From Karl Marx, through George Orwell, to Earth Day.

I was listening one Friday morning to Brian Sussman, my local, San Francisco radio host on KSFO AM 560, talking about Earth Day. He was the first to make the connection for me of how contemporary environmentalists, are really just the socialists of previous history. I’ve heard him say that before. And that this environmentalist/socialist connection goes all the way back to Karl Marx. So it looks like the Left has had some 150 plus years of practice at covering their tracks, because not many pundits, officials or any major media are connecting the dots here. Anyway, it got me digging into the history of it all.

The best place to learn about the Left, is from the Left themselves, and what they have said about Karl Marx from what Marx himself said. Simon Butler of the Green Left Weekly wrote an article in February of 2009 explaining the Marxist/environmentalist connection. Marx said that capitalism is at odds with a sustainable planet. Marx said that people are not owners of the Earth, but rather are possessors and beneficiaries who bequeath it in an improved state to succeeding generations. The market system is incapable of preserving the environment because it can’t account for the long term requirements of people and planet, and it excludes rational and sustainable planning. Socialism has the goal of liberating the natural world from corporate greed, because the air, rivers, seas and soil are not free gifts of nature to business. Marx believed the concept of private property to be absurd. Marx wrote that only a move to a democratic socialist society, where ordinary people are empowered to make the key decisions about the economy and society, can open the path to genuine freedom and liberation.

I think the best way to start the analysis of Marx is to keep in mind the quotes from George Orwell in his books: war is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength; all animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others…

My first realization is that Marx created the exact language that environmentalists are all copying and proclaiming today. If you read again the quotes in the Marx paragraph, it could have come from any article written for Earth Day this year. This language connection provides the inextricable link between todays radical environmentalists, and the socialist radicals Marx and Engels. Thus we can say that environmental activists and government officers today, based on their own words, are not about science, but are political activists, with the goal of overturning private property, the market economy, and removing any access to the environment for corporations and individuals, all in the name of empowering the people, and freeing the environment from the people. This is the exact problem Cliven Bundy is having with the Bureau of Land Management.

The founder of Earth Day was Senator Gaylord Nelson. In his own words in an article in Envirolink he said: “In November 1962 an idea occurred to me that was, I thought, a virtual cinch to put the environment in the political ‘limelight’ once and for all.” That idea was a national conservation tour under President Kennedy. But it lead directly and inevitably to Earth Day, April 22nd, 1970. Nelson, the Earth Day founder reveals for all that Earth Day wasn’t about cleaning up the environment, it was always about politics.

At the time of the first Earth Day we had severe environmental problems. The air, the land, the water, were all in need of help. There were toxic waste sites that had to be cleaned up. The good side of environmentalism is that they, including me, campaigned to have major changes brought about. Somewhere along the way however the air was cleaned up, so was the water, and so was the land. At that point it would have been appropriate for environmentalists to go into maintenance mode to keep the environment clean, make some small improvements where necessary, but generally rest on the laurels of victory, and fade into the background for a job well done. But they didn’t. And this is where the problem is today. In order to perpetuate themselves, their power, their control, their fundraising and their desire to run all human affairs, they crossed over from science back into the politics laid down by Marx, and now are in the forefront of socialist control of all our lives, our liberty and our property.

Earth Day is always held on April 22nd. Why? Because this is the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, the disciple of Marx and communist revolutionary creator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Everything on the Left is symbolic, and no accident. April 22nd had already been chosen by Soviet Premier Kruschev in the 50’s as the day each year to celebrate communism. Marx, Lenin, Nelson, communism, Earth Day… It’s all one continuous stream.

Any study of any Marxist dictatorship will quickly reveal that the initial claim of power to the people, immediately becomes power over the people by the revolutionary leaders who become the dictators. Some animals are more equal than others. The populace of any country with a bad government might initially embrace the communist claim to future equality if the Marxists are empowered, not knowing what is to be their true future fate. Ignorance is strength. So the idea from Marx that ordinary people will ever be empowered under Marxism is absurd. Freedom is slavery. Regarding the environment, since capitalism can not protect the environment now and for future generations according to Marx, someone else has to step in. That other party would be government. The Marxist government obviously knows what is best for the people and the environment, or so they say, so they feel righteous in removing any freedom and taking any action that furthers their cause and vision of a Marxist utopia. War is peace. And now in the name of saving the environment our Marxist descendants have changed the light bulbs, forced electric cars into production, scared our population with a bogus climate change catastrophe, starved this country of oil, coal and natural gas, seized property for any excuse like a puddle is a wetland, taken millions of acres of land out of development, and effectively taken the use of private property away from the property owners. All this because capitalism and freedom, according to Marx, are at odds with a sustainable planet. Sustainable how exactly, and for whom?

So when you celebrated Earth Day this year, what did you really celebrate?

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