Even the Liberals Couldn’t Find Anything Good to Cheer about after the First Debate!

I hate to tell the Kool-Aid drinkers that the debates will not get better for Obama. Killing Osama was a nice gesture. But bragging about it globally has only fired up the Al-Qaeda terrorists.

The first Presidential debate was fun to watch. 67 % of those polled thought Obama would win. I didn’t think Obama could win. There would be no teleprompter to help him along. There would be no screaming ideologues to faint for Obama. Obama was all alone with nothing but his ideology.


For months Obama and the liberals have crowded the airways with millions of dollars worth of ads that were for the most part nothing but lies. And the best part was to see Obama try to repeat the lies as though Governor Romney was just going to sit there and stick his tongue out like John McCann.


It is kind of funny in a way. Governor Romney is a self made millionaire. And as far as we know he has never been charged with anything criminal. So he made his millions the old fashion way, he earned it. Not like the Kennedys who made their money in alcohol. Or the Clintons who made their money in China. Governor Romney made it by working.


And not just anyone can make $200 million dollars, you have to know what you are doing. So to think that Governor Romney was not going to face the all powerful Obama without being properly prepared is absurd.

The main problem that Obama had was he has lied about almost everything in the last 6 years. Just the fact that it took so long for him to show us his birth certificate raises some big issues.


And what could he possibly say that would justify 24 million people being out of work. This month alone almost a half a million people left the job market. And as far as we know they did not leave with a legitimate job. So the unemployment for men and women in real numbers must be approaching 12% or more. What could Obama say to convince people that his plans are working! What could Obama say to convince the 24 million people that they will have good jobs like Obama in the next few weeks. Now Obama wants 4 more years,.. To do what!


What could Obama say to convince the world that Al-Qaeda has not resurfaced and they are not killing Americans all over the world, Terrorists killed an American Ambassador on American soil and Obama has done nothing. The great President Bush declared war and drove the terrorists into hiding. What could Obama say to convince the audience that Obama’s foreign polices have deterred the terrorists, but they allowed for the killing of an American Ambassador in broad daylight.


Even Liberal Letterman was convinced that Obama lost the debate. What are the Top Ten things that Obama should have done to protect America and its economy. Instead Skippy was running around the world doing this and signing that and not giving any satisfaction to the American people and their economy.

There was nothing Obama could say but to try to continue the lies.


It is easy to call Obama an idiot, Skippy and Bozo the Clown in writing. But if I had to call him that face to face it would be very difficult.


The same thing holds true for Obama. Obama has called Governor Romney many names in the last several months, He actually called him a murderer. All of these claims have been proven false by most except Obama’s Kool-Aid drinkers.


But when Obama was face to face with Governor Romney. It was no longer open mike night, Governor Romney was well prepared to face his accuser.


And one of the best lines of the night was when Governor Romney referred to dealing with children, and when children repeat a falsehood enough times, they think it will some how become true. That should be part of the Democrat platform rather then including God and other things. If they don’t believe God should be part of their platform then have the guts to vote that way. It appears that maybe Obama and the liberals failed to show any evidence of having guts or a spine.


Romney was well prepared and some folks do have problems with high altitudes. I am sure Obama has fund raised many times in Colorado. Maybe the next time Obama will tell the truth instead of lying for the last several months.


Obama has done nothing for women. There are more women unemployed then at anytime in American history. If 54% of the college graduates can not find a job, most of them are women as well. My guess is that 66% of those graduates are women. So tell me again what Obama has done for women. Obama has not paid for any women’s contraceptives. He has just included that option in your healthcare premiums so that you can pay for it. If you are going to redistribute wealth, you better make sure the money comes from someone else not your pocketbook and the middle class!


I hate to tell the Kool-Aid drinkers that the debates will not get better for Obama. Killing Osama was a nice gesture. But bragging about it globally has only fired up the Al-Qaeda terrorists. At the end of the day Obama is a failure. Obama can’t run on his record so how can you win a debate when you have nothing to show after 4 years of failed policies.


Obama better get used to it. Maybe he should wear an oxygen tank next time. But at the end of the day it is tough to argue about failed policies. In 2008 Obama ran against President Bush. This time around he gets to run against the Obama failed policies.


I guess if he really believed in having one great term, he should have decided not to run for a second term. There is no one out there that thinks Obama had a great first term. His golf game may have gotten better. He made more money and traveled around the world many times.

But at the end of the day 24 million people who were working in 2008 are not working today! Any one who would want to put himself in a position to argue for 4 more years has to be an idiot! So do you want to re-elect Obama?


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