Fix Flint’s Water System, Now! NY Times Wrong again.

Fix Flint’s Water System, Now! NY Times Wrong again.


By Dr. Phil Taverna


Flint brings to light a serious problem in this country. They want us to believe that the government can fix everything. And if they have a Republican Governor, they hafta fix everything, Now!


And that is fine and dandy, but who is going to pay for it.


Lead has been known to be a problem since the 1920’s and before. Lead still appears in fish and you have the idiots from the EPA-like agencies harassing landlords and home owners about old lead paint on the outside of the building.


But the idiots never bothered to check the drinking water for lead.


Flint is quite an interesting case. This started over 2 years ago. Where was the government EPA people to check the water.  What about the water company. They must test the water constantly and must have known the non-Detroit water was different. Imagine that the water they used was worse than Detroit water.  Also the City of Flint decided to spend  $600 million dollars for a new water system, instead of paying $22 million dollars  to Detroit annually for the existing water system. The $600 million dollars was probably some federal grant they had to spend. God knows how many hands were in that pot. And at $22 million dollars a year, it would take 27 years to “pay off” so to speak the $600 million dollars. Another thought you may have,  most of the $22 million dollars is paid for by the residents and the government through  Section 8 vouchers and the like. It wasn’t a wise decision from the get go, but when the feds offer you money, you better take it. A lot of crooks can be satiated with that kind of money!


Obama a Harvard graduate should have sent test kits to all the homes. If he was running for a third term, you could have counted on it. The residents should be testing their water for lead. You can pick up a kit for less than $20 bucks. And maybe the water company would test it for free if they bought them a sample.


Since 1920 no pipe in Flint or any where for that matter should have been repaired with a lead pipe, That would include the Flint City supply line. In reality probably no pipe repair was replaced with a lead pipe. I find it hard to believe that there are any significant system pipes that are still containing lead.


The individual homes may have lead pipes going from the house to the street. Unfortunately the city or Obama would not be responsible for that. So the best thing to do is offer a low cost loan to the houses that still test positive for lead in the water. And have them change the lines to non-lead materials like copper and plastic. Bring it up to code!


They found one person that had to change his hot water heater. Hot water heaters are not supposed to last more than 7 years. It was probably not the fault of the water.


But I replaced a leaking hot water heater once. It was electric. There was so much crap in the bottom of that tank, I was glad to replace it. You need to wonder what sits in the bottom of your hot water heater. Could some of it be lead? Never heard about flushing your hot water heater? They recommend it being done about once a year depending on how hard your water is. Might be better to go tankless.  Your welcome.


One expert claims that the lead leached out because there was no agents added to the river water to reduce the amount of corrosiveness of the water. And others claim the lead leaching will continue even if the water is not corrosive. That doesn’t seem to make sense. Here we need facts not make believe thoughts. Test the individual water.


Billions of dollars have been spent on lead paint. And that is clearly nonsense. It is the old rule, if someone is stupid, make laws on everyone so we can help the stupid folks. The problem is that the stupid folks don’t follow the rule anyway.


When was the last time you saw a child chewing the paint on the outside of a house. Wouldn’t a responsible parent stop the child? And how many paint chips would a child have to eat to register lead in the blood. Probably would have to drink it out of the paint can first!


So why didn’t they check the water. So all parents should be obligated to check the lead in the water, and fish.


This is similar to the mercury in fillings. Once the filling sets, how is the mercury going to escape. Magic?


Same with the lead pipes in Flint. So they are claiming the corrosive water helped to bring the lead out of the pipe. And since they switched the water back to another source, they claim the lead is still coming out. An EPA like person would blame it on the paint. But the odds are more favorable that it came from the water or the fish. When was the last time you checked your fish for lead.


So we don’t need to attack the governor. Just have the NY Times donate 100,000 test kits to the residents of Flint. If they get a positive test then they know that the supply lines to the house probably need to be replaced. The NY Times should also finance a low cost loan to anyone who needs to have their lead supply lines replaced.


NY Times should stop playing politics and get an expert on staff who can advise on stuff that needs to be investigated on facts not made up stuff like global warming. It snowed, it was about 2 feet. It wasn’t a record and it is white and wet. Get over it. Governments used to spend their money on snow removal not silly social feel good programs!


This is a great example how the liberals make stuff up and overreact. It had some losers calling it racism. If you have a problem with your supply lines, they probably were never replaced. If you have a lead problem you would be wise to replace the lead pipes with pipes not containing lead from house to street.


I don’t think trusting Obama water filters would be wise. Test the water and fix the problem. My guess is that there was probably always lead in the water. Most food stamps will cover bottled water. So why would you drink the water out of the tap.


The NY Times was foolish on Flint. It is not a political problem. It is a homeowner issue. If you want to drink water out of the tap, you better test it first. And please remember if you cook with it, and it hasn’t been tested or filtered, you may still be making a mistake.


Not many courts would agree with the NY Times. If it is an issue with the pipes from house to street, that is not a city or state problem.


When people live by the shore and they get flooded with a storm, they want someone else to pay for the damages. If you own a home near the shore, you better be prepared for flooding. It is not climate change, storms have been around from the beginning of time. Way before the liberals were created.

If you own a house, you are responsible for the pipes, not the city, state or Obama.


Now who said you didn’t build that!





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