Evil and Civilization

Professor Hugh Hewitt, recently published a column for Townhall.com in which he cited a statement by former Ambassador Ryan Crocker, who represented the US in Afghanistan, in which he called the present ISIS/ISIL force wreaking havoc across Iraq as “evil incarnate.” There are those of us who understand this and have done so for a long time. We understand it because we do not ignore history and we don’t forget its lessons. But the modern brand of politician easily ignores those lessons as unrealistic, or perhaps outmoded due to their modern view of the world and how people are supposed to interact in the new, different, 21st century. With the addition of major dose moral relativism the ability to distinguish between good and evil becomes impossible, which is the dominant aspect of what faces America today.

When my generation grew up, and even up until now, entertainment frequently focused on a scenario of good guys vs. bad guys. In The Lord of the Rings it was virtually everyone against Sauron and Mordor. In Star Wars it was the Rebel Alliance against the Empire, the Emperor and Darth Vader until Vader redeemed himself and help destroy the Emperor. The theme has been used endless numbers of times. And, there is a reason for this; it reflects an important aspect of real life. Evil does exist, and while many modern day politicos like to pretend otherwise, their actions portray in sharp detail the fact that they, too believe in it.

What Crocker’s statement reflects is something that altogether too many people want to deny; that we are dealing with evil incarnate in the world today. Or, perhaps better said, not dealing with it. Dropping a few bombs on a single artillery piece because it might, possibly pose a threat to a US diplomatic post is not dealing with it. Sending supplies to a group of people, trapped on a mountain, and facing certain death is not dealing with it. But the present administration is refusing to recognize the situation because to do so would violate their fantasy world in which evil does not exist. So, they procrastinate, and behind the scenes opine that a little genocide is not a bad thing when it does not touch them, personally. And then, they pontificate that they can’t play a role in the region and that there must be reconciliation between the warring parties, as if this is some minor argument that can be solved by a bit of talking.

What the world’s modern governments need to confront is something that they do not want to. It is that this is simply another stage in a war that has been going on for centuries. It began in the Arabian Peninsula, moved west across northern Africa, and into Spain. It also moved east through was once Persia and into the Indian subcontinent and from there to the Malay Peninsula and from there to Indonesia. It is a war of conquest that the prosecutors do not allow can ever be stopped. It may be merely postponed for a while as they regroup for the next round. It is not something that the modern nation living within the concepts of Western Civilization comprehends without accepting something that is very difficult for some of them to understand. The Islamo-fascists are not like us. They don’t think as we do, they don’t see the world as we do, and they don’t understand their or our places in it as we do. They have been raised for centuries to believe that their destiny is to enslave everyone else to their way of life, or kill them. It is something that is alien to the belief systems of most modern nations and probably to most people, but it is the truth. It is a scene straight out of the Robert Heinlein book Starship Troopers where the young soldier is talking with a society woman who wants to introduce him to her friends on a world that has been overrun by the enemy. When he tells her what happened to the world in question she responds that her friends will be OK because they are civilians. Unfortunately, that enemy did not recognize civilians as opposed to soldiers. It is the same situation here.

The true nature of the ISIS/ISIL forces can be seen in their genocidal approach to anyone who stands against them, or does not conform. They do not recognize the idea of “diversity.” Their goal is a monoculture that they will be in charge of and will enforce with ruthless brutality. It is something out of Conan the Barbarian. It is not a religion; it is a barbaric political system cloaked in the semblance of religion that exists because the patina of antiquity gives it legitimacy. But if it were to have appeared on the scene, without prior history, just last month, it would not be tolerated. It would be treated as what it truly is; a barbaric death cult seeking to destroy civilization for the benefit of its leadership.  They may look like us, but they are not us.

There is an answer to the present conflict in Iraq. It doesn’t necessarily require ground troops; it can be accomplished sufficiently well from the air. A few fuel-air mixture bombs should suffice to blow the ISIS troops to their rewards and give any potential recruits pause to consider that it might happen to them as well. After all, no one, not even fanatics want to die in a lost cause. If it were true, the imams who go around preaching holy war would be leading the armies, hoping to die rather than hiding back in town where they are safe from becoming part of the carnage. That, alone, should give pause to anyone who thinks that this is not a political war.

Civilization has a choice; it can fight back on the same terms as the enemy and win, preserving the future of humanity, or it can lay down in die in the name of political correctness and the belief that the enemy is just like us, and can be pacified with honeyed words. That it is all a misunderstanding and can be talked out bringing peace to all. But when your enemy’s view of peace is to chop your head off, then talking is to no avail. But to tell a man like Barack Obama, who only knows how to talk, and makes a fool of himself whenever he does, is impossible. After all, he went to Harvard Law School. He knows everything.

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