied at least publically since 1996. But in 2012 he said he changed his mind because of his daughters. I can never understand why these losers can’t tell the truth. Clinton could have admitted he knew damn well who Monica was!  If Obama admitted he was in favor of same sex marriage it would not have made any difference on the national scale. 

But in 1996  the Illinois Catholic vote was 30%.  It might be tough for a black liberal to win an election saying he is in favor of same sex marriage, but the book mentions that most of the staff in 2012 thought Obama was in favor of same sex marriage. The issue may not end up being that important thanks to our liberal supreme court, but the point is that in 1996 and 2008 Obama was indeed a liar. And when same sex marriage was no longer a key issue, Obama was free to show his true colors.  But they say he is a great politician. Or is he just a great liar? If you can lie once and get away with it… When do you stop? 

Obama said he thought immigration was a moral issue not an economic issue. There must be some inequality issues here.  It is true that the argument can not be won on economics. When the liberals say they can’t get anyone to do the job of the immigrants, that is an economic issue. If the community as a whole decides that they don’t want or will not tolerate illegal immigration, then the POTUS must follow the laws and enforce them. But we see almost every week liberals like Holder and Obama picking and choosing what laws they want to ignore. But this is from a guy who thinks America can not win the war on energy, when the war is long over, just like the debate on global warming! What debate? They keep spending money only on the climate alarmists. Stop sending them money and the alarmists will go the way of Earth Day and the cuckoo bird! 

There was some hilarious stuff about Biden. But the next section talks about the Kansas Obama speech about economic propaganda. Obama must have prepped the speech with his yellow sheets from his community organizer days. (He still thinks he is a community organizer but the community is now global)  This speech was supposed to be a powerful speech and ladies were supposed to faint. But his staff was concerned. They were quoted as saying “They worried that he would have no solutions to offer for the problems he was raising”, What does that mean? Do you mean Obama would talk about something that he had no answers for. But he would speak as though he would solve the problem. Obama has been doing that from the beginning. O’Reilly calls this being a great politician. And as long as the liberal media does not call him on the issues, he can make statements like this all day long. And he does! 

We will lower your premiums, You will have better healthcare. You will be able to keep your own doctor, you can keep your insurance coverage. 

That is the way the great one speaks. He addresses issues and problems as though he has the cure. He is the snake charmer. But in the end it is all propaganda. Yet some think Obama is a great president.  Seven million  forced alleged sign-ups does not mean success! 

It is time to grab your friends and neighbors and relatives and go and vote. We can vote all these liberal wackos out of national office. You can do it in the primary and you can do it in the next election. Morality is about truth. Obama and the liberals are about taking your money for their own good! Now that is the truth.

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