Experts at The Atlantic Conference Reveal Fascinating Future Developments in Health Care

Future-Collage-900In the near future, medical care will shift from the current emphasis on treating disease to preventing it, as the health care industry increasingly turns to getting people to modify their behavior. So said a range of health care experts brought together by The Atlantic magazine on Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona. Moderated by Steve Clemons, the magazine’s Washington editor, “Inventing the Future of Health” examined the latest breakthroughs in the field and revealed what’s coming next.

Some Highlights:

Dr. Daniel Kraft, executive director of Exponential Medicine, described the rise of digital health and mobile technology. Health care is moving from hospitals to homes, as patients use wearable devices to test and track many conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease. These devices can easily transmit the information to a doctor. People now download health care apps to their smartphones.

Computers are still changing health care. With social media and smartphones, patients can track their health information, sharing it both online and with their doctors. Crowdfunding is becoming an additional way to fund the development of new medical technologies. 3D printing will inexpensively mass produce medical devices and helicopter drones will provide transportation for patients. He also mentioned that gene therapy is increasing, allowing patients and their doctors to pinpoint their ailments and future ailments.

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