FLOTUS to SecState to POTUS – Hillary’s Folly

hlryclntnAs FLOTUS Hillary Clinton was the perpetual tag-a-long side-kick for Bill. In her mind she may have thought she was co-president but in reality her presence was more like “oh yes, and Hillary too…” when with appearing with President Clinton. The loving media took great pains to publicize her standing around, posing with Bill as some sort of great accomplishment. The networks and pro-Hillary pundits consistently misinterpreted her mere presence in the WH as some kind of resume’ building success THAT THE DEMOCRATS HAVE EXTRAPOLATED AS MAKING HER QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT. 

Any worker knows that watching a job being done does not qualify ANYONE to think that they can do the same task with any kind of proficiency. Not withstanding that as FLOTUS she had no business or authority to do so, she attempted to develop legislation to enact comprehensive health care reform. Hillary basically tried to make Obamacare 1.0, but due to her lack of ability to get the right people involved, her inability to cross-connect with the other party and her poor management due to her lack of leadership qualities, resulted in an unmitigated failure. However, the media quickly forgot about her inappropriate and expensive failure which was directly due to her failure to show any ability or any qualities that a POTUS should have in abundance.
With any other GOP female candidate, that tremendous failure would have been enough for the media to crush any chance of a run for the presidency and been a long-lasting albatross around her neck. Imagine the mileage the media would have taken if Sarah Palin was cuckolded by an intern, was criminally indecisive and failed to act before and during the second 9/11 attack in Benghazi that directly resulted in the death of an American Ambassador and then made one gaffe after another trying to act poor during a self-aggrandizing book tour? Not Hillary; the media still quickly forgives and forgets her lack of experience, inabilities, errors and delusional mis-speaks and continue to want to crown her queen.

The absolute truth is that her failure as Secretary of State was complete and total as she did not achieve any positive steps forward in any of the areas that have recently exploded. Today’s bloodshed in Iraq, Syria and others are the direct cause of Clinton not doing her job as Secretary of State to ensure American interests were protected. As a result in Egypt, Syria and Libya, we have hundreds of thousands dead including four dead Americans in Benghazi with her lack of American power projection causing the empowerment of radical Islamists to do what they have done in Iraq, Africa and against Israel. The current situation is as much her direct responsibility, and her abject failure as Obama’s standard bearer of foreign policy for many years. Make no mistake about it, her poor performance set up Kerry to fail, Israel to be attacked by Hamas and Iraq to be overrun and portioned on sectarian lines.
Hillary’s poor decision-making, lack of a successful plan and adherence to dogma vs. what is best for this country should have correctly destroyed her chances to be a contender for president. She will NEVER shake off her foreign policy failures not to mention Bill’s baggage and political association with Obama. We won’t even discuss that she is truly unlikable, is a mean spirited, vile person and has the public persona of a sour lemon. I can only hope the Democrats are so stupid that they continue to spend time, money and effort on her pre-candidacy because when it is all said and done – Hillary Rodham Clinton is simply unelectable as president based on a demonstrated lack of ability, an unlikable presence, poor qualifications and an explosive temperament. Her “head injury” never has been explained other that it was so serious that it affected her vision and she was unable to work for weeks, but although the Democrats refuse to talk about it THEY ARE COMPLETELY SURE that it will never affect her on-going ability. So was it a serious concussion resulting in severe side effects or not? If it was then her ability to do her job should be no less examined as the cardiac issues with Dick Cheney when he was VPOTUS was openly discussed by the press.  
However, Democrats may see her as damaged goods and someone unable to shake off the past and move forward but most of all they worry that when a donor gives money to her now, they won’t have that dollar to give to the yet unknown Democrat who will be the Dem’s presidential hopeful. The Democrats probably will not stake their party and power on her and will select someone outside this administration who won’t have to continually spend their time and energy explaining away Obamacare, the IRS, Benghazi, a broken Immigration policy, Iraq, Syria or Israel. They would much prefer to have that candidate be like Obama; no past track record to explain, no connection to the political mistakes of their predecessor but can make flowery and meaningless platitudes without being called on to explain specific details or answer questions by the compliant bobble-heads that pass for media these days. Than plan worked well in 2008, 2012 and probably is their plan for 2016.
That makes Hillary both the best choice and worst nightmare for the Democrats. Will 2016 be Hillary’s folly as the Democrats effort to turn the United States into a ruined third-world, socialist state like Argentina, Portugal or Greece backfires and American is returned to majority rule instead of being driven to both economic and moral bankruptcy focusing on minority needs and wants? Will the media continue to fawn over any progressive Democrat candidate regardless of their incompetence, dismal track record and lack of any leadership skills like Hillary?
I’m going to vote in 2014 and 2016 to make sure that if Hillary does run, there will be at least one strong vote against her but most of all against the progressive movement that she is a self-admitted activist. We need the voices of the working Americans to be heard over the needy, greedy and entitlement-seeking minorities who currently shape our culture, our society and determine where our tax dollars are spent. Their time needs to have passed and a new America voice needs to speak loudly and strongly that although we will take care of the needy, they will not rule this land. 

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