Global Warming: Ah Baloney!


Tell Fishberg that Unicorns do exist in Disneyworld and they have been here from the beginning of time. So take a deep breath and free yourself of all that CO2 and Baloney!

You still see these folks spewing out the magic term global climate change every chance they get, but just like Obama’s economy, no matter how you look at the numbers, there are more people without jobs each month then the previous month.


This year has been the coldest 5 months on record. At least in my area it has been the coolest spring. The forsythias have kept their yellow blossoms longer then any time I can remember. The night time temperatures are still in the 40’s. And the last time I checked China was still polluting like there is no tomorrow. There are more people inhabiting the world passing gases into the atmosphere on a daily if not hourly basis.


So where has the dreadful global warming gone?


The wacko liberal Democrats that work for Obama have put together a website  and they want to belittle the Republicans. Instead of talking about the facts, they belittle the Republicans.  But they have no facts. When you ask scientists to do research based on the assumption that they will make more money if they support the theory of climate change then can you really trust the research. What research?


Take  a gander at this made up website and ask yourself… what facts support the made up theory of global warming. You won’t find any.


They also have slick Obama making these statements at the SOTU.  “But for the sake of our children and our future, we must do more to combat climate change.  Yes, it’s true that no single event makes a trend.  But the fact is, the 12 hottest years on record have all come in the last 15.  Heat waves, droughts, wildfires, and floods – all are now more frequent and intense.  We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were all just a freak coincidence.  Or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science – and act before it’s too late.”  (Ah baloney!)

Let’s address Obama first. Before what’s too late? There have always been heat waves, droughts, wildfires and floods. Maybe we should nickname Obama “Cluck Cluck”. In every speech the sky is falling and we have to do something right now! He said the economy would come to a stand still if sequestration went into effect. The world would come to an end. I think he sold his credibility down the river on that one. And why should climate change be any different. Tell Cluck Cluck that we are having a pretty cool year. Start looking at the night time temperatures and there is no hottest anything. When it reaches 80 degrees at night in January then maybe we might listen.


They could have thrown Christie at the powers of storm Sandy and he would have done nothing. So if man can not stop a storm, then what idiot really believes any changes made at extreme costs to American taxpayers would have any results.  


But you see there has been a change. We have the coldest spring ever. So was it the wishes of Obama that did that or was it Mother Nature or a God?


There is a funny part among many in the Agenda 21 written by the UN kooks. Remember this was written in 1992 so the real wackos like algore had not found center stage yet.


But they write about climate change being affected by burning wet wood and dung. And this has ill affects mainly on women and children. What are the men dead? This just doesn’t make any sense. Where is the conclusive research? Hiding with Obama’s transcripts perhaps!


We understand that Agenda 21 is about redistribution of wealth. So why not just ask for a handout like every other country instead of fabricating this monstrosity of a lie called global warming.


So the wackos want you to call out the climate deniers in congress. They claim the science of climate change is clear. And we are standing in the way of progress! What progress.  The progression of U.S. greenbacks to developing countries so they can steal more of the American jobs!


Let’s be real here. Let’s say there are 100 million people burning wet wood and dung. So how would Obama fix that. Well he wouldn’t. He would talk about it and try to raise taxes but at the end of eight years Obama has actually accomplished nothing positive. You can kill Osama but Obama didn’t protect Boston. A bunch of knockoffs made a mockery of the Obama handling of security.  Where was Obama security during Benghazi?


But let’s say we were serious and wanted to fix the dung and wet wood problem. Assuming it needs to be fixed, would we bring in natural gas and have furnaces and stoves brought in to replace the dung and wet wood. Why not dry the wood, would that really make a difference to the atmosphere? Not really. So as you begin to dissect the dreams of the wackos, you begin to see that this is not a solution to solving any problems. It will make a bunch of people rich. It will create a foothold for scores of bureaucrats and government leeches but for the developing country it really accomplishes nothing and the climate would remain exactly the same. The climate would be always changing and unpredictable.


It is clear that the increase in the seas is due to storm water being dumped by every municipality in the world. And ice melting may be due to desalination. But is it due to dilution of sea water with precious fresh water or is it from the fertilizer washed from farms and lawns into the seas via storm water? These are real and concrete objectives that can be changed and made profitable. Why not sell the fresh water rather then dump it in the ocean.


So the Democrats want to imagine that the debate is over. And if you dare to argue with the money making scientists you are a fool and a joke. Obama was wrong about the results of sequestration. Obama was wrong about ObamaCare lowering the costs of healthcare. Obama was wrong about water boarding. So why isn’t Obama wrong about climate change!


We all want a cleaner, safer country. Screw the world. But Liberals from the beginning of time have never had a clue about keeping the country safe and prosperous.


So call up your Democrat leaders and tell them Climate Change is a joke. There is no scientific facts that support a direct correlation between man’s actions and the hole in the ozone and all the other nonsense that they claim. There has always been CO2 in the atmosphere,  so get over it!


Instead of wasting time on abortions, same sex marriage and all this other nonsense,  lets work on prosperity. What that means to the rest of the country is:  It is about jobs. It is about lowering taxes all of them. It is about wealth and the ability to build and enjoy wealth. Not wealth for Obama and his cronies. But wealth for most of Americans who want to enjoy wealth in the private sector.


For Obama go tell him to go Cluck Cluck somewhere else. We are tired of the fabricated nonsense!  The sky has not fallen and there is no proof it ever will!


PS. Received an email yesterday from Ivan Fishberg, he is an Obama guy being paid to campaign for climate change. Tell Fishberg that We believe in climate change. In my area the summer is hot, the winter is cold. In between is fall and spring. The grass is growing as well as the weeds and climate change seems to have no dangerous means. God created 4 seasons to entertain our fantasies. The climate changes each and every year. Actually each and every day and hour. To imagine man being God-like and able to control and change the climate is very fool hardy to say the least. To imagine that climate change is affected or effected by CO2 is creative and political. Just read Agenda 21 protocol and you will only see that  it is all about global income redistribution. And that is all. Tell Fishberg to spend his money and campaign for the economy of the United States and the prosperity of real and actual citizens of this great country. There will always be poor people in the global world. And they seem to have no problem procreating their indigenous populations. Maybe it is time for Fishberg to teach them how to fish rather then to accept handouts!


Tell Fishberg that Unicorns do exist in Disneyworld and they have been here from the beginning of time. So take a deep breath and free yourself of all that CO2 and Baloney!

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