Duly Noted – Don’t Worry: Just Look the Other Way

Duly Noted

Jihadism has declared war on all other systems, ways of life and cultures. Ignoring that excuses the momentary denial of the implications. There is a reason; confronting such threats contradicts PC-approved “solutions”.

News suppression is the preferred approach of our political elites who shun the tackling of problems. This increasingly isolated elite – it unites all established parties – legitimizes itself by promises that explain the attempt to hide from challenges.

One of these claims is “we guarantee more of the easy same old thing”. The other one is that there are cheap solutions to everything. Qualify that one with new taxes by which only the “rich” and not “you” will be squeezed. Finally, all disputes can be settled by “good will”; in “dialogue” and through “diplomacy”. In the light of that, any sacrifice in terms of “do not ask what the country can do for you… .” are avoided. Being left undisturbed is a gift handed out to subjects. Anything that asks for a sacrifice, except for the to-be-fleeced, from which the voter is exempted, is bad governance. Waveless oceans being guaranteed, the subjects may leave their bosses in charge while they follow their soap operas.

Recently, a revealing map appeared. It depicts the ISIS’ “5-year plan”. The ISIS is the gang that conquered much of Syria. It now spreads its rule-by-beheadings in Iraq. Regardless of the extent to which it prevails during this round of its global struggle, ISIS confirms a proverb that the appetite grows during the meal.


The maps in question are shown above in the original Arabic and in an English translation.

An expression of this appetite is a new Caliphate. The last Caliph was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Theoretically, he ruled over all true believers and their lands. Ataturk shelved the institution after the World War I when the Empire sided with the defeated Central Powers. Ataturk removed the Caliphate from the Turkish core of the truncated Empire because he saw in it the cause of backwardness and defeat. Beginning in Turkey, he aimed at the secularization of the Muslim world and the privatization of religion. In and beyond Turkey, an alliance between the state and the reactionary imams is now gaining ground. The process is supported by Shiite Iran (an “Islamic Republic”) and by the Sunni oil-states that seek legitimacy. It is also affirmed on the “front” by el Qaida et.al.

Even the early claims of ISIS had a global impact. However, the idea of uniting the Near East used to be a joke. Now when ISIS threatens Baghdad, the hilarity is gone. That is regardless of the outcome of the round that is currently contested. Meanwhile, ISIS used the surprise to announce its next goal.

Maps, and respectively the boundaries they claimed, have often preceded wars. Peking’s newest map of the East China Sea alarms the region and Washington.
With that said, it is time to share present the Jihadists’ immediate, but not final, design for a world order expressed through a map. Keep in mind here that insanity has a way to create facts that surprise the sane.

What is significant about what you see? Let us begin with the attempt that wishes to sink the issue in Orwell’s “memory hole”. As this column is beingwritten, ISIS has not yet finalized its triumph in Iraq and in Syria. This leads optimists to classify the claim as a mirage. But this will only work until ISIS, or a successor, heaves the project into the realm of the likely. When that happens, we will get what our leaders will call a “surprise.”

Several “inclusions” as well as the new, but not-meant-as-permanent, borders need to be named. (1) Iran and Shiite territories to be conquered, are colored black. That implies a war and a genocide. Unless, of course, a bearded Holy Spirit changes the mind of the recalcitrants there. (2) Israel is shrunk into the sea. (3) Greece, and the Balkans, are among those saved for Islam. So are the Catholic points of resistance to the Ottoman expansion of the 16th and 17th centuries such as Hungaria Magna and her successor states. (4) As a correction of her 1683 victory before Vienna, Austria is included to create a Swiss-Muslim border. (5) In the West, reversing the “Reconquista,” the Iberian Peninsula appears within the new realm. (6) Turning east, the Crimea and other areas claimed by “Russia”; and entity that continues to help Islamists, appears within the new empire. (7) The “Stans” of the old SU also appear within the Jihadist state. (8) Interestingly, India is not included in the “5-Year-Plan”. (9) Not unforgotten are China’s Muslim provinces. Generally, omissions need not to worry us. The map is only a five-year projection and not the final goal.

This tells us something crucial about a contemporary issue. No “compromise” imposed upon Israel will satiate international Islam’s fanatics.

Currently, it is still easy to have the next election in mind and to cop out by ignoring the 600 lb. gorilla. A symptom of this is that, the map that deserved publicity has been largely neglected by the media. Obviously, its implications do not fit the concept of thriving together in tolerant happiness  and a multicultural world order.

A further reason for the lack of concern is the seemingly far-fetched goal stated by the map. True, what sounds hysterically exaggerated might be just that. Still, some inflated hallucinations of intent have, thriving in a climate of benign neglect, emerged menacing civilization. Just take those smiled-at marching songs. “Today Germany belongs to us / Tomorrow the world”, or “Bombs over England”. These were expressions of intent and of things to come. So was a march to which, as a Red Pioneer, the writer has strutted. It told that “If the war comes / once we have to march….” (Its antidote, for alternative audiences, has been “We have only one goal and that is peace”.)

Radical Islamism is not a local problem. It is also short sighted to discuss it in terms of the effect on the price of oil. Doing so is analogous to the error of a coroner who would be absorbed by the burn wounds on the neck of a hung man while he ignores the damaged vertebra. The violence in the Muslim world is an infection. The puss seeps to contaminate the entire body of the world community. Healing will not come from incantations or from the hope that the problem will dissipate.

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