Freedom From Religion Foundation supports public school speech oaths and attempts to censor a Texas Court Judge

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The Merrian-Webster dictionary says that Dogma is;

1a: something held as an established opinion especially : a definite authoritative tenet

b: a code of such tenets pedagogical dogma

c: a point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds

2: a doctrine or body of doctrines concerning faith or morals formally stated and authoritatively proclaimed by a church

Maybe certain dogma needs be questioned (especially if not truly Biblical), but when it comes to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, their real goal has always been to make preborn baby murder (and they call it a “blessing for women…and society”) and sexual perversion socially acceptable (likely a trade off to the LGBTQ activists). They just have to cleanse the culture of any element of a Christian Worldview to give these wicked ideals a clear shot of enabling a fundamental transformation. To top it all off, the God hating Infidels (regardless if they call themselves Free Thinkers, Humanists, Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics etc.) will be more equal than others.

It will not stop with government property or those who work in government but it will eventually carry into private life as Cultural Marxism continues to be advanced knowing it or not…but I say they DO KNOW cause many of them would be proud to stand with the dogma of Karl Marx. They just more interested in following their own bliss and desires and passions…and they don’t care who they hurt along the way…including children.

FFRF not only continues to advance cultural Marxism, but they also are enabling nihilism to spread. All that pain and misery just so that more women can be like Eve and eat the fruit of the forbidden tree, just to see if they can be equal or more powerful than God.

Two recent cases which has the FFRF fingerprints written all over it proves my point that they are truly a cancer to our country and our macro culture. By the way, both involve two African Americans (i.e. Black pigmentation of skin) who are strong believers in the Christian faith.

The first case comes from the state of Wisconsin (FFRF is headquartered in its state capitol Madison) in which an ordained minster by the name of Alvin Dupree said; “never succumb to the pressure of being politically correct,” to a group of graduating seniors from Appleton North High School. Afterwards he simply said, “God Bless.” FFRF pitched a fit and demanded that the Appleton School District makes darn sure that this kind of speech gets censored.

All in the name of Thomas Jefferson and the First Amendment of course. Well the remedy really mirrors something out of the Soviet Union or the People’s Republic of China. Far from our First Amendment or even Jefferson…to quote Dwayne Johnson; “It doesn’t matter” if Jefferson was not a Christian…and he wasn’t…but “Big A Atheist” Jefferson was not.

The Appleton School District has implemented new rules that require all speakers young and old, adult and student to submit their entire speech in writing two weeks in advance of delivery. They can’t wear anything (even jewelry) that could be a statement of faith. What is even worse is that the speakers most now take an oath which states;

Speakers that submit proposed speeches shall be required to certify that they will deliver the speech as written, except for minor and immaterial variances from the text of their proposal. Certification shall be in writing and shall be sworn under oath.

The oath must be signed by the speakers (adult and student alike) and must be witnessed by and sealed by a Notary. The must be sworn “to be true and correct under penalty of law.” The FFRF has given its seal of approval to this draconian method of censoring free speech, but rest assured that the students will be given a purely secular of not radical progressive leftist education…which I am sure many who support the FFRF also approve of.

Meanwhile in Texas, state district judge Tammy Kemp has come under fire from the FFRF lawyers and it’s ‘rent-a-cops’ for giving her own Bible to a police officer convicted of murder (an accidental shooting) and highlighted a passage of scripture which is one of the most popular chapter and verses from the Holy Bible; John 3:16. The FFRF has no heart. This officer is hurting in so many ways and the only crime was taking an innocent life which she would have not done if she was able to have a clear mind and/or if that very mind was not playing tricks on her…sadly it happens. The Big A Atheists don’t really care about the people who are hurting and need any help that they can get. If you work in government at any level, you must separate yourself from your faith and become a functional humanist.

After all, Karl Marx said that we need to put aside the afterlife and make this life the best…cause its the only one we got.

So what are the agendas of the FFRF?  Based on what I could gather from their own documents, here is what I think they are seeking.

Eradication of any references to the Judeo-Christian faith…especially Christianity.

Make non-believers more equal than others

Make sure that abortion (i.e the killing of the preborn) becomes truly and securely with no doubts at all socially acceptable.

Advancing the LGBTQ agenda and their endgame. Even if that costs women the strides they have made in sports or whatever thanks to the men who are able to declare themselves as women and forcing the real women to compete with them.

The abolishment of the traditional family

The acceptance of Free Love which includes all of the above.

FFRF as a group truly admires the legacy of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger who popularized the slogan “No Gods, No Masters” which was inspired by anarchist leader Emma Goldman who once supported the Bolsheviks in Russia before she turned on them. Sanger herself was an anarchist communist who not only supported birth control and eugenics and the extermination of “bad stock,” but was a downright sexual whore. Think of Sanger as a Madonna of her day…at least when it comes to the promotion of women and loose sexual morals…just about any female pop star these days is doing what they did more/less.

FFRF are also in official support of the so called Equality Act. As I stated above, support for such legislation is part of their endgame to liberate women from the gender roles and liberated from procreation as they can engage in sexual relations just like the men…or so they think. Want to see Katie Ledecky’s records broken by a poser? That is very likely to happen if something like the Equality Act becomes law. FFRF don’t care as long as women can be open with their sexuality and get the men in trouble for noticing, and as long as they can kill their unwanted offspring due to their wanted sexual passions.

FFRF strongly believes that a nation that exalts God and his Holy Law will stifle their agenda to sexually liberate themselves and other women not only from God but from his order of creation in order to achieve radical individual anatomy if not trying to become “just like God.” It was the push back from Catholic Nuns that convinced the late Anne Nicol and her daughter Annie Laurie Gaylor women to start FFRF.

The news is not all bad. There is going to be push back. First Liberty Institute is aware of both incidents caused by the God hating/pre-born baby murder loving FFRF and is ready to defend students under assault by not only FFRF but others like them who would dare impose speech codes and unnecessary oaths upon them. FLI is also prepared to defend Judge Kemp and any attacks that FFRF and others that might impose their infidelity on her.

This is not a sales pitch for FLI, for their are other groups that will challenge those who want to eradicate Faith and Freedom in the public square while advancing Marxist statism and their never ending revolutions. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) came along side Denver baker Jack Phillips for not wanting to promote messages honoring same sex marriage and other worldviews of the LGBTQ/Rainbow Jihad, as well as Selina Soule and Alanna Smith who are two high school athletes who were cheated out of scholarships because they had to compete with posers who claimed to be women…and yes they were defeated by these posers.

Let us also not forget about the American Center for Law & Justice which was co-founded by Jay Sekulow. Each of these groups play their own role in the push back against the progressive God Haters and their cult trying to impose THEIR worldview on all of us. We must not be intimated any longer by those who would try to kill God if they could. We must stand up for our LORD and for those who want to honor him, against those who have been blindly following not only the teaching of nihilists and/or Marxists, but the teaching of a fallen angel who wanted to take the place of God himself very badly.

P.S. Beware of Secular Progressive Leftist Marxist Nihilist Pagan Dogma that is approved by the likes of FFRF and like a cancer, it is killing America inside and out.

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