Freedom of Speech in the Modern Era

In the best of terms, freedom of speech is under attack, while all have clung to other websites uploading to different sites, it seems that intelligent people cannot be truly individual. If one is individual, they are outside of the herd. They don’t want to believe in either side of the fence. Is it better to just skulk from an alley and watch as the human race collides with each other? Or should we place our faith in the way opposite nature is what we truly are. Opposite.


If people are the same, they would never want anything else. I have learned that your average people, the ones who didn’t go to college, are the people who want a family, a stable job, and a roof over their heads. It’s not so bad wanting these things. It’s rather sane. No one wants to be alone nor do they have the intent of trying to put pressure on their family by following their dreams. Dreams are not important to the common man, but they are what they truly want, but can’t attain. If we are all ready to give up on our dreams, we wouldn’t have great art to ponder over and remind us of what our similarities are.


The problem is that once you have freedom of speech, the little man wants to have a voice. Thanks to the Internet, Freedom of Speech has come to mean a bad thing. Does this mean hate speech is given full access to rights and debate? Yes, because we have the right to argue those terms of hate speech, and we don’t have to agree with it, but it should be given full reign to be questioned, but does this mean that people should say nothing entirely?


The premise of it seems like we are all nodding along, trying not to say anything. This is what made the presidential term of Obama seem like a mere fallacy on a generation who voted him in. If people can’t say what they want and question old leaders, such as Barack Obama, nothing can truly give weight. The Internet is where the “water cooler” is, and I use that term for anyone over the age of 50. It’s where the most innovative ideas will be found. I just heard of Junji Itso from a youtuber and I put all of his materials on my amazon wishlist. But this is all in terms what is called “the flow of information.” The Internet is freedom of speech. Novels, Art, Manga, all deserve the right to hold the candle for freedom of speech. The pleasure of art is what makes freedom of speech worth its value in the currency of ideas.


Today, it’s easy to say things are “edgy” but if freedom of speech is allowed full reign, people would be terrified of what I knew. If the human mind is capable of waging war with an enemy, the unsightly pleasure of art would turn everyone into a monster. But art, the Internet, all with the help of Freedom of Speech, make the world tolerable because we can say what we want without being punished.


Yes, in Europe, this isn’t allowed. I pray that the UK wakes up from its truly offensive way of dealing with difficult ideas, and start talking once again. No threats of violence should be spoken in an exchange of ideas. I am less of a confrontational person online because I am solely focused on my art. In tunnel vision, you can overlook what most people say. Sleep can help you as well. But the Freedom, with a capital F, makes sure that all of us are allowed to say what we want without being harassed or targeted.


With Joaquin Castro exposing private donors, made public, where it can lead to such dangerous positions, is betraying the 4thAmendment and the 1st. Doxing is a new term that freedom of speech must combat at every turn. If you donated to Donald Trump, you should not be attacked for it. Exchange of ideas means to ask people why someone would support Donald Trump.


Freedom of Speech means to walk down the street in a MAGA hat and not be intimidated. America’s version of the left is a radical place outside my mind. I don’t believe we should have open borders, take away guns, and universal healthcare. I have had universal healthcare and I couldn’t go see a real doctor. But Freedom of Speech means to debate these ideas, which the left doesn’t want to hear.


Freedom of Speech means letting Quentin Tarantino play with the history of the Manson Murders, and do a revisionist “what if” story where the Manson family meet two people who had the balls to face them. Throw cans of dog food at them, have a dog kill them without mercy, and turn them into fried chicken with a flame thrower. However, this doesn’t stop people from questioning his logic, which is he is fine with doing. Tarantino enjoys the conversation and watching people have kittens over what he does.


It’s not fair to say that all freedom of speech can be encountered as some highly debatable form, but sometimes freedom of speech should mean being left alone to think what you want. Retreating from debate to divulge into edgy music, books, video games, should be left up to the person who wants to be stimulated.


The fear the left has is whether this promotes violence. It’s the same conversation when they tried to ban edgy books, like William Burroughs Naked Lunch and James Joyce’s Ulysses. Even the popular franchise video game by Id software, Doom, forced politicians to issue rating systems on games. This is just like the Tipper Gore people who had nothing to do during the 90’s except cheat on their spouses and get rich while they were in the White House.


The system of the Arts and Freedom of Speech are one and the same. They ask for no one’s permission. Freedom of Speech means that all speech, including hate, can be believed. If you push it away, it will only get stronger. If people can’t express themselves, why do you think angry young men pick up guns and shoot up innocent people. They have been silenced by the majority and they turn on themselves or others.


This is a society that feels like even if they are artists, they have no speech. The phrase “I have no mouth but I must yell” from the famous Harlan Ellison makes more sense every day. The restrictions we face from politicians is insufferable. The fuckery reminds us that we must further allow ourselves to remain isolationists and perform many acts of freedom of speech. Give ourselves the opportunity to revolt in a daring piece of art. If it’s not around, make it.


But if they take away Freedom of Speech, all our rights will be gone. Make no mistake, we are at war with people who have no idea what it means to speak, and yet they have a mouth. Speak, write, draw, do edgy things that might astound or inspire someone to be better and feel good.

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