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There seems to be a crisis in feminism. While espousing such ideas as equal pay, and a equality with men, there are those who have a downright hatred towards men of any type. Feminism has devolved into a noisy section of women whose goal is their own interests, privilege instead of working together, supremacy rather than equality.
There are questions that must be answered, and moralities that must be brought to light. Feminists have spread all over the mainstream media and social media the concept of a “rape culture”. The more shrill of these have spoken the loudest about how any woman has a right to drink, get drunk, and agree to have a sexual encounter, but still retain the right to cry rape later. An integral part of this is that the man, whatever the circumstances must prove himself innocent to the feminists, or suffer consequences that are life changing.
The feminists do not see rape as a crime, but as a political tool to be used against those who disagree with them. Conservatives, those who believe in wedded motherhood, even the family has come under the boot heel of feminism. The manipulation and deceit on college campuses shows that feminism has coalesced into an abortion, gender “justice” collectivist crusade that has no purpose than to make women guilt free and devoid of any morality. All that matters to them is how any circumstance makes them feel .
Where are the same feminists to talk about the rapes on New Years Eve that took place all over Europe? How many of these same feminists have screamed to the mainstream media that something must be done for the poor abused women? These same feminists can’t bring themselves to discuss the Islamic traditions of treating women as second class citizens or property to be disposed of at will. There are even college professors who have taken to wearing burqas to prove how much they admire Islam and never once speaking out on the abuses Islamic women are forced to go through. This can’t be discussed and was only briefly covered by the mainstream media because the feminists did not want anything distracting from the agenda they have pushed for so long about the “sex crimes” that have taken place here and that the feminists want to push for full effect. And of course, who are we to tell Muslims how to treat women? The Sweden changed to become a “multicultural” country about 40 years ago. Since that time violent crime has gone up by 300% and rape by almost 1500%. Yet there is no hew and cry from the feminists about getting this abuse of the women of Sweden under control.
In the mideast Muslims are selling women as slaves, ISIS beheads women who will not submit to their fighters, some as young as nine years old. Iran hanged a woman who would not submit to rape, women have been beaten to death for having given birth to a girl instead of a boy. Boko Haram abducted schoolchildren in the hundreds and the feminists have T-shirts that say “This is what a feminist looks like being made in sweatshops by Third World slaves who live in poverty, with some sixteen sharing a room.
Where is the feminist uprising?
American feminist groups are not organizing protests, not fighting these injustices or working to change the status quo. For American feminists it is not a high priority. They feel the need to assure themselves that their feelings are not hurt and that their needs are met. It is more important to discuss pay inequity, the supposed glass ceiling, and whine about not being taken seriously about “safe spaces” than the injustices taking place elsewhere that doesn’t affect the everyday life they feminists demand here.
The groups that represent feminism today include such groups as “Code Pink”, a Marxist organization whose ant-American stance on all subjects is not subject to debate. This organization willingly took a picture of a human rights and freedom rally, erased the slogans on the signs they were holding and replaced them with a self serving, feminist and anti-American slogans, photoshopped the women with smiling faces. This is just another example like the “rape culture” on college campuses that any lie justifies the end product.
According to the feminists it is our fault because of the western culture of intolerance to those who are not like us. How many schoolgirls were “groomed” in England before the authorities decided it needed to be stopped. Consider the countless shattered lives of those girls, the families, and the communities that were forced to go through all that and tell me where the feminists helped at all.
California has redefined any consensual sex as rape if it occurs on a college campus, another policy that feminists have pushed to free the women on college campuses from any consequences for their own actions. It is striking that they want to be all powerful feminists and yet can’t control their urges and are weak around any man , And even when consenting they are too empty headed to know what they are responsible for. The man is guilty, period, end of discussion. No due process, no innocent until proven guilty, no recourse for the man involved. It is the feminists and government position that the man must be tarred and feathered and run out of town. Not very constitutional I would say, and so do many others.
The Reverend Franklin Graham was uninvited from the National day of Prayer for suggesting something must be done about the Islamic mistreatment of women. Even then, with the mainstream media focused on the subject the establishment feminists stayed silent. To the feminists of today, the scant problems we have here are paramount to any suffering that may be overseas.
The feminists of today are shrinking for a number of reasons. We have feminists like Lena Dunham trying to tell us what words we should use to describe Hillary Clinton, a woman who for years lied about her husbands affairs and sexual assaults and covered them up by going after the women involved The presidential candidate who now says all rapes must be believed. Dunham is described by the mainstream media as a daring, intelligent progressive feminist. All I see is someone who is thin skinned, can’t accept that perhaps her way of thinking is immoral and thinks she is never wrong. She is a 29 year old child looking for attention and is willing to demean anybody who does not agree with her. Basically she is a little girl in a large body with progressive/socialist ideas because that is what is in right now.
It will come as a shock to Dunham, Clinton, and all the other feminists that this year is problematical for the progressives. They have yet to find a way to explain how anyone male or female of good moral standing could vote for Hillary. The Democrats accusing the Republicans of a “war on women” is highly objectionable with the way the Hillary treats victims of sexual assault by her husband.
It is the current explanations of “sexual consent” that are being pushed on the college campuses and throughout the mainstream media that have put the progressives into a box. How to ask those of moral character, young or old, black or white, to overlook the womanizing of Bill Clinton which Hillary covered up with the new feminists orders.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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