Electoral Map Can Be Saved. Remember the Maine.

Electoral Map Can Be Saved. Remember the Maine.


By Dr. Phil Taverna


The uninformed liberals are up in arms about the electoral college being unfair. They always seem to have a hard time accepting the election of a Republican. But they don’t seem to know that most elections for presidents have been won by Republicans.


But it is not surprising that it is not the popular vote that wins, because in the beginning states like Virginia had 680,000 folks and Delaware only had 59,000. So one can see that the popular vote could be tainted if all the larger states got together and picked one candidate.


Fortunately with the differences between south and north, it never reached that point of collusion. And in the beginning it was more like which founding father are we going to make president this time.


Times have changed and if enough large states turn liberal in color, lets say Texas, NY, California and Florida become liberal. That would be a large nut to crack in the opposite direction. But as long as the liberals seeks diversity over jobs, that may not become an issue.


And the basis for the electoral college was a hybridization between popular vote and 2 votes per state. Very similar to the representation in the House and Senate.


But Maine did something unique this election. They divided the state into 4 parts and each part contributed its own one vote to the electoral college, rather than winner takes all. So basically they contributed votes in a split manner.


It is called the congressional district method. Rather than winner takes all by popular vote. Basically you get one vote for each (House) representative in the electoral college. So Maine has 4 votes to give. Two go to the popular vote winner and one goes for each congressional district winner. Maine gave 3 to Hillary and 1 to President Trump.

Nebraska engaged in a similar process.


But ordinarily Maine would have given all 4 votes to Hillary. This is the scary part. Trump won 3,084 counties nationwide. And Hillary won only 57 counties. Most of which contain the sanctuary cities. And probably had the most registered voters that should not have been allowed to vote in a national election. Detroit was found to have more votes counted than there were actually cast.


I have always made the argument that the country should be divided into liberal and non-liberals states. We wouldn’t have to hear the cry babies wail every time their liberal savior lost an election.


This will never happen, because they need the non-liberal counties to pay the taxes that bail out the liberal counties.


If you look at the county maps of liberal and non-liberal votes, even in NY and California there are many counties that went for Trump. Even Staten Island went for Trump. So maybe this vote counting technique could be brought down to the borough level as well?


Why is this so important. Let me ask you, if you were a non-liberal living in Manhattan, would you vote?


There would be no point in voting. But what if you lived in a county and if the national vote took into the account the popular vote of each county/district… It would make more sense to vote. Your vote could actually count. By switching to a more diverse vote away from a winner take all vote, the non-liberal would win every time. So the next time you hear a cry baby liberal say President Trump stole the election and did not win the popular vote, suggest this new method. Where everyone’s vote gets to count… not just the liberals.


And it is conceivable if you are sick of de Blasios’ stupid liberal policies, you could move to another county in NY where the liberals have not entrenched the ideology of sanctuary cities. Where diversity is not more important than employment. Welfare is not golden and a job is necessary.


So you could see that overall, this would be good for democracy. Every vote in every county would actually count. And if you are stuck in a county overwhelmingly voting against you, you can now find a county that suits your ideology.


If the Republicans keep winning… Federal taxes and handouts will go down, and liberal meccas like NY and California will have to decide where to make cuts to keep their welfare mills flowing. And how high they can raise their taxes!


Another note: Massachusetts the liberal home of the Kennedy’s is usually bright blue. How many times did they put Ted Kennedy back in office. But a few red counties popped up in the west in this last election.


We need to thank Obama for his liberal fantasies. It scared the crap out of folks so much so, that they change their status from Democrat or non-voter and they came out in numbers to vote for President Trump.


Remember the Maine. Call your representation at the state level and tell them you want to vote the Maine way… congressional district method. You want your vote to count.  Even a liberal has to be for that… Or not!.


If you want more people to vote, then you have to make their vote count!



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