Frankenstein Declares War on the People


Modern American government has become a Frankenstein monster that has declared war on the people it is supposed to serve and protect.



According to some people it all started in 1913, or thereabouts, with the income tax and the Federal Reserve System.  If we were making a B grade monster movie it would be The Creature from Jekyll Island.  Of course, that book was not a monster movie; it was an exposé of sorts detailing what has happened to America’s financial markets under the Federal Reserve, but the Fed and the IRS were only the beginning. 


With the Great Depression and Franklin Roosevelt’s various projects to supposedly restore the economy, the government seized greater levels of control of the economy and of certain aspects of American society.  Then the Cold War era made national security a priority that infringed on society still further.  The advent of terrorism has made things worse.  If anything, government relaxed slightly in the 1990’s until September 11, 2001 which resulted in the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the misnamed Patriot Act, and now, modern electronic information gathering, which goes beyond anything that the constitutional right against unreasonable searches and seizures would permit if properly applied.  This last, in spite of the Supreme Court recognized constitutional Right to Privacy, which now appears to apply only to abortion and sexual activity.  This is nonsense.  If it exists, it must cover all, including our electronic communications. 


Government also began lying purposefully to us.  Richard Nixon was the best known modern example.  We know of his enemies list, using the government to spy on people, FBI harassment of opposition individuals and groups, and finally, his cover-up of the botched Watergate break-in.  FDR did similar things, but to a lesser extent.  It didn’t take long for others to take up the same approach.  Bill Clinton did it in his denials of any involvement with Monica Lewinsky, until the evidence came out, and then he still attempted to assert that he hadn’t lied to the people.  One can be pretty certain that he also lied about other women he was involved with, as well as his malfeasance while in office in Arkansas, but all of this failed to rise to achieve significant public attention.  George W. Bush was no example of purity, but he did slack off on the misbehavior.  Instead, it was Nancy Pelosi who took up the lying to the public during his tenure.  But it took Barack Obama to put all the pieces together. 


What made Obama different from his predecessors was an intense dislike, or even hatred of the American system combined with a sense of entitlement; that he, and he alone should run the nation and that he should do so as he sees fit, without opposition.  He used this, along with the deliberately negligent support of the press for a successful run to the top of the U.S. Government.  Throughout that campaign he lied repeatedly about his intentions, goals, objectives and attitudes toward the American people.  Now, after his re-election, possibly fueled by cheating on several fronts we see the truth; the man is a corrupt, dictatorial individual, who sees nothing wrong with breaking his word, and invading the private lives of the people he is supposed to, but does not, respect. 


First there was Obamacare, which was instituted for the purpose of gaining control of the medical care of every American.  Control their access to medical care and you may well control them entirely.  The recent actions of Kathleen Sebelius, in denying a dying 10 year old girl access to the adult organ donor list was a vindication of Sarah Palin’s “death panel” statement of a few years ago.  Obama said that “we’re not going to get between you and your doctor” but the facts prove otherwise.  And reports have circulated that other people have already been denied medical treatment under the new law.  You can be sure that if a high ranking Democrat were involved, they would not only be allowed on the list; they would be moved to first priority.  Sebelius has proven the face of this administration to be cold, cruel, brutal, and heartless.  That is the face of Obamacare.  Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi denies her earlier promise that all Americans will get better care with lower insurance cost; a lie on top of another lie. 


Then there was Benghazi, which was an obvious terrorist attack, about which lies were propagated for weeks.  And where was Obama during the event?  Certainly he wasn’t in the situation room.  Otherwise there would be publicity photos.  And who told the military, intent on a rescue, to stand down?  The chain of command leads straight to the White House.  Not even a flag officer would dare to leave Americans to die when there was a chance that they could be rescued. 


Next we had the IRS scandal; the Internal Revenue Service being used to intimidate and frustrate people in the political opposition.  Obama denied any knowledge of it, while his henchmen claimed that is was the work of low level “rogue agents.”  This has now been debunked, and the number of visits by the IRS Commissioner to the White House over the last few years makes it unlikely that he wasn’t aware of these actions, as well as in on them. 


