Facebook promotes vulgar hate of religion and hetero-normalcy

Facebook openly permits organized radical groups and individuals with hateful and vulgar names to invade the pages of normal Americans who believe in God, Country, and living a normal life.   The time for a Facebook uprising is now.

 One has to wonder how a publicly-traded company can do business with a business model staked on organized hateful harassment of Christians and the vast majority of normal, everyday, heterosexual Americans.

Here is the shocking reality.  I returned from the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference to find that a Facebook group with a filthy (NSFW) name insulting Jesus and the Virgin Mary had Liked just about every article posted on our Center for Marriage Policy Facebook page (presently NSFW).  

There is nothing more disgusting than seeing a photo of myself with Rick Santorum that is dirtied by “Likes” containing hateful, harassing, bullying expletives.

Facebook does not have a way to remove or block “Like” spammers injecting hate into the pages of others.  I removed one of the postings and reposted it later in the day, only to find that the hate group had again “Liked” the posting.

I reported the abuse to Facebook for violations of their policies on hate speech and harassment.  Facebook’s response was shocking:  they found this extremely offensive page “doesn’t violate our community standard on bullying and harassment“ and “doesn’t violate our community standard on hate speech”.

Facebook is “a safe and welcoming environment” for its most vile liberal friends, who openly use it as platform for vicious attacks on those of us who believe in God, country, and marriage.

Since the only way to remove this offensive language from our page is to delete all of our postings, we are stuck with “Facebook endorsed” hate speech and bullying. Our board decided to stand our ground.  We will NOT back down by zeroing out our page.

We are looking into a lawsuit against Facebook.  Facebook has a duty to provide software so that we can protect our corporate image.  Where that software does not exist, they have an imperative duty to remove harassers and haters promptly.

We are doing everything we can to put pressure on Facebook, but the real power is in your hands:

  • Investors: sell your stock now.  Facebook is going the way of Reddit. Nobody will pay $30 to promote posts that bring on hordes of filthy attackers.  
  • Users: when Facebook asks you for more personal information, do not give it to them.  They will sell it to Democrats to use against you later.


David R. Usher is President of the Center for Marriage Policy.

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