Finally New Strong Courageous Blood

The two major “Benedict Arnold” Senators that spoke up against Rand Paul were John McCain and Lindsey Graham. The old guard must be replaced by the new and improved. They must step aside and allow others that are more assertive to take charge of the Party.

The Republican Party is definitely changing for the better. We may finally have found a two party system of Government, once again, keeping checks and balances, with a watchful eye on each other. The Republican young gun Senators, even though they are the minority in power are fearless, showing strength, courage, stamina, while showing no remorse or reservations with no signs of backing down.

They had enough and are not going to take it anymore? They refuse to accept anything but the best while protesting a renegade Government that ignores the Constitution and imposes mandatory compliances on its citizenry. These true blood and guts Senators are not genuflecting to his Highness Barack Obama “The Terrible” by trembling to his intimidations and threats. They aren’t afraid of being falsely identified by bogus labels and name calling by the simple Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and Progressive idiots together with the lapdog step and fetch media. They aggressively speak their minds and are standing up for their principles, ignoring this fabricated non-sense.

Unlike the Republican controlled House of Representatives, lead by the cry baby Speaker John Boehner, who is constantly being manipulated by the President and the Democratic Party. His clueless demeanor in front of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressive are an insult to our Forefathers, America, the Constitution, the American people and our intelligence. He is a scared puppet used and abused by the Obama Administration as their town crier and buffoon. Unfortunately his terrified rabbit approach to decision making, negotiations or anything controversial is costing us dearly.

His leadership has proven that fighting the Republican controlled Congress under his leadership is like fighting an unarmed entity of uselessness. He makes a mockery out of these words, a Country of, by and for the people. He should step down and retire before he does anymore damage.  Is this the best they could come up with, didn’t they learn from their mistakes of the past, talking about the definition of insanity, this is the perfect example.

This became evident during the filibuster of Senator Rand Paul on President Obama’s selection of C.I.A. Director, John Brennan. Senator Paul demanded an answer to his question concerning the President’s authorization to order a drone strike to any American citizen on American soil without due process. After (13) thirteen hours, he received a positive answer from Attorney General Eric Holder, protecting “Due Process” according to our precious Constitution. His stance was an astonishing display of leadership and determination. Instead of rolling over and playing dead to Obama like most Republican cowards was a substantial needed victory not only for Rand Paul and the Republican Party, but most importantly for America and the American people?

He was supported by the new young youthful improved courageous Sens. Mike Lee, R-Utah, Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Jerry Moran, R-Kan., Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Ron Wyden, D-Ore., jshowing their support and unity in this fight.

He was naturally dismissed, undermined and contradicted by the dinosaurs of the Republican Party who lost their courage. These individuals have unfortunately become a real embarrassment, to themselves, the Party, America, and the American people. The two major “Benedict Arnold” Senators that spoke up against Rand Paul were John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Both showed their despicable colors of mortifying humiliation, displaying illogical tendencies, to save their diminishing influences and powers. This only identifies them as a laughable cruel joke!

The old guard must be replaced by the new and improved. They must step aside and allow others that are more assertive to take charge of the Party. They must read the handwriting on the wall and resign, for the good of the party, America and the American people. They have become an embarrassment.  The changing of the guard is much welcomed, and needed, especially to a dying Party consisting of inept, old burnt out political farts, that are legends in their own minds?

Obama wants to eliminate the Republican Party and the “Old Guard” of the Party is ready, willing and able to assist him in achieving this goal with open arms. Have another meal with Obama, “Old Guard” but watch out for his steak knife in your back.

This of course has absolutely no reflection or references concerning their ages but their tenure as Senators and Members of Congress. Naturally, we must always learn from their successes, mistakes, and failures but there must be term limitations. It is obvious that a person in any career long enough becomes stale and complacent, no new ideas or thinking, my way or the highway.

The Democrats have this same infectious disease, for example Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? They have become dormant, always thinking of themselves, blowing their own horn protecting their own status, prestige and the President, right or wrong, instead of the welfare of the Country! They refuse to accept new ideas. They live in the past with no vision of the future? This concept will destroy any human existence.

There must always be positive changes in everything to survive. The circle of life must be enforced! There’re no excuses, no appeals or protest they had their time in the sun now it’s someone else’s turn.  That which is used develops, that which is not used wastes away. The Republican Party of the future must develop or waste away.

We deserve what we elect, unfortunately we elected a dictatorship, and hopefully this period of servitude, humiliation and indignity will be peacefully reversed, with new and refreshing free thinking uninhibited representation. We may have finally found them? Thank God!


May the Good Lord please bless and protect our free and beloved Country, the United States of America forever. 

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