After promising, as a candidate, that he would end the limited electronic surveillance of Americans Obama has expanded it from targeting potential terrorists to covering essentially everyone.  Not only are phone calls being logged, but chats, emails, photos and other transmissions are being recorded.  When Obama says that monitoring essentially every phone call in the United States presents no danger to the people, and that it is necessary for national security, why should we believe him, or any other member of his administration.  They have lied too many times about too many things.  First they deny wrongdoing and then when caught they say it is for our own good. 


Is this constitutional?  There can be no doubt that this is either spying for political reasons, or a massive fishing expedition, both of which are barred by the protection as “unreasonable searches and seizures.”  Obama claims to be a constitutional scholar, but he wouldn’t know The Constitution if it hit him on the head.  To him it is whatever he wants it to be, and always to serve his personal convenience; not to serve the people.


And we shouldn’t forget that the Obama’s Dept. of Justice has been spying on members of the media who were only doing their jobs.  Was this an attempt to attack the press and circumvent First Amendment protections?  It is the most logical and likely answer.


Obama says that “it’s the right thing to do” and allows no discussion.  Why is it “right?” Because he says it is, and the law or basic ethics or morality are kicked aside into the gutter.  When he says that no one is listening to our phone calls, should we believe him; particularly after his past litany of lies?  How or why should we trust anyone in the administration any more? 


The sad fact is that American Government has become a Frankenstein monster.  We created our government through the Constitution, which begins with the words “we the people.”  But Obama, with his lack of respect for the nation, for its people and its laws has become the face of the monster. 


Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Skype, Facebook and likely others are all being monitored.  This kind of surveillance is no way to catch terrorists.  The only thing that makes sense is that government has now turned against us.  Obama, for all his promises, has proved himself an enemy of the people.  Of course, he believes that he is the nation.  Like Louis XIV he is probably declaring privately that “I am the United States.”  He isn’t, but don’t expect him to believe it.  As Rush Limbaugh said, his goal was a coup d’état; not by military means, but by seizing control of the nation’s infrastructure and intimidating any opposition.  That’s why he has taken great pains to villainize Tea Party groups.  They are opposition and any opposition must be destroyed.


A key problem in all of this is that over the last century we have eschewed self reliance and turned to government instead.  Government tells us to let them take care of things.  It may as well say “Trust Big Brother” or “Big Brother will take care of you.”  But historically that hasn’t been the American way.  Even in our modern era it isn’t reasonable or practical.  Besides, when such power is granted to government is it always misuse and abused.  Maybe not immediately, but eventually it is.  Relying on government in an emergency can be suicidal.  It can mean depending on incompetency, as hurricane victims found out after Katrina and Ike.  It can mean that bureaucrats control the situation to the detriment of all concerned as when regulators prevented foreign ships and equipment from helping out after the Deepwater Horizon disaster.  The exact opposite was achieved after the Johnstown Flood, when the entire recovery was handled by private citizens, acting without government involvement.


Government today serves its own power interests at the expense of the people.  Obama’s FBI spent more time and effort going after True The Vote than on watching the Boston Marathon bombers.  If the reverse had been true this disaster might have been prevented.  The evidence proves that Obama‘s real enemy is the man and woman on Main St. America.  Terrorists don’t’ bother him because they aren’t a personal threat.  An informed and active public is. 


Government is composed of people.  Those presently in the top echelons of government lack any moral foundations and have taken up lying as a career.  To them, the political is personal because their entire lives are built around the acquisition of political power.  Obama wants us to believe that on his watch nothing can possibly go wrong.  Does anyone reading this remember the theater posters for the film Westworld?  (They said “Nothing can possibly go worng.”) 


As we can see, everything can go wrong when an unprincipled charlatan is handed the reins of power.  We have been moving in this direction for decades, and perhaps fortunately, the charlatan has overplayed his hand.  We now have a chance to re-assert liberty against abusive power.  Let’s not blow it. 


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