Exceptional Cheney: A Book to Make the Liberals Ill

ExceptionalThe Vice President is fantastic. If the American voters had a half a brain, they would make him president. But is America exceptional and can it stay that way. And why are the liberals like Obama trying to make the United States of America just ordinary. And is it the country that is exceptional or is it the citizens?

It was so funny when Johnny Edwards debated Dick Cheney. It was like a child debating the master. Edwards ended up being a loser on all counts. But the liberals will probably be running him for something in the near future. Who ever thought anyone would ever vote for another person named Clinton. People seem to forget that his economy tanked long before he left office. And Clinton never paid down a dime of the national debt!

Dick and Liz cover a lot of subjects in their book Exceptional but let’s start off with Benghazi. In 2012 there were 20 attacks in Benghazi. And Obama and Hillary did nothing to protect the ambassador. I wonder if all the attacks were brought on by the mystical trailer. Or was it just plain old terrorism. I really think Hillary had nothing to do with it, because she was just a figurehead and Obama and Valerie ran the Obama show. Do you really want a figurehead as president? Now that would be exceptional!

Cheney claims it was enhanced interrogation that led to the capture of Bin Laden. Who really cares. Bin was nothing at that point. And now they claim that Pakistan was involved in his execution. You have to wonder how such a great terrorist leader was without any protection. What did they have 2 guns to hold off a SEAL Team attack!

But what the former vice president is stating is that we need intelligence more now than we ever did. And Obama and Hillary are going out of their way to destroy our intelligence and their relationships with other countries’ agencies.

It is common sense, not liberal sense that we have to know what and where the terrorists are, and what they are planning. Obama and Hillary believe if we are nice to them and give them nuclear weapons and money they will stop being evil. I wish they were around to deal with Hitler. Truman and FDR thought the same way with Stalin.

Cheney also comments on the Iranian deal. And the liberal idiots and Kerry said the only alternative to the deal was war. That is a nonsense notion just like most of the liberal notions. Sanctions were working just fine. If you want to stop them then increase the sanctions. By the way the testing of the missile by Iran after the Obama deal is a violation of another treaty. Obama and Hillary are exceptionally naive and stupid for letting that deal happen. Never take the knife from the throat of the killer until he is ready to make an honest deal. Painting red lines in the sand has never scared a terrorist!

Technically we are still at war. Congress voted to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

Vote to invade Iraq was 296 to 113 in the House   and 77 to 23 in the Senate. So it is Congress’s fault we are in Iraq. It is Obama’s fault we are in Syria, Iraq, and so on. One of those votes to invade came from loser Hillary Clinton. So it wasn’t President Bush that invaded Iraq, it was the United States thanks to Senators like Hillary. If the senate voted no, President Bush would have stayed home! We can’t say the same for Dictator Obama!

Actually congress voted twice for Iraq. It is clear Obama was exceptional in pulling troops out of Iraq. Against all military and political advice he pulled the troops out. Valerie and Obama are now sending troops into battle again. Hillary lied when she said the economy is best when there is a Democrat president like Obama. But there have been wars that were left in the hands of Democrats and they didn’t know how to win. If you don’t know how to win, don’t send in the troops. We are exceptional winners not losers.

Now Obama is sending troops into Syria. Syria we have no business being in. There was No congressional approval like Iraq. Obama wants Assad out. But Putin wants Assad to be his puppet. So now that there are Russian troops and American troops in the same country on opposite sides, how’s that going to be exceptional. If Obama took out ISIS right away the issues would be over. If Obama did not give weapons to the rebels in Benghazi, Ambassador Stevens would be alive today. It is fun to see a liberal in action. They think they can wish peace and make fun of Presidents Bush and Reagan because they wanted a strong military to prevent confrontation.

Cheney states that Obama may be the first leader in History to cut defense spending while doing battle. Hard to count the wars. How many wars does Obama have us in? And he can’t even close Guantánamo. Finding leaders like this exceptional is shocking. They are exceptionally stupid and can talk like they will take responsibility but blame every one else for the problems of the world. Obama has been around way to long to hide from that responsibility.

Remember you can only blame yourself. There are far more exceptional people in this country than liberals. The liberals’ media will never tell you the whole story. My father-in-law told me almost 50 years ago that the media was bias. After these last debates it is obvious. And everyday we read articles about how the Republican candidates are no good, but we see no articles about how great their liberal candidates are not!

Please stop listening to the liberal propaganda and make up your own mind. With a little common sense it becomes obvious a $19 trillion dollar debt is not worth it. It is not worth it to have open borders. It is not worth it to pay all these politicians and bureaucrats.

They can be stopped. Stop the madness. Start paying attention. Get your friends and neighbors together and vote. You can make America more exceptional than it is today!

Take a look at the Cheney book. It is the words of a leader, not a philosophical madman like Obama.

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