DUMB DEMOCRATS – Are Democrats Really That Dumb?



Are the democrats really so dumb they don’t realize their every negative move against Trump only makes him stronger and more important to his base?

Yes, it seems they are that dumb. But is this really true? Are they dumb, or do they actually think they are being clever in feeding their own base a perpetual river of bloody meat?

Current results of the “midterms” seem to show their “blue wave” never happened. There was no sweeping, flood of incoming democrats. In fact—if today’s reports and most analyses are actually correct—President Trump emerges from the flailing melee as strong and powerful, able to resist all comers, faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound….

Yet, the democrats have already organized a violent retort, to help create and and flood a lapdog, 24 hour news market with:

“’Response Events’ In 900 U.S. Cities On Thursday To Protest The Firing Of Jeff Sessions,” according to IWB.com, on 11/08/2018.

But wait; this from CNN, on 1/05/2018:

“(CNN)Last year, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was blunt in his assessment of Jeff Sessions: ‘For the good of the country, Attorney General Sessions should resign.’

“Now, Schumer and other Democrats have changed their tune, suggesting Sessions should stay in the job as long as special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.”

So, which is it with Jeff Sessions? Fire? Admire? Or rehire him as Attorney General?

In my—and others’—opinion, it doesn’t matter to the democrats. We have Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler, Al Green, Elijah Cummings, and scads of other prominent democrats, all making threats of impeachment, investigations, and star-struck revenge in general.

Let them. It’s their right. It’s legal. America will bring them down for it. Trump will be re-elected President in 2020, because of it, and the biggest winners will be Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Democrats don’t appear to want America “great.” Democrats seem to want whichever reaction and route will cause the most anti-America, and anti-capitalism discord—the most conflict, violence, and resultant activism. The death of America. Aggrandizement of the “immigrant.” A tearing down of societal norms and ripping out of Americanism in general.

This is because they seemingly have made themselves inheritors of old-time, brutal Communist goals, methods and propaganda techniques. They are preparing the ground.

So-called, “democrats,” have pursued socialism for a hundred years or more. Completely foreign to the American ethic, socialism was apparently imported by leftists who came to America for various reasons. Some came to better their lives and brought it by innocent habit. Others came specifically to bring a sword, and carefully packed socialism along in the bag.

Communism, and it’s handmaiden, socialism, are each here—now—in America–and alive. The current crop of devotees were never taught what Communism really is. All they seem to know is, a Happy-Captain Planet-Unicorn-Fart view of Communism.

They think it’s “all goood,” because they were told that. They were taught that in school. The same schools which taught them other meaningless phrases and shibboleths. Code words. Pass words. Liberalism in living. Socialist dogma and hyperbole. Correct-Speak.

It’s not a secret that “Big Money” in America helped finance and secure the growth of Communism in both the USSR and America. And that it even helped Nazism in both Germany and America. Each of these global Systems of control comes packed with its own violent purveyors and enforcers. Shall I name names? Okay:

TheNewAmerican.com, 6/13/2014, states:

Rockefeller. Ford. Rothschild.

And there were notable Others—all in a massive, mafia-like sit-down….

“…Under the guise of re-defining and improving what they inaccurately called ‘capitalism,’ top insiders representing institutions that control some $30 trillion in assets met at a Rothschild-sponsored ‘Inclusive Capitalism’ summit in London to push what sounded suspiciously like global tyranny. From the IMF boss quoting Karl Marx to crony capitalist CEOs and central bankers pushing radical notions of ‘sustainability,’ the globalist bigwigs consistently blamed what little remains of the free market for the horrific failures of socialism, central banking, and Big Government. Ironically, many of the attendees enriched by fleecing taxpayers via government were tripping over themselves to advocate more wealth redistribution and taxes.

“The conference, held in late May, was convened by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who married into the infamous, unimaginably wealthy Rothschild banking dynasty that extracted much of its obscene fortune from humanity using the coercive power of government. Attendees and speakers included Prince Charles, International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde (shown), former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Bank of England boss Mark Carney, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, and more. Also in attendance: pension-fund bosses, Big Business CEOs, and other top figures representing an estimated one third of the world’s investable wealth. Among the ‘supporting organizations’ for the summit were the CIA-linked Ford Foundation and the globalist Rockefeller Foundation.”

And it’s no secret that US Senator Prescott Bush and Bush banking, along with Henry Ford, the Rockefellers, and Others, helped the Nazis make money, spend money, and then hide money–before, during, and after, World War II.

Yes—they were playing both sides—all sides. It’s what big money does.

Ah! Conspiracy Theory! Conspiracy Theory!

One can shout “CONSPIRACY THEORY!” From the tops of mountains all they want—but if it’s real, then it’s not a “theory.”

This subtly coiled, activist epithet is one of those evil, politically-correct, self-policing memes concocted to ensure that only approved words will be permitted in “public discourse.” Words reflecting badly upon the anti-America, anti-capitalist meme—as in, “the truth”—they must be banned.

This is how the left protects itself from a revelatory brightness of Truth, Justice, and the American Way. This is what the common American—and democrats—have apparently been trained to accept and believe, in schools, online, and in living their lives.

It’s a religion. It has its own inquisition, punishment, death, limbo, hell and heaven.

Say the wrong, unholy words, and you could be destroyed by a god–“social media.” You could be Twittered, Facebooked, and-or Googled out of your reputation, job, career, and way of life.

The new gods of hate and dishonor could punish you sorely. You could lose your favorite restaurant! Your job, your livelihood, family, savings, and even your life.

But how can this be? It’s because the left controls the levers of nearly all communication, schools, colleges, leftist corporations who both hire and donate money, public discourse, political activism, and foreign billionaires whose name may not be spoken or fleets of lawyers may descend upon you in a “blue tsunami.”

The same blue tsunami of midterm votes that did not hand the democrats widely-predicted and advocated total power. But this “wave” still exists as a force that can both overwhelm and destroy you on a leftist whim.

Ergo, whether current analysis states the left won or lost these past, flailing midterms—the left still exists.

They have existed a long time. They are not going away. They never quit. They never give up, they have no sympathy or feelings for America—or for conservatives–and they will absolutely never ever rest until conservatives are all gone, subdued, or dead.

So. Are democrats really “that dumb?”

No. They are playing on the side they believe to be inevitable. They want to invoke and spread socialism, with themselves as its elite purveyors and rulers. And they will do this by any means necessary.

I believe they may think they foresee a time when “elections” won’t matter. I believe they may think they foresee a time when socialism will simply manifest itself—by whatever means necessary, whenever the time comes.


What’s a conservative to do?

Be ready. Watch what they do, and not what they say. As they gesture with a glad hand and work their distractions in front of you, don’t take your eyes off their other hand.

Observe them. Learn them. Know them. And—only if you want to–vote them out every time, everywhere, any way you can.

Your world may depend upon what you do, or upon what you don’t do.


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