Franklin Pierce was he the Worse President Ever!

Franklin Pierce was he the Worse President Ever!


By Dr. Phil Taverna


It is in many ways funny how it came about that I read the book written by Holt about this president. And clearly up to that time Franklin Pierce  was declared the worse president. Well that was before Obama came along and his fellow liberals.


Everyone loved President Pierce. He had personality that everyone loved. Probably like a Bill Clinton with a conscience. But slavery both pro and anti became his downfall. But it wasn’t that he hated blacks. But he loved the country more. He believed that if you set them free, so to speak the country would fall apart. But I think there was a more troubling issue. What do you do with 4 million slaves if you set them free. Nobody wanted them, not even Germany.


If you think about it you had 4 million folks who were cared for. They were given food, shelter, clothes and free healthcare and all they had to do was work. So if you granted them freedom, who was going to take care of them?


So Pierce and the boys were hung up on this notion of free states and slave states. And then they tried to keep the status quo intact. But President Pierce using his head felt  that it would be best  if the individual states would decide whether they wanted to be free or slave states. And that was not the way it was supposed to be. Generally there was this imaginary line and the states above it would be free and those below it would be slave states.


Funny, President Pierce also thought it was a constitutional right that the south should be allowed to have slaves. But think about it, if tonight you freed 4 million slaves, where would they go, what would they do, and how would they provide for their families?

And no one wanted them in their neighborhoods, so where would they go. Some even entertained the thought of setting them free in Africa. Now how many ships would it take to send 4 million slaves back to Africa, kicking and screaming.


The other thing that may be the most notable about Pierce is his election. At the time he was the Governor of New Hampshire and those sweet and kind folks had a rule that Roman Catholics could not hold public office and later tried to include the immigrants.


His wife may have been as nutty as Lincoln’s wife. But you know when they talk about a brokered convention, they are talking about President Pierce. He stated he would run for president if needed. But he never ran in the primary. The guys running couldn’t muster a majority to win the nomination. So they threw President Piece’s name in and he won the nomination for the Democratic Party. Since they didn’t have Ipads and PC’s back then, he was informed about the win by a rider who was sent as a messenger. And the rest is history.


You might ask, why the heck would I read a book about a pre-civil war president, number 14, and a Democrat to boot. It was funny, my wife and I decided to name all the presidents from memory. And I named most of them while driving. And a few days later I named Pierce. But before that, we were sharing this with my daughter and she immediately knew it was Piece the missing president. Something to do with MASH. So she sent me the book. Fortunately I recalled the name before the book arrived. And I knew there would be several if not one good lesson from the Biography of President Pierce.


Many blame the Civil war on President Pierce. And they focus on the Kansas Nebraska Act. Basically the wacko (Pelosi) Democrats of the time, stuffed the ballot box in Kansas and made it a  slave state. Isn’t that how we ended up with Obama. At least that is what Geraldine Ferrara claimed.


This also brought about the demise of the Whig Party. Since the Whigs had run out of powder and were pro-slavery other parties some secretive were formed. They eventually joined all together to become the anti-slavery party known as the Republicans.


Another constitutional issue was the funding of federal asylums. President Pierce thought it was unconstitutional for the Federales to pay for something the states should be paying for.


If all the subsequent presidents felt that way, we wouldn’t have a $21 trillion dollar Obama deficit. And once you open the Pandora box of free money, there are so many politicians with their hands in the till, you will never be able to close the lid of corrupt spending and taxation. But with presidents like Obama we no longer need the constitution. Any president can write his or her  own laws: At least until they are voted out of office or removed from office.


Slavery should have been looked upon a bit differently. They should have freed the slaves and granted some kind of minimum wage. Paid the slave owners for the slaves. They were so concerned about saving the union, that it would have been easier to just buy the slaves. Then we wouldn’t have a bunch of angry Blacks today still looking for free stuff, disguised a reparation. There just isn’t anything that we can give them that would satisfy some of them. Heck we gave them a president and they seem to be more angrier than ever. And what was Bill Cosby thinking about, or was it just reparation in one form or another.


So maybe it is time to set them free of all their wants and demands. We don’t owe them a thing and lets get over it. And until we state it, they will continue their demands!


Pierce’s Last State of the Union went like this:

(Republicans) … assaults the constitution . They endeavor to prepare the people of the U.S. for civil war by doing everything in their power to deprive the constitution and the laws of their moral (slavery) authority and to undermine the fabric of the union…by indoctrinating its people with reciprocal hatred.

For years they (Republicans) had acted ” aggressively against the constitutional rights of nearly 1/2 of the 31 states.”

This is kind of Ironic. Isn’t cry baby Obama using the same kind of rhetoric hundreds of years later. Pierce wanted the Union and would accept constitutional as a right to slavery. But Obama wants to take away constitutional rights. If he was really concerned about innocent people being shot by thugs, terrorists and nuts, he would take the guns away from them and keep the terrorists out of the country.  But his poor excuse for violence is gun shows. And remember he went to Harvard! Liberals do believe in Euthanasia, so why would suicide by gun be considered violence!


So in the end you get to decide not some liberal historians, who was the worse president in History:  Democrat Pierce or Democrat Obama? When a president refuses to listen to the will of the majority of the people, he should be impeached, and better yet… Never elected!






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