Even if Trayvon Could Have Been Obama’s Son, Whose Fault is it That He is Dead?

Yes even though he was black he was stupid. And many stupid people die each and every day. And to have the liberals question an American’s right to fight back is a reason for some serious soul searching. 

I wrote almost a year ago that Zimmerman should not be charged. It was a travesty of justice.  The loons have come out against the “stand your ground law”. That law had nothing to do with the Zimmerman verdict. And the jury needed to be chosen from Zimmerman’s peers not Trayvon’s peers. It was Zimmerman who was on trial and not Trayvon.


But really, if this case was not about race than what was it about? It was really about guns and human rights.


At the end of the day. the liberals and blacks believe that you have a right to have your derriere whooped. And that is different then being bashed. Well that’s what Trayvon’s friend said at an interview. So what the blacks are saying is that if the mood strikes them they can assault you all they want and it is ok. The liberals want us to believe that you probably deserved the whooping and that ObamaCare will fix your wounds.

And that you have no rights but to accept the beating. So if a group of folks surround you and beat the crap out of you, take it with a smile it must be legal.


I saw a video the other day about a shooting in Trenton NJ. If it wasn’t real, it was quite funny. I guy walks down the street, turns the corner and pulls out a gun and starts firing. Fortunately his aim sucked but he did hit a few targets. Then the other two guys chase the shooter while firing wildly with their guns. I am sure that all these guns were properly registered and had permits to carry concealed. And these idiots are worried about gun control for law abiding citizens!


The point is that this is the world these people live in, and they think it is ok. Keep in mind if you get shot and can’t work or won’t work, you get disability for life. Not a bad result.


O’Reilly interviewed Mrs. Martin and she said she wanted justice and the implication was that the trial would bring justice. Of course she didn’t say that she would be pissed if Zimmerman did not do time. And how much time would be enough for Trayvon’s mom?


The age of Trayvon becomes a problem. He was no longer a 12 year old boy with a photo shopped hood on. He was 17 and was already allegedly a user and probably an abuser of drugs. So let’s say Zimmerman laid down like he was supposed to and let Trayvon whoop him. Trayvon attacked from behind and broke his nose. I would imagine from that point on Zimmerman was dazed and in a great deal of pain and scared.


So let’s say Zimmerman is not dead but he has broken facial bones, a concussion, maybe some brain damage and whatever. So how much time does Trayvon get for his crime assuming he was caught.  Would he be tried as an adult?  So if he could be tried as an adult than  is he not responsible for his actions as an adult?


The other problem is if Zimmerman is dead, would they try Trayvon as an adult. If he was 175 pounds how would you feel if a 175 pound “child” was sitting on you bashing your head into the concrete. After you get over that feeling, what would you like to have in your pocket? A bible, a switchblade, Saul Lewinsky’s handbook, or a loaded sawed off shotgun?  The point is pain is a powerful motivator. Most people and dentists do not like pain. And if someone is causing you pain, the natural response is to make him or her stop! If Obama is against torture… Then what is this called!


All this commotion about the “stand your ground law” is a joke. The jury would still have to decide if there was an opportunity to retreat. If the reasonable person does not feel that he or she can retreat safely, then self defense is the rule and has nothing to do with stand your ground. Where was Zimmerman supposed to retreat to? Dig a hole in the concrete and escape. There was no avenue of retreat from the pain caused by Trayvon’s whooping so as a last resort Zimmerman fired his gun. No help was coming, he had no choice.


Leno characterized Zimmerman as a little man with a gun who liked pulling it out. Leno was just playing to the “White Guilt” crowd. If only Zimmerman pulled out his gun before Trayvon attacked him, then Trayvon would be alive today. But the law frowns on people showing other folks that they are carrying. I guess that’s another stupid law brought to you by the liberals.


NY times wrote: “In the end, what is most frightening is that there are so many people with guns who are like George Zimmerman.” It appears that the liberal NY Times can not accept the law as written. The problem is not race, it is the attitude of race not racism. I wonder if any of the editorial staff would prefer to have their children whooped rather than protect themselves. Nothing in the gun control laws supported by these liberals will take the guns out of the hands of thugs like those seen in Trenton. But they applaud further investigation of Zimmerman. Where are the Jewish and Latino protestors!


And it annoys me when folks like Donald Lambro  mischaracterized just about everything in the Zimmerman case. Read the police report.  The liberal prosecutors tried for almost a year and a half to prove the police report false. They couldn’t do it. So lets clarify a few things. There was no mention that after the 911 call that the police were on their way. There was no crime being committed. So Zimmerman had every right to get out of the car to see where little Trayvon (175 pounds) was headed. That was his job. There was no fight. A fight is when two or more people face off and begin to hit each other. Trayvon attacked Zimmerman from behind. In all states that is assault at the very least. There were no marks on Trayvon’s body of being hit except for a bruise on his hand from striking Zimmerman.  And obviously Zimmerman was not “stalking” little Trayvon because Trayvon was able to sneak up from behind him and start his whooping process.


Now once Trayvon attacked a different standard and scenario was created. He could have gone home but he didn’t. No one said Trayvon did anything wrong. He looked suspicious and he was a stranger in a gated community. All Trayvon had to do was identify himself and say he was going to his father’s home and where that was located. But Trayvon had already profiled Zimmerman as a “White Cracker”. And it was Trayvon out looking for trouble. He was suspended from school, he was down and out and looking for trouble, and Zimmerman was the answer to his prayers. And once he attacked Zimmerman he was an alleged criminal!  And the 911 dispatcher did not order Zimmerman to do anything.


If Donald wants to make up a story there should be a disclaimer that this is a fiction story and not the facts. If it is not Dragnet then don’t make it sound like the facts. It seems that Donald totally believed the prosecutors. Prosecutors do lie and make up stories. There is no penalty for lawyers who lie. So why do you believe them over the police report? Yet you wanted Zimmerman to pull his gun while Trayvon was on top of him!


Maybe Donald should have a play date in Trenton. Lay down on the concrete and let some 175 pounder smash your head known as whooping. Let’s see how long it takes you to pull your gun and shove it in Trayvon’s face. Good luck with that. Shame on Donald. If you want to write stories call it a novel! Trayvon should have been in jail, instead they suspended him. So let’s set the date in Trenton. We can get Zimmerman to do the choreography. And Moore to shoot the documentary. By the way there way no proof that the gun that killed Trayvon was placed against his chest. 


Yes even though he was black he was stupid. And many stupid people die each and every day. And to have the liberals question an American’s right to fight back is a reason for some serious soul searching. People like Donald and the Times have this need to answer for their white guilt but black kids die each and everyday and it is not Zimmerman’s fault,  it is the fault of the liberals. It is time for the Blacks to take responsibility.  White Guilt has been trying to accomplish this for decades… It is a failure!

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