Global Warming and Climate Change: Time to Debunk the Nonsense.

Global Warming and Climate Change: Time to Debunk the Nonsense.

Kimmel is gone!                                            


By Dr. Phil Taverna


The liberal media pushes at least 2 pieces a week on climate change. And they have certain reporters that know nothing but report on it constantly. But no matter how you look at the numbers, shall we say real numbers not the made-up numbers the facts are not there to prove there is global warming or climate change à la liberals. And basically it has never been about saving the planet. But about taxing you and giving your hard earned money to poor countries so they will create less carbon emissions. Really?


So common sense will say lets look at the temperature data. For a long time the loons at NASA and NOAA have left the Middle Eastern States out of the red areas. Those are the areas that have increased in temperature. Lately since we had a warmer than average December, they have used their made-up numbers to include the northeast. So now their greediness proves there is no warming and thus no global warming.


As I have always written, you need to look at the low temperatures. And we need to ask the story tellers or climate dreamer alarmists… When exactly did the earth begin to warm and change its climate?


It was funny, one day a few months ago, 2 different weather dot coms had the same area with an 8 degree differential at the same time. Now the liberals would use the higher temperature, rather than discarding it as an obvious error.


Where I live is almost perfect. The average monthly low temperatures creates pretty much a bell shaped curve annually. And this is true for most areas. In my area, the low is about 20 degrees in Dec., Jan. and February.  Then it rises like clock work by about 10 degrees a month. and in July and August a plateau is reached at about 61.5 degrees. That is the average low. And keep in mind the month in the beginning is probably closer in temperature to the preceding month and the later temperatures are closer to the subsequent month. But the average is the average. There is no change on the low temperatures to support global warming or climate change.

So the libs will say, what about the record temperatures.


That is easy, the record temperatures don’t give any credence to a global warming. I would predict that the record temperatures would be increasing in number and there would be more records achieved  in the last 5 years if the global warming lunatics were correct. Whoops there are none. Latest 2 are in 2006 and 1998 were record highs for the month. So the record numbers don’t pan out for the commies. In all fairness, this is the monthly record temperature. But still if the climate alarmists were correct, every month would have record temperatures for the month in the last 5 years. There are none!


The liberal rags like to show this daffodil that has ice on it. I am not sure what that means. Some dopey scientist (alleged) climatologist claims that is all the proof you need. He must be an idiot. They never say where the daffodil is located. But the daffodils in our area started coming up about a week before spring. No big surprise. One year we had this bush/tree that has spring blossoms. They come in and fall off a month or so later. One year one little group of blossoms were there until winter. I took pictures. Maybe I should send it to the loons. It must mean the world is going to end. Cluck, Cluck!


Precipitation is another dream the liberal alarmists imagine. And there is no control over rain in any form. From the beginning of time there have been droughts and flooding. Now Obama and crew think it is proof of climate change.


In 35 years I have seen one drought. Maybe two. The grass turned brown and I didn’t have to cut it that spring and most of the summer. And then the rains came and the grass turned green by fall. Right now we could use some rain. The ground is cracking. The grass isn’t growing too much but the weeds seem to manage to grow. So the liberals will tell us this is global something. And you will need to pay taxes so they can fix the problem. And there are idiots that actually believe this nonsense!


How stupid do they think we are. But there are a lot of those kinds of people that want to put another Obama in the Whitehouse.  Now that worked out well for the last 7 years!


So the loons look at the glaciers and claim they are melting away and the oceans will rise and drown all the people in Miami. I am sorry, only the poor people in Miami.


That is not even close to being true. Most of what they are seeing is the lack of precipitation. A glacier is nothing but a bunch of snow and ice. If it is not replaced by more snow and ice, it will start to evaporate. There is melting every year, but normally it is replaced. Has nothing to do with temperature.


Same with Lake Mead. They like to show the lack of water in Lake Mead. It has been that way for a long time. You see there is a dam at the end. It is called the Hoover Dam. The more water they allow to flow out, the lower the lake will become. At one time it was only the Colorado River.  They damned it up in 1936. It became known as Lake Mead. When you build all these communities they will need more water.  As you use more water, Lake Mead will become lower.  Does it have anything to do with the normal arid climate.  No!


Droughts are not a new phenomenon created by the liberals. They have been with us since the beginning of time. If you really want proof (lol) look at the old shows like Gunsmoke, Bonanza and Big Valley. They were always dealing with droughts. That is why it is pretty funny when you see these communities pop up in arid areas and they expect to have plenty of water in areas that just don’t get a lot of water. And never will!


My suggestion is to have all these loons make rain for us. They seem to have the answer that has escaped man for centuries. Pick a spot and let the rain makers make rain. How about the Sahara Desert.  It should be easy. Just pump a bunch of CO2 into the air or take it out and the rain will come. Or not!.


So there is no proof that the earth is warming. And if the only sign that the loons are correct is the lack of precipitation. Then say it. But if there is a lack if precipitation, then why are the oceans rising except in Venice.


So Houston we do have another problem. Lets stop paying bureaucrats to make up stories so they can tax us more so we can get rid of a problem that doesn’t exist by giving money to the poor who don’t really give a crap about any of this stuff.


Now their leaders may want the tax money. But if the pope and the other loons really think this will help the poor, they will have to come up with a better line. How about quit lying and just take the tax money which they already do and give it to the poor to buy food and medicine. Leave your hands off our fossil fuels.


Notice nobody is campaigning to stop global warming. You wonder why? Nobody believes the nonsense or cares about it. Earth day was a farce. The liberals don’t campaign about global warming because they have no facts to parade in front of the lemmings to swallow!


I use Fig trees to help gauge the catastrophic change of climate that does not exist. I had a few newbie’s about a year or two old and they grew a bunch of leaves indoors. I moved them outside and the temperature never went below 32 degrees. Well most of the leaves died and dropped off. The leaves thought winter was here? Maybe they just can’t exist in the 30’s. So they dropped off and grew new leaves. No biggie. Can’t fool mother nature. Nature has been here for millions of years. She doesn’t need a bunch of loons to try to protect her. If fossil fuels were no good, then why does she provide them!


If climate crap doesn’t exist during a Democrat presidential campaign, then why should it exist the rest of the decade? Only in the minds of loons like Obama! So lets elect some new loons in November!


As promised I will stop watching Kimmel. Last night he made comments about Hastert. It was not fumy and I don’t hear him making similar comments about liberals like Hillary. It is time to boycott shows like these. If he wants to make off the wall comments that are not humorous I am sure they will hire him at MSNBC. Jimmy can’t even beat the reruns of the other shows. If Jimmy and his liberal friends stop making political comments and start entertaining with humor, I will be back. If not, no more Jimmy Kimmel for me! How about you?



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