Forget That Flag, They are Trying to Exterminate Your Race

Blacks are approximately 13% of the population, but account for 37% of the abortions done in the United States. The largest percentage of any racial group in the US.

Planned Parenthood, the US’s largest seller of abortions has located 80% of their abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods, disproportionately targeting minorities for this service. And it works! Black women are 5 times more likely to abort than whites.

My point? Most of those baby parts being sold are from black babies, just EXACTLY the way Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood envisioned it all those years ago. Except now instead of one crazy old negro hatin’ white woman, the whole damn Democrat party is in on it, not to mention a slew of multi-million dollar corporations and “non-profits”.

If you can’t prove attempted genocide of an entire race with these statistics, you are just not even trying.

This is the one demographic group of black citizens that you will NEVER see Jesse or Al marching to support.

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