Gorsuch Performed so Well During the First Two Days That Democrats Deserted the Hearings Early

Confirmation hearings for President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch began this week with a strong showing by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals judge. Since Gorsuch is the proposed heir to conservative SCOTUS stalwart Antonin Scalia, Democrats prepared for a contentious battle opposing the nomination.

They asked many gotcha questions, hoping to trip Gorsuch up so he would say something to make him look unqualified. Their goal was to “Bork” him: bring out so many of his past conservative positions that they could — with the help of liberal media — make him look like a far right extremist.

That was the way they defeated President Reagan’s very qualified nominee Robert Bork in 1997. Of course, one key difference is the Senate today is now controlled by Republicans. In 1997, Democrats held a 54-46 majority over Republicans.

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