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Duly Noted

1. The Ukraine complained that a Russian armored column has entered her territory. That came after the “peaceful invasion” of quickly re-painted army trucks. The half-loaded lorries expressed Putin’s “humanitarian” concern. They forced their way into an independent country to carry aid for separatist “civilians.” Although wary of a confrontation, the Ukrainians engaged the Russians. That netted prisoners. They proved to be, not local free lancers, but the regular Russian paratroopers. Apparently, these soldiers like to spend their leave driving trucks in the Ukraine.

Being caught with the hand in the cookie jar would have embarrassed any government. Regardless, the Kremlin has lived up to its reputation. On the 26th, it revealed that the troopers got lost and wandered accidentally into the Ukraine. Doubters of the tale are all warmongers. When this is written, there are more units on a new front whose cohorts have stumbled over from Russia.

Seemingly, Russia’s military tends to lose its way a lot. Lost armies call for remedial measures. Call the Boy Scouts? To preserve the peace, send GPS devices before wayward tanks appear in Paris. And yes, return lost items, whether small or tracked.


2. Your correspondent accesses US news through European sources. A report carried an eccentrically clad rioter’s commentary from Ferguson, Missouri. The man said that someone should give him a job. If he would have a job he would not loot. While one hopes that this promise ends in an avalanche of offers, an idea stimulates a remark.

If you bother to get an education, you can get a job. Provided, of course, that you used school to access skills in marketable subjects. The need for carpenters and engineers exceeds the demand for the majors in “self-finding” studies. (The main use of some majors is to employ its instructors.)

This provokes a sacrilegious thought. The High School that provides equality –a degree for everybody – and which prepares the otherwise interested and talented for college, has failed. The time has come for a track that disperses useful skills even if the name might be less glamorous. There are working models around.


3. A scandal is rocking a country in which, according to the stereotype, this cannot happen, namely, Switzerland. What is now called “Gary Gate” began as a whisper. An employee of government house in Berne has been sexting in the internet. The Tabasco sauce of the dish was her office. The escapade caused amazement.

Records are to be broken. Gary M., a Green parliamentarian and Hamas’ fan, outdid the secretary. That would have meant stoning had his friends implemented Sharia in the venue. The MP has titillated his rather unstable chat partner with pics of parts that are normally private. Power is an aphrodisiac, and so he used his office for his demo. As a member of the Foreign Affairs Commission, he visited Syria to explore neutral Switzerland’s mediation. From there he commented on the arousing charms of a member of the government. This topped visiting a porno (Nymphomania) with his chat-friend while not holding hands.

In time, the little secret’s cloak thinned out. Gary, freshly combed, apologized and revealed that all folks have a “dark side”. Being normal, even he has a “small one“. If you are untypically smug by the “Gary standard”, the excuses will impress you. They tell less about Gary Gate than the state of public morality.

The Greens opined that such photos from work are not exemplary. However, there are “mitigating circumstances”. Gary “works day and night in his office”. Therefore, official and private affairs become intertwined.

Then, the Left discovered a Jewish conspiracy. The chat partner – she is not identical with Gary’s concubine and his child’s mother – has “Jewish roots”. Indeed, seeking editors, she has also consulted with a Jewish activist. This converts the scandal into an act of revenge for having received Hamas delegates in government house.

The Clinton case plays a role. Circles that have nothing good to say about the USA, now argue that “things” have happened in the Oval Office. Widely, the prudish Americans ignored it. So, private affairs are to remain private. Bad taste has (see Clinton) nothing to do with the qualification of able politicians.

Alas, a detail smells like the abuse of power. Briefly: During the process of their break, Gary wanted the hanky with the dirty linen of sexual escalations. She resisted. So he wrote, “Soon you will not have your hanky”. Then he alerted the police that the woman is suicidal; that she had threatened suicide during verbal sex play. The police apprehended the woman and then concluded that she is “normal”.

The severance of the umbilical cord that connects pleasing actions with their consequences pervades our culture. Revealingly, the local political class is divided about the legitimacy of even discussing Gary Gate. In a survey, however, 77% of the respondents feel that Gary should resign. This is a further sign that the gap is growing that separates the elites from the led.


4. The subject of perverted obsession calls attention to overlooked “news”. The IS’ fanatics may have the talent of topping their earlier crimes. True to the suspicion that you may harbor regarding their sanity, the Jihadists also supply us with lunacies that surpass the imagination of those housed outside the asylum.

Hidden-to-be-forgotten items confirm the point. Allah’s fans have determined that the rear end of goats and sheep is to be covered by what would be, in the case of humanoids, “loin cloths.” Left bare, the organs could induce sexual fantasies. There is more. Cucumbers are frowned upon. Knowing that the fantasy of perverts is unlimited, anticipate that bananas are next. Will also dates suffer the censure of the redeemers? Less self-inflicted damage is to be expected if ballpoint pens make the list. Illiterates have no use for that instrument of moral subversion.


5. The catalogue of politicized sexual oddities does not end with the foregoing. Due to Washington’s “sensitivity”, arrangements are being prepared for the transgender members of the military. Sometimes you get what you have voted for.


6. Thus, to end our list of quirks: The mainstream media tends to calm viewers of the atrocities it presents with a soothing note. It is that the information is not confirmed by independent sources. Small wonder: The witnesses were shot.

A further idiosyncrasy pertains to the use of the numbers from the Gaza crisis. Sixty Israelis and two thousand Gazans –always “women and children”- were killed. The discrepancy insinuates murderous Israel’s guilt. How will the statistics be used once Hamas gets better weapons? It is easy to guess that an evened score will be dismissed by observing that it reflects the Jihadists’ justified moral outrage. Additionally, more dead Jews might exonerate that country.


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