Emergency Food Supply: A Guide to Keeping Food Safe

Could you and your family survive a one-week cut in the food supply chain? It’s not an end-of-the-world scenario, but it’s a possibility that should be prepared for by more than just hardcore preppers. Think about a mysterious illness such as SARS spreading rapidly due to our interconnectivity. Or a heavy snowstorm taking out the power and causing a run on basic supplies at the local supermarket.

For these sort of unexpected circumstances, having food stocks in place is a prudent move for anyone. Because while a short-term power outage is hardly the zombie apocalypse, the negative effects on food supply could be the same for you and your family.

How Much Food to Keep

As you might imagine, even “expert” opinions vary widely when it comes to the amount of food to keep on hand. At a minimum, you should have a week’s worth of food and water – two weeks to a month is even better, and three to six months is ideal if you have the space. The Mormon Church encourages its members to have a one-year food supply on hand for themselves, their family and to help others in the community in the event of a disaster. The short answer is that more food always is better, but you likely have a limited amount of space. Two weeks to a month is a bare minimum, and anything more than a year is probably overkill.

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