Good Friday, Easter, And Scared Hypocrites

If Christians offend people, who cares? It’s their right to worship as it is the right of the atheistic to deny God and to despise all religions, maybe?

The most hallowed sanctified sacred period of the year, in the “Christian Faith”, is called Holy Week. It reminds them, all the significant events and experiences in the life Our Lord Jesus Christ, relating to his sacrifices, sufferings, humiliation and betrayal to save mankind from sin, as he died on the Cross on Good Friday, to his glorious Resurrection on Easter Sunday. This is their most magnificent consecrated historical event which is the cornerstone and foundation in every Christian’s heart throughout the world. This is when Jesus fulfilled his Divine Prophecy.


This symbolizes their unrelenting recognized true faith, with excitement and elated exuberance. This also infuriates any and all contradictory religions, the non-believers, the bigoted buffoons, and the atheist, who try to undermine this by initiating lies, ridicule, contempt and criticisms. These individuals, groups and organizations totally and constantly, out of their own ignorance, mock the Christian faith, including their sacred ideologies, celebrated Holy Holidays, and religious symbols?


This important event in time, in their belief, announces to every living creature that Jesus Christ has conquered death and He is the undisputed Son of God, Our Lord and Savior. It firmly re-instates that through the strength of prayer, in His Name, all things, even miracles are possible? The power of prayer is so strong that it can move mountains, cure the sick, defeat evil, conquer self anointed and appointed kings and queens, empires governments, and humbles the vain, the obnoxious and the arrogant.


Christians, throughout the world, especially in America must never yield. They must stand firm and proud. This is not only their Constitutional right but the right of any human being to worship anything without malicious intent. Their enemies are many, but weak and simple minded. Everyday they have experienced needless displays of mockery, prejudice and discrimination by the bigots of the worlds. Even in our own Country, The United States of America which prides itself as the beacon of religious freedom.


They are easy targets, because they’re not violent or preach death, hatred, destruction or forced compliance. This obviously makes them vulnerable to hypocrites bigots and the most natural convenient whipping posts, for the cowards, the self centered clueless spineless entertainment world, the liberal lapdogs media imbeciles, the frightened yellow belly politicians, other religions, our Government, the traitors residing in their own faith, and even from our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Dividing One” and his Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Associates. They must never be ashamed, and allow themselves to be complacent, over ruled, and conquered out of fear or exploitation. They must stand united in the face of these assaults, with our heads held high.


Our Lord Jesus Christ was betrayed by his closest friends and Apostles, so it was written in the Bible. We must not permit history to repeat itself by denying or rejecting their faith and their love for Him. We must never subject them to these acts of treachery by going with the flow, and submitting to these injustices. They must remove these fantasized shackles placed upon them, by these heathens that are used to undermine our convictions, in the name of their own dominance, manipulation, ridicule and political correctness.


We as Americans can’t allow these cretins of despicable character, to silence, mold and maneuver their convictions to suit their own agenda. If the Christians offend them or anyone, who cares? It’s their right to worship as it is the right of the atheistic to deny God and to despise all religions, maybe? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! Intolerance also works both ways and so does self preservation and survival.


Even Good Friday the highest holiest holiday, of the year in the Christian faith is not immune from such idiocies, stupidity or disrespect. City government morons in Davenport, Iowa had the indecent audacity, intolerance and uncompassionate hypocrisy to removed it from their Municipal Calendar, because by contract it is an employee holiday and renamed it  as “Spring Holiday” as not to offend anyone. Why aren’t they tolerant to the Christian Holidays as they are with other forms of worship? Could fear and political correctness be the terminating factor in their arrogant bigoted reactions? The question is “Would they have committed this blatant act of disrespect towards any other religious organizations”?


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all a very Blessed, Happy, Safe, Healthy Good Friday, Easter, and Passover celebration. Please remember to pray for our brave, courageous unselfish members of all our Armed Forces, our Veterans, their families, together with all our civilian defenders of freedom stationed throughout the world. May The Good Lord Bless and Protect Them and America Always? 

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