Female Green Berets: “…significant corruption, ethical and leadership failures, and potentially serious future problems….”

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[I received the following as an email requesting that I publish it, to possibly attract an investigation. —Jeffrey A. Friedberg]


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I recently spent some time at the Special Forces Decade Association Headquarters, talking with a few generations of our finest.

There were some serious allegations about the first woman to pass the Special Forces “Q,” Assessment and Selection Phase course, recently. If these allegations are true, they represent to me significant corruption, ethical and leadership failures, and potentially serious future problems.

What I heard was this: the Assessment and Selection Committee Sergeant Major resigned his position in objection to what his NCO Cadres were ordered to accept.

The Cadre of the Assessment and Selection Committee were ordered to sign non-disclosure agreements to prevent anyone knowing that the woman in question was in fact non-selected by the committee for several glaring performance failures.

She failed in her peer review ratings during “team week;” she failed the land navigation phase by being too close to the road (she was “road kill” more than once—and “once” is failed), and she didn’t find all the points required.

However, despite non-selection by those charged with and authorized to pass candidates as qualified, Major General Sontag, the J.F.K. Special Warfare Center and Schools Commander, personally intervened and changed the evaluation—thereby reversing the Cadre’s findings.

During an after-discussion , those who spoke with knowledgeable sources made the point that it was entirely possible that a qualified woman candidate would be able to make it through without changing and lowering the standards applied to all equally.

If the above alleged facts are true, the manipulation to reach a dishonest result will affect the high standard of pride and moral of the men and future women who have and will succeed in receiving Green Berets.




5 comments to Female Green Berets: “…significant corruption, ethical and leadership failures, and potentially serious future problems….”

  • NormB

    So who didn’t already know the fix was in?

    Those records, requested by a US congressman with oversight authority, were reported “lost.”

    No surprises there.

    But hey, “equal,” right?

    Until the balloon goes up, then the women will need someone to carry them – and many more in their command – out of the sh*t, very likely in body bags.

  • George Handlery

    It would seem that a gender-quota is to be met here. This aborted fetus of a bureaucratic construction might produce funding and free the institution from the charge of discrimination. What it does not do is to protect the unit in real action against a real enemy. Another case to prove that, ultimately, PC kills.

  • reyol

    The ruling ideology of the modern US military is EEO. They cannot deny for long the imperative to raise women into elite units with the highest standards when such units confer respect and status upon their members and every officer is rated for his/her allegiance to EEO. The General said, “Make it happen!” (the expression replacing ‘Honor, Duty, Country’ as the new unofficial motto of the military) and when the cadre stuck with the misguided notion of integrity, the General personally intervened. The same thing happened with the historic first women Rangers.

  • TJ Rubicon

    Put all the PC Berets in one group and don’t mix them with the Real Thing. Send them on real missions and let reality kick in. Or is reality cruel to the poor little things? Bless their hearts.

  • joe

    I was at jump school in the early 70s saw a few females pushed through at that time. We didn’t see where they were held after training. They didn’t do much of any physical training it was a joke we thought. Lost track of them after a few days they slid out the same way they slid in just saying, never saw them jump. But they did look good. Maybe the CIA will get me for saying this. Merry Christmas Troopers

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