Global Warming and Climate Change: What Now?

algrglblwrmngWith the coldest winter since the 1880’s what will the global alarmists think of next. Let’s start with the premise: What is the purpose of the propaganda behind GW&CC (global warming and climate change. The propaganda and almost all propaganda causes a flow of money of sorts and you need to look to see where the money is going. And then you will have a pretty good understanding. You can figure out who is behind it and who is getting the kick back. The party involved seems to be the Democrats. Hillary flew all over the world on the taxpayer dollar and had endless Townhall meetings. At the same time her Clinton Foundations grew in leaps and bounds. And she left behind a giant carbon footprint and not much to show for her efforts. Long meals in fancy places with men.

So the simple corrupt circle of life for politicians is to give a group of people a ton of money and in return the political party and candidates receive a political contribution from the lobbyists. Who it turns out in many cases are former politicians. Even the Liberal Washington Post admitted that Hillary’s foundation accepted millions from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State. This is the same first lady who said she wasn’t required to put her money in a blind trust while Billy was president.

This became more obvious when Obama went to the Copenhagen meeting and there were protestors outside demanding the GW&CC money that they were promised. Oops I don’t think that was supposed to be so obvious. So in a nutshell they are going to take the taxpayer money from you and give it to another country so they can build something. In return the foreign country steals some of the money and some of the money is contributed to lobbyists who feed it to the Democrat candidates and their lucrative PAC’s.

Agenda 21 written by the crooks at the UN was a cookbook established to rid the world of all poverty. This is similar to Obama’s plan to rid all poverty from the US of A. Obama gets richer, but the average American gets poorer.

Agenda 21 written by the UN mentions global warming and climate change in the 1980’s but really had no clue what they were and did not make any definitive comments. Well obviously the liberals thought this was a great way to tax the people and make the global politicians like the Clintons rich. And the Clintons are at $2 Billion and counting.

So the UN and the US has paid billions to so called climatologists to make up this story that the sky is going to fall. The oceans will rise and the people will drown. And no one has drowned. And most normal people will not drown.

Just recently NASA scientists after being paid big bucks from the government produced a map that showed the world and there were areas that were warming and areas of the globe that were cooling. And they were about 38% certain of their conclusions.   38% ????

Question you should ask is how much does NASA kick back to the Democrats and their PAC’s?   If I made millions from this alleged propaganda, I would give a bonus to the crooks that gave money to me, so I will get more of their money in the future. The circle of corrupt politics. And they call it a democracy.  

And please remember these kick-backs disguised as campaign contributions are not the $20 dollar variety. Remember Obama’s first campaign raised a billion dollars. And they caused Hillary’s debt from her loser campaign to disappear in order for her to become the Secretary of State. Those McCain and Feingold characters must have been geniuses. They really understood how democracy works.

The problem with climate is that it is always changing. So it is not surprising that the climate still continues to change. But now idiots like Obama blame all these changes that have occurred since the beginning of time on the actions of men. And people actually believe this garbage.

Global warming on the other hand is fun. What the idiot scientists and crooked politicians said and swore was that the earth is warming and it is man’s fault. So if we look at the NASA map we know that this is not true. They admit to three areas that are cooling and according to the crooks the whole globe should be warming. So that creates doubt in the dubious propaganda.

It becomes obvious living in the Northeast that it all depends on how the wind is blowing. If it is blowing from the north, it usually gets colder. But this year February was colder than anyone can remember. I laughed throughout the whole month. The idiots said it was the fault of man’s actions. I am waiting for algore and Obama to point their derrieres into the sky and cause the earth to warm. Maybe they can make rain that way.

It is hard to believe that anyone supports this propaganda. The last 2 years have been cool and obviously there is no hint of the globe getting warmer.

So let’s look at Qaanaaq Greenland. Now unfortunately their weather has been in the -20 degree range and below with a wind chill of -40 and below. They seem to be in the way of the great Arctic blast cooling the Northeast.   People near Easton are fishing on the Delaware River. The river has frozen over about a third. And the ice is about 6 inches think.

The Lehigh River near Easton is almost completely frozen over. My thought is that the artic above Greenland is frozen solid. But didn’t algore and Hillary say it was melting. Or was that the witch from the Wizard of OZ!

Now there was an article about a small town in Alaska and they are going to have to move the village because it is too warm. About 300 people live in Kivalina according to the Washington Post. The liberals want to spend up to $400 million dollars to move the people and their village (further inland??). They claim the ice is not thick enough because of global warming and they can’t hunt whales from the ice. Maybe someone should donate a boat. Hey aren’t the whales protected. Most of the people of the village are Native Americans making a good living. It might be smarter to move them all to LA or NYC and let them build a few casinos. So the liberals want to spend $400 million taxpayer dollars to move a village of 377 people that have a climate that ranges from 84 degrees to -34 degrees. With a sum of heating degree days of 12,231 for last year.

And 26% live below the poverty line. What do the other folks do for a living. Handout welfare and run schools?   This appears to be one of those indigenous liberal scams. The question really should be: How much is it costing the state of Alaska and the United States taxpayer to keep 377 people living in a barren cold climate. Just to be able to say they can see Russia out their back window?

So whatever hole you look in, you see a liberal trying to rip off the American Taxpayer. When you see the scam in Kivalina Alaska, just imagine how large the scam will be globally as American dollars go to these so called indigenous areas in the name of global warming and climate change.

Well just keep sending your money to the Democrats. They believe in GW&CC why shouldn’t you. $20 trillion dollars later, the poor are still poor! Now they want to make you poor as well!

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