Free Speech Fury

Whatever is sacred in these United States is under daily attack by an ever-devolving Democratic Party. 

That stated, bedrock American principles such as liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and free speech hang in a precarious balance. Though, free speech teeters on the faultiest precipice as ideological conflicts rage to either abolish or uphold its centuries-long existence. 

Simply, circa 2018 leftists want to control what you & I say, think, and feel. They want to load and redefine words until their bully-pulpit dialogue is the only dialogue, and, of course, if you disagree, even politely, with their oft-nonsensical rhetoric then you are branded as a generic ‘Nazi or racist’.

Ironically, that former term is vomited so much by the left that its lost greater meaning in modern parlance and is now actually degrading to those who died resisting tyrannical oppression from rogue governments. 

However, offended, safe-space dwelling progressives cannot see beyond their egoism and make the basic connection that their pseudo identity-based gripes pale by comparison to the millions who were incinerated within hellish constructs such as Auschwitz. 

Sorry, leftists, the guy in the MAGA hat or Chik-Fil-A Drive thru isn’t evil incarnate. Nor is the mother or father who opposes homosexuality and abortion, or champions border security and Christian values. To routinely suggest such is utterly egregious. 

And it is this near-sightedness and gross misuse of language from indignant ‘social justice warriors’ that has shredded the precious fabric of contemporary American dialogue. 

Where liberals cry foul, demanding unopposed ownership of gender pronouns, what constitutes an assault rifle, or the evils of privilege, they miss the mark boldly concerning the cornerstone of this land’s bill of rights. 

America was built so the plural can freely engage one another in open debate. Civilized discourse is a distinction which separates a free nation from a dictatorship, it is also a staple American right for which brave souls have risked life and limb.

Love it or not, liberals, your heated demands for conservative silence is just plain hypocrisy. Further, your darling protest group antifa’s violence isn’t justified, it’s just garden variety criminal behavior: no matter how many CNN anchors or social media outlets applaud it.

Patriots know what freedom is, and though faced with a dark, unrelenting left-wing speech hijacking furor, will not wilt. 

 No speech is free unless all speech is free. 


Joshua Broom is a former Editor for SB Nation,, and FanSided. Joshua also worked as a full-time freelance journalist at His political views can be seen at The Western Journal, American Thinker, and Intellectual Conservative.

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