Fact Checkers Finally get Demo Debate Correct

hlry-emlIt is customary to make fun of the fact checkers at the Washington Post. Generally they pick on the Republicans. And they give a response in less then 24 hours. For the Demo Saturday debate on a major channel, they had a day and a half to get their report in. And finally they had it right. At least partially.

Hillary is so used to blaming the Great President Bush for everything, she blamed him for Obama taking the troops out of Iraq… The war Hillary voted to commence. And it is amusing because Obama and Hillary pretty much did exactly what they wanted. And when it backfired which was most things they engaged in, they would blame someone else.

But the folks at the Post Kessler and Lee finally got it right. They go a step further and reiterate that the creation of ISIS was brought about or enhanced by the removal of American troops from Iraq. Which allowed for ISIS with American weapons, they could invade Iraq and take over areas and oil that would not have been possible if Obama and Hillary left the troops in Iraq. But the U.S. presidential election was more important than protecting the people of Iraq. Now the people of the world! President Bush killed many Islamic extremists. Obama and Hillary go out of their way so the terrorists can expand their influence in weak areas caused by Sander’s “climate change effect”. Just think, these folks at the debate really want to be president!

The Post said the SOFA agreement initially stated troop removal, but the intention was there to renew the agreement, leaving troops in Iraq to protect the Iraqi people and keep any insurrections of extremists under control.

Obama and Hillary were told by all sorts of folks not to pull all the troops out of Iraq. Because of the election, they pulled the troops out. Biden said he would bring the troops back if necessary. I guess Obama was a sleep at the wheel. It will be most difficult for the next Republican president to hunt down the terrorists and kill them. But at least a true leader will do that. While Obama and Hillary spent their time raising money for their foundations and campaigns. Instead of protecting Americans from terrorists!

Sanders stated that climate change is the direct cause for the growth of terrorism. Unfortunately Sanders used the term climate change and not global warming. So Sanders in a desperate move to garner vote share is trying to make a direct correlation between nut jobs in the middle east and climate change. More specifically the droughts.

Kessler and co. say the cause of the droughts are man-made. That the Syrians created the drought by over using the water for agricultural policies. Funny this is the same problem they have in California. So it is not the climate, or global warming, but it is the over-use of water in areas that have been allowed to become over-populated.

Hate to tell Sanders that is not climate change. It ends up that Syria just like other countries and States have failed to keep their populations under control. They let immigrants in with no basis set in reality. The more people you have, the more water you will need. Since most of these areas are arid, they will have a problem. 911 was studied from all different angles, and their was no evidence that terrorism is supported by poor people.

Terrorism is a great opportunity. It creates many jobs. You get to shoot all kinds of weapons. They will also supply you with many wives or girl friends. And you can make a lot of money. Did you see the palace Bin laden lived in for about 8 years. Bunch of wives and he didn’t have to go and work. No bosses to contend with. No taxes to pay. They hand you a gun or bombs and you can become famous. So famous our allies will hunt them down while Obama golfs and raises funds for campaigns and his foundations. Also takes time each day to lecture the fine people of the United States and the world. Who have stopped listening to Barack years ago!

The Clinton argument about AUMF was soft balled by Kessler and Co. It is important to point out that Congress and Hillary   passed AUMF giving the government the power to go after terrorists. In essence it was a declaration of war against all terrorists and anyone who would support them. This was enacted by Congress, not President Bush.

The post and co want to delineate this just to al Qaeda because they were responsible for 911. But they seemed to miss the last line of the article.

“in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons”

The leaders at the time knew that Al Qaeda was the main force of the terrorists. But not the only force of Islamic terrorism. In order to prevent “any future acts of terrorism” is intended to include all acts of terrorism. And ISIS which can not be separated from Al Qaeda by any sane individuals, would be included in the parameters of AUMF.

So in the end it becomes easy to understand the Democrats. Under the Democrats, including Clinton, terrorism seems to grow in leaps and bounds. Their distrust for intelligence is part of the factor. But the liberals really think that if you are nice to the terrorists, they will be nice to you. Maybe they will smile just before they behead you!

But in reality, if you don’t scare the bejesus out of the leaders of countries that harbor terrorists and their training camps, terrorism will grow in leaps and bounds under Democrat regimes. And the terrorists will come up with more advanced and deadly ways to cause terror by way of unconscionable mayhem and murder.

If you want to be safe, you might want to think twice about voting for a liberal Democrat. They would rather buy votes through useless socialism than support our allies and kill the terrorists before they get started. They can abort a fetus before birth, but can’t seem to kill terrorists until after they cause a great deal of destruction!

Which country do you want to live in!

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