Europe Reaping What it Sowed With Open Borders Policy for Muslim Refuge

rfgsNo one could have predicted that left-leaning German Chancellor Angela Merkel would call for banning hijabs. The open borders policy European countries have taken toward refugees fleeing the Middle East due to ISIS has resulted in violence increasing in those countries, with ISIS infiltrating the refugees. Facing a tough reelection next year as a result of allowing over a million refugees into the country, Merkel finally reversed her position. In November, she called on the EU to start turning back boats full of refugees as they cross the Mediterranean.

The terrorist attacks by refugees are continuing. On December 19, a radical Islamist refugee drove a truck into a market in Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring 48. The refugees are raping women and destroying property. In Italy, for example, “for the first time, the crime rate in the north of Italy, which has the highest concentration of immigrants and asylum seekers, is surpassing that of the south,” Breitbart reported. A study in Italy found that where the immigrant population increases by 1 percent, the crime rate goes up  0.4 percent. Italian businesses have lost billions of dollars due to refugee related problems such as counterfeiting, shoplifting and illegal vendors.

Many of the refugees don’t have jobs, putting a strain on government budgets. Only 34,000 of the 1.2 million refugees in Germany have found jobs. Shariah law is gradually being implemented in some of the countries, as officials accommodate their intolerant religious views.

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