For Neocon Fox News, Everyday is April Fools

What difference, at this point, would it make if we even vote?

Always of great concern for conservatives is the dearth of readily-available televised media willing to acknowledge any political objections, much less alternatives, to the constant flow of leftist dialectic materialism. To watch MSNBC is to understand this. Every issue covered seemingly mentions race followed by tax cheat-extraordinaire Melissa Harris-Perry donning tampon earrings or asking Eric Holder to “quack” like a duck. Somehow, all racially-charged problems are the fault of Republicans even as most incidents transpire in major cities in states having only elected Democrats as mayors or governors in some cases for over a century (Chicago). Such claims portend the desperation of the dying Red Scare, the not-so-blue socialist platform of the Democrats. Yet so many believe this robust rhetoric to be contrary to the radical left-wing’s convenient lie of the day. 



The network only appeals to the undead six feet beneath Chicago. They are the lone bodies totally equal under Obama’s law  the lone, eternal audience loyal to the Perry camp given they are deaf, dumb and blind, yet not kids playing a mean pinball.

Let us not forget Sally Kohn of CNN, its paramount activist within the LGBT fascist contingent who claimed Islam cannot be blamed for killing Jews and cartoonists because of a satirical rag that lampoons all religions. Of course Islam is to be coddled since like the Nazi liberal establishment, both openly support rape, incest, slavery, pedophilia and human trafficking to be peaceful traditions. 

Sally Kohn on Charlie Hebdo.

Sally Kohn on Charlie Hebdo.

Too bad every Muslim nation on Earth would sentence her to death for her sexual orientation. Then again, most Nazi liberals sell their souls for the sake of popularity by pandering to those too incompetent to run their own lives. They always relish the concept of rape in every facet of their political platform. 

But are any of these issues with the availability of the media to be blamed on conservatives? For instance the Washington Examiner (WE) published last Friday a piece suggesting Fox News may be conservatism’s worst enemy in the media. I can believe this to be true so far as most of the dialogue trends towards the neoconservative platform of the establishment. Karl Rove, the de facto ringleader among the campaign strategists, continues to denigrate Tea Party voters and their elected officials while pining for a third Bush presidency and his tacit support for a successive Democrat in the White House should he lose the nomination to a Tea Party nominee. Two wrongs never equal a “right”, but while the right makes might as the left is always wrong, it appears to Fox News, however inadvertent, that two rights would be better if it took a hard left at Albuquerque should the paleoconservative Tea Party contingent reign supreme. Neoconservatives have destroyed the Grand Old Party I used to know. 

The article by T. Becket Adams titled “The hand that feeds: Do conservative news groups fear Fox News’ influence?” addresses this with compelling postulations. Mickey Kaus of the Daily Caller was interviewed following his departure from the Tucker Carlson-owned publication by the Examiner with the thesis well-directed at the article’s outset. 

“A lot of conservative media figures are scared of Fox… Fox has a lock on upwards mobility for up-and-coming pundits on the right. Fox is pretty much 90 percent of the airtime you’re going to get as a conservative. So people in the back of their minds are asking, ‘Gee, do I really want to tick off Fox?'” 

The dispute ending with Kaus’ departure regarded the neoconservative support of President Obama on immigration reform through amnesty, or in the vernacular inscribed in WE, “for not giving more attention to anti-immigration arguments popular with the conservative base”.  This of course is very consistent with this article’s contention of the enormous focus on Mr. Rove, who spoke before a fundraiser in California claiming GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari would be the party’s “best choice” to lose to ensure that Tea Party challenger Tim Donnelly did not run, that he would rather Jerry Brown return to Sacramento, alluding Donnelly was too conservative and could damage any appeal from the coveted Hispanic base.

Well, Rove got his wish. The Mummy in fact is back. 

What we have here is yet another conservative failure to communicate despite Fox News enjoying a massive lead in ratings over both its major cable and three mainstream nightly news competitors. As I watch the pompous Mr. Rove agitate Tea Party voters with greater pleasure than he does Democrats, the issue again portends itself as the proof is always in the pudding. Conservative media hurls all its eggs into one basket as egregiously as the fading memory of the elderly “grand old elephant”. As wonderful as Fox News is, listening to Neil Cavuto, Stephen F. Hayes, Charles Krauthammer and the ambiguously centrist Shepard Smith placate to pro-amnesty advocates is beyond absurd and like the GOP itself, is successfully alienating the base of the actual party’s power – the Reagan conservatives. While President Reagan signed into law a bill providing immigrants rights to work visas so long as they paid taxes for the work performed in the U.S., he never applied executive fiat to achieve it. The Tea Party badly needs to exploit this weakness among many others by launching its own cable-satellite network. The Blaze, already established online and through a few cable/satellite providers, must go mainstream with no preclusive measures to its product availability. 

My advice to conservatives from an outsider’s perspective is simply to diversify the field. The radical left-wing still destroys conservatives in providing different choices in levels for its radical platform. 

While the Wall Street flambeurs among neoconservatives Rove or the columnists at the Weekly Standard seem to get it wrong by painting Jeb Bush as one of the most conservative candidates, we may come to grips just why the GOP stands to lose by a landslide in 2016 should Ted Cruz not win the party’s nomination…

… and why Fox News will have served as the main impediment in reestablishing party dominance. Everyday reflects April Fools within the GOP.

It’s a dicey strategy, if it’s a strategy at all. His constant refrain—he will use government according to conservative principles to help people—may fall flat in a party whose members, lots of them, don’t think they want government to help them at all; they just want it to leave them alone. Republicans still laugh at the old joke about the biggest lie: “I’m from the federal government and I’m here to help you.” Can Jeb Bush persuade them it’s not a joke after all?



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