Government and Media shills

The mainstream media is broken. The Russian collusion scheme, started by Podesta and the Hillary group has been proven to be garbage. Even though the story has been debunked the mainstream media continues to produce stories to continue to try and move it forward.

Before the Russian collusion story the large portion of the daily news stories on such sites as Politico were bust making claims that thr Trump campaign was colluding with conservative media outlets to assure they were writing positive stories about Trump. Unmentioned in the story was the collusion of the Hillary campaign and her progressive/socialist sycophants with the mainstream media. It was never mentioned of Hillarys close work with such liberals as Politico’s Maggie Halberstrom. In the leaked e mails it was shown that they used this reporter to tee up stories for her campaign. By assisting the Hillary campaign to get the story out, true or not, Maggie Halberstrom now works for the New York Times. Another reporter who0 now works for the New York Times is Glenn Thrush, another Politico reporter that the leaked e mails showed sent all his reportage to the Hillary campaign for approval. He sent it to John Pdesta, who has been linked to Russian collusion with facts and not innuendo.

Ben Rhodes was also a part if the disinformation perpetrated by the mainstream media. The man who lied to the American people about the Iranian deal and was an integral part of the lies pushed forth about Benghazi, it was Rhodes who stated in a narrative given to the New York Times magazine that White House reporters “literally know nothing.” Ben Rhodes was instrumental in working with outside groups and think tanks that agreed with the White House agenda and assured that Obama talking points were the independent analysis that made the evening news.

The lies and collusion from the Obama administration have led to where we are today. It has led to the false narrative of Islamophobia, attempting to convince the American people that there is a great deal of harassment and violence against Muslims that is demonstrably false. The American people wil never be convinced that all this hate and violence that they use to make Muslims victims just so happened to coincide with the inauguration of Donald Trump. The examples that have been given breathlessly by the mainstream media have been proven to be fabrications and hoaxes.

We have moved from Bush Derangement Syndrome to Trump Derangement Syndrome. Pushing even further they declare the Trump administration is in disarray, and the fake stories they push are only to reinforce the hatred of the Never Trumpers and the progressive/socialists who seek to destroy our culture and way of life. They will continue to spin negative stories to create an illusion that a majority of the American people consider Trump illegitimate and not worthy to be President. These are the same people that gives Hillary a pass of her emails, and the debacle of Benghazi. There are many on the progressive/socialist side that have stated that the assassination of Trump should be a priority. Even college professors, the dreags of academia pushing for socialism have declared that all Republicans shout be executed.

Don’t believe me? Here are some examples:

From Twitter:

 Ms Yahaya – can someone just hire a serial killer and just kill Trump

Amir- we have two months to kill Trump

BI Z Z L E 2x – So who’s the black person that going to take one for the team and kill Trump?

Monisha Rajesh – it’s about time for a presidential assassination.

Celebrities have called for “an actor to kill the Presdient”, they have held the severed bloody head of our President ISIS style and then try to claim to be the victim.

There are those in the political realm that have gone over the moral bounds of discourse. Tom Perrielo, a Virgia Democrat running for governor called Trumps election a “political and constitutional 9/11. The democrat appointed ambassador toe Gremany Phil Murphy has said that the election of Trump was akin to the rise of Adolf Hitler. Christine C. Quinn, cahirwoman of the New York Stae Democratic Committee declared

“this is not anormal Republican president and these are not normal times. This is not a time for polite parties anymore. This is a time to take a different posture of true aggressiveness.”

There is a great deal of subversion amongst academia, the media, and the progressive/socialists.  Along with the Deep State and Obama holdovers that slink in the putrid shadows and swamps of the long halls of Washington D.C., They never come out of the shadows, but pass information to low informed accomplices and what they consider friends to splash the information that they make up to the mainstream media which gleefully pass it on to the American people without any verification or any essence of truth.

The progressive/socialists and media have an agenda to undermine the Trump administration. And as the affiliated groups they associate with, they remain hidden, they will never come out of the shadows,  and fear the truth that the American people are seeking.

It starts with such people as Democratic Governor Jay Inslee of Washington, claiming:

“We have to resist every way and everywhere, every time we can. When Trump offends core American values, we must split the Republican Party from the President”.

What Gov, Inslee does not understand that it is not only Republicans that approve of President Trump. Many Hillary voters voted for Trump because they saw with their own eyes what a corrupt choice she was to lead our country. The progressives/socialist won’t tell you that more women voted for Trump than for Hillary and the black vote for Trump was the highest ever for any Republican since Reagan. The question to ask is what “core American Values” is Inslee talking about? They weaken themselves with the extremists positions they have taken as “rights”.

The media, in its agenda of deceiving the American people have found stories that will take up days of useless information and lying to the American people. The media searches Trumps twitter account to find anything they can act outraged  about. If he calls someone a name or shows a New Yorkers attitude in knocking those who claim they are superior off the high horse they place themselves on. President Trump is a little rough around the edges, but his accomplishments thus far have brought a new feeling to America. Trump has gone out of his way to assure that the forgotten people of this country are heard, from using Skype at the White House meetings to his going to places like Iowa to crowds who know who is really is.

Of course, the mainstream media is distressed that President Trump has called them fake news. CNN, the New Yrok Times, the Wshington Post and all the al;phabets networks have decried President Trump fighting back and not allowing the little liberal minds that infest these places to set the narrative.

President Trump is a fighter, he will not back down from the lies and innuendo that these poor excuses for objective reporters spew forth. They do notunderstand that the American people, the people who work for aliving, attempting to live paycheck to paycheck and provide for their family don’t care.

It does not good for on air personalities like NBC’s Mika Bresizinski admits that the job of those in the mainstream media is to “control exactly what people think”.  The media considers themselves the kings of preservation of the establishment government, and will attempt to subvert everyone including the President to keep their status quo. They have yet to understand that they have no moral base on whch to draw, and the no longer have any new ideas except more of the same and “Resist.” Working with the anarchists who refuse to accept a peaceful transition of power and who consider it a threat  neither the anarchists or the media can explain what they are resisting. All they can do is call Trump and his supporters names and try to convince the American people that the agenda they have put forth is the only “fair” way to move the country forward. An agenda based on innuendo, violence and lies will never convince the American people to turn on the President and will only lead to more conservatives finding a voice both inside and outside of government.


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