GOP Presidential Candidates Tricked Into Flip-flop on Iraq War

No WMDsOnly our bumbling Republicans could take the number one issue we have against Obama, losing to Islamic terrorism, and turn it into George W. Bush’s fault. Beginning with Jeb Bush, several Republican presidential candidates said recently they would not have gone into Iraq militarily had they known what we know now. The others are Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Iraq has fallen apart under Obama – not George W. Bush – and so it is absurd that Republican presidential candidates are scrambling to distance themselves not from Obama, but Bush. Islamic terrorism has become far worse under Obama. Earlier this month, ISIS took over Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s Anbar province, just 70 miles west of Baghdad. In contrast, Bush had the terrorists on the run, dismantling al Qaeda piece by piece, which led up to the capture of Osama bin Laden shortly after Obama took office. Under Obama, ISIS has ballooned into arguably the most serious issue facing us today.  Matthew Olsen, a senior US counter-terrorism official, says ISIS now controls territory the size of Great Britain.

Democrats have always been better than Republicans at spin, enhanced by help from the left-leaning media. The few right-leaning media outlets are fairer in their coverage, asking tough questions of Republicans. So when Fox News’s Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace asked candidates, “Would you have invaded Iraq in 2003 if you had known then what we know now?” the rest of the media pounced on it.

There are so many problems with the question, where do you start? Conservative author Charles Krauthammer notes that even Obama admitted the Iraq War was a success. Nevertheless, Obama fully withdrew the troops from Iraq afterward, ensuring chaos would ensue. Krauthammer wonders why no one is asking instead whether Obama’s 2011 withdrawal was a mistake.

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