Global Warming: The Debate is Over. Summer has Arrived!

glblwrmng3Global warming is one of the fun topics to write about. It is all make-believe but after coming off the coldest winter or calendar year ever, the global warming piranhas or pariahs are still at it. 

Obama now has some concerns. Let’s start with the basics. The biggest dope pusher for global warming initiatives is the United Nations. You may have missed it but they came out with another boring report. But one thing did strike me square in the face. Do you notice we don’t have a name. Like an Einstein. You know someone preferably a scientist  that we can relate to regarding this farce called global warming or climate change. 

Keep in mind that we will under go global warming. We used to call it summer. I predict that this summer will be a lot warmer than last winter. Thank God! 

The committee called  IPCC is a socialist group. Their official title is The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. One of the chairs of this international committee is a German by the name of  Ottmar Edenhofer. You would assume that this man would be a scientist maybe with a minor in climatology. Well folks he is an economist. What!  A bean counter and not a scientist! Don’t look so surprised. 

The only purpose for international global concerns about climate is  economical. Just check out Agenda 21 written by these clowns not the one written by Glenn Beck and company.  The first and only stated purpose of Agenda 21 and IPCC and any other socialist organization that follows is to eliminate global poverty. To eliminate global poverty! If that is so, why do they want to take away our source of prosperity called energy to make the poor in other nations prosper? 

Recent update: Global poverty has been reduced by 50%. Does that mean we can cancel the global poverty reduction initiative called climate change? Or is it global warming?

Tell the NY Times that Climate Disruptions have been around since the beginning of time. Maybe they should stop cutting down trees to print their commie paper! 

First off that is not going to happen. Every time goofs like Obama send money to other countries it never goes to the poor. Hell. he can’t fix the poor in this country, why look globally. Obama’s policies have turned more middle class  into the poor. But that is the purpose of Obama’s socialism and communism.  Look at Cuba as an example. 

So how come the global alarmists don’t have a chief spokesperson. And what are their credentials. The fact that they have an economist as a chair raises all sorts of issues. First off how much is the UN paying this “scientist”. And why would you have an economist on a scientific panel that issues reports about how the world is going to be  nothing but one big ocean with no land to pollute! 

Just some basics to think about. CO2 is made up of carbon and oxygen. Carbon is present is all organic substances like humans. Oxygen is used by humans to breathe. So basically animals of certain size inhale Oxygen and exhale CO2. Plants of a certain size inhale or absorb CO2 and exhale or give off Oxygen. So when idiots want to blame CO2, then we have a problem. And the debate is not over. There are scientists all over the world basically laughing and ridiculing the idea of climate change being caused by man! But Obama wants to buy into it. Is Obama’s reasoning scientific or economical? 

Just like economic equality. Sounds good but never will happen. Wouldn’t you like to have half of Obama’s money. How about a share of all his vacations and travel. Maybe some golf. Politicians are funny, They want equality for all but not for them. 

The other problem  is that places like India and China are polluting so much, this country could never lower their so called CO2 levels enough to counter the other countries’ pollution. We would have to stop breathing! Maybe that is where ObamaCare comes in! 

The other issue are things like ethanol the great savior of the loons produces more green house gases than fossil fuels. Oops who saw that coming. So all the loons in this country that were pushing for ethanol now have some explaining to do. 

But do they really. They weren’t pushing ethanol for environmental reasons. They were pushing ethanol for economic reasons. A great deal of money was wasted producing ethanol. And cost of food went up because of the unfounded dreams of ethanol. The cost of fuel went up because of ethanol. Do your politicians care? 

Probably not. They made money. More taxpayer money was given to the poor to pay for the more expensive food. It was a win-win situation. For who? The politicians and their lobbyists. 

When the crooked politicians do something, no matter what: “There are losers and there are winners”. What is the cost of gas these days? And chuckle head won’t approve the pipeline. Well maybe we should stop using corn to feed our cars and go back to using corn to feed the people at a reasonable cost. Maybe we should send the global poor corn and not our money! 

So all the fools that voted for Obama should be proud. Proud when they pay more in taxes, food, gas and healthcare. And his anemic socialist’s economy hasn’t turned around yet. Even Buffet is surprised. Maybe Buffet is an idiot as well. 

But keep electing these commies and feel good about paying more for less! November is 6 months away.  It is time to send the commies back to Russia! It is time to fight for Freedom. Grab your friends and neighbors and get them to vote. Let’s end these nightmares for good and forever.

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