Google Censoring Christian Ads

Google said no to the conservative Lutheran publisher because … it’s religious. Concordia Publishing House CEO Bruce Kintz says Google will no longer accept ads for its Remarketing AdWords program because “the items in the ad and on the CPH website refer to Jesus and/or the Bible.”

According to a Concordia press release, Google told CPH its ads were “disabled due to a violation of Google’s policy for advertising based on interests and location.” When CPH objected, the company told them it did not allow remarketing ads based on Christian beliefs. CPH could either remove the offending words or apply for a different type of ad. When asked, the Google rep refused to send the decision to reject the ads up for review.

Remarketing ads are targeted at users who have visited a website. Google describes them as showing “ads to people who’ve visited your website or used your mobile app. When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.”

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