Duly Noted – Self Imposed Limitations on Self-Defense.

Duly NotedBy public acclamation, the contemporaries of unfolding history “elect” their moment’s defining crisis. This has a welcome function to block out other trends. Thus, the event is viewed with one eye shut, which eliminates spatial perspective. As a result, the focus brings blindness for related problems, which include the one that contains the future’s crisis.


The moment’s favorite calamity is the mass migration that inundates Europe and the USA. The forced entry by throngs draws attention away from the Ukraine and the disorder that churns the Near East. Similarly dwarfed are China’s muscle flexing and the mouth-to-mouth given to economically dead Greece. A common element exists between these cases that, for the sake of our comfort, we file separately in our mind.


Beyond mismanagement, in these instances, the common denominator is massive self-sedation. The governing elites of all parties who share the power they had agreed to exercise alternately indulge in it. The delusion flows from the mix-up of their propagated ideal world in the clouds with the bothersome realities on the ground.


Having said that, the reader anticipates an attack upon the intellectuals as a class. However, the purpose here is not to disqualify aspiring intellectuals. Much rather, the intention is to call attention to the mistakes these like to make. These are perilous as their fantasies are the political platform of a larger crowd that wishes to be a vanguard although it lacks the ability to think critically. Following gurus whose qualities are affirmed by their like-minded comrades, reassures of wisdom in policy and correctness in morality. Here it is appropriate to think of PC, which is the dogma of second tier of thinkers that are determined to save the world by bending it to their norms.


The front-runners among the problems of our time have a component to which the governors of democratic societies contribute.


Leadership is exercised by fashionably thinking self-reinforcing elites that profess their moral superiority. The stranglehold over official “opinion” implies that those belittled as “populist” have difficulty to influence policy-making. The upshot: the politics of advanced countries are made within a circle that approaches reality by first agreeing about the correct theory. The adage, “if the facts do not fit the theory then dismiss the facts,” fits. The cursed populist dissenters begin with an assessment of the facts. From these they proceed to an explanatory concept, which is – as in good science – valid as long as it fits what life produces.


There is a gap that separates theory practiced as a dogma (judgment independent of contradictory facts) and common sense’ findings. At this time, the “theory first” approach determines our culture’s global policies. By ignoring the forces that move the real world, it is blind to register the intention of those that contest our way of life and right to exist. This distorted view assumes that since Hitler there has not been and is not now any force that would by principle threaten civilization. The notion finds a matching gear in a modern version of the “noble savage.” Once a threat comes from anything attributable to the “Third World”, the reaction is lessened to the point of being ineffectual.


Regarding that first factor of pre-fact ideology, the resulting PC retort skews the image to shrink our response to be feeble and apologetic. The analogy is trying to hit a punching bag with a sack over the pugilist’s head. Wishing to ignore destructive threats so as not to “provoke” its source, does not exhaust the self-imposed limitations on self-defense.


Second, a widespread prejudice of advanced countries is a distorted attitude toward non-western systems and their anti-western agenda. It is extended as long as these remain underdeveloped due to their failure to join the modern world. This inconsistency in logic reflects two tenets of the practiced faith of liberal intellectuals that claim to nest on a higher moral level than the one on which normal mortals are perched.


One of these is an outward projection of an internal approach. Groups and persons with victim status enjoy immunities in several areas. Among these: they are freed of performance standards that apply to others, and they are excused when they transgress legal limits. This paternalism of the men of words, which is made to masquerade as reparations, is practiced in the interstate and intercultural arena.


The next factor is closely related to the above so that it might be a facet of it; a post-colonial trauma that torments Europe and its overseas projections. Interestingly, countries that did not have colonies and ones that were conquered dependencies of non-European powers – such as the Ottoman Empire – are made to suffer from this complex. Europe is split over a self-imposed atonement for sins mostly not committed that earlier victims cannot afford. The rich ex- colonial powers of the “North” and the “West” demand from the “East” that it bear the burden of a mass migration that reminds them of earlier invasions.


Peel back the layers of the onion and telling items emerge at the core. For centuries, the peoples of the Balkans and of southeastern Europe have been under the rule of an alien, Muslim entity. Its systemic misgovernment explains the moment’s backwardness, which is seen as being Islam-determined. Having shaken off centuries of Ottoman rule explains suspicions regarding a renewed version of a threat that Europe fed into the “memory hole”.


More important than “past history” might be “recent history”. The Visegrád group’s members have suffered the Soviet yoke for nearly four decades. The Balkan’s peoples have been subjects of Yugoslavia, which is a nice term for “Greater Serbia”. All of these “imperial powers” have imposed a system that attempted to deprive its subjects from their identity and that took away their sovereignty. Additionally, most of newly independent countries through which Europe’s invasion is taking place had negative experiences with immigration by culturally alien groups that settled on their territory which came as closed entities to become a majority in their region they populated. Mass migration of peoples – and not of individuals as in the case of the often – cited instance of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – proved to threaten the survival of the host. Ergo, most of the indigenous do not wish to surrender their regained independence by accepting recalcitrant elements and the dictate of Brussels.


Europe’s current split is more than geographic and involves more than the difference between the new and poor democracies and the rich West. Contrary to the saga about “multicultural” myths, people are discovering that not all civilizations are equal and that the elitist illusion that there is nothing worth defending is a form of collective suicide. Those not infected by the virus of decadence have – with Merkel’s invitation to the Near East to jus’ walk in as a catalyst – discovered that a threat exists and that it can be faced.


Elections that shift power from left-of-center to center-right express this. The sentiment, “we are badly governed” is a gaining. So is the vindication of Hungary’s Premier Victor Orbán who refused to make his country into a “travel agency” for a migration. His “fence” holds, even if before its completion, the “both hands up” clan pronounced “all fences” to be ineffective. Now his once lonely warning, sounded well before it became respectable, is acknowledged –albeit it is a bit too late for that.


Editor’s note: This column was written before Poland’s voters confirmed this essay’s prediction of a center-right victory.

